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Zassou Damashi
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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

Seriously, they NEED a bigger ring. Especially for Lethal Lockdown
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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

No way. Hate it.
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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

Originally Posted by TNAmarkFromIndia View Post
What's the point of having a different ring than WWE when the fans are going to tune in and see ex-WWE Superstars wrestling in it?
TNA has around 40-50 talent on roster.

7 active wrestlers have WWE ties Mickie James, Knux, Bully Ray, Devon, Jeff Hardy, Mr Anderson, Gail Kim.

3 sidelined wrestlers have WWE ties. Miss Tessmacher, Tayrn Terrell and Chavo Guerrero. Although I contend Tessmacher and Terrell's TNA runs have had more impact than anything they did in WWE.

Of course Christi Hemme and Hulk Hogan are non wrestling talent with WWE ties. Although I contend Christi's contributions in TNA have outweighed anything in here WWE run.

So we are talking MAYBE ~10 of 50 have hard WWE ties. ~20% This "TNA has only WWE leftovers" bullshit has to stop and now. It is just not true at all.

TNA Wrestling has been "dying" for 25 years and they have not even been in business that long.

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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

The majority of the TNA roster got rid of the ring because it was needlessly complex when everyone in wrestling learns to wrestle with four sides, the entire roster would hate the idea of it returning.

If your best idea to improve TNA is to make the ring look different, ya need better ideas, like... better story-lines?

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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

Originally Posted by Mister Sinister View Post
The company hasn't seen their audience expand because of the square ring. WWE viewers still won't tune in on Thursday nights no matter what. The only way that the other 5/6 of Raw's audience will see TNA is if TNA moves back to Monday. And the square ring only makes TNA's more static (up, down, left, and right) like the WWE's. The hexagon ring provided six angles for ropes and six corners-- wrestlers could hit each other at different angles.

Considering they aren't moving back to Monday right now-- Impact Wrestling needs to replace the WCW ring with a large six sided ring-- one that is at the least 24ft across. They need more room for wrestlers to perform moves. I'm tired of watching wrestlers have to turn around after every suplex and I'm tired of wrestlers having to limit their spots off the top rope (or ladder) to the very center of the ring because there is only 18ft of space.

The hexagon ring would define their product as something other than WWE's brand of 'rastlin. When people who are not WWE fans stop and see the hexagon ring; they will know immediately that it's not the WWE.
Smaller rings are better in my opinion. The old tna ring would work fine.

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Little Poppa Pump
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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

Originally Posted by Cliffy Byro View Post

most of the fan base wants it back
Yeah, I highly doubt that "MOST" want it back. Some yes, but not most. No telling what the exact percentages are for or against it.
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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

AAA ring is 20x20 not 24.20 - 6 sided ring is huge

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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

The image that non-WWE viewers see in the first ten seconds they stop on Spike is extremely important. 98% of viewers are going to see a WWE ring, a WWE stage, a WWE screen, and the announcers sitting where Vince McMahon puts his announcers-- 98% of viewers see a WWE show and don't give it two ****s after that ten seconds.

A 24ft square ring would be a vast improvement over the 18ft one, but it would still be more to the company's benefit to define its image from the WWE's. A hexagon ring would please the core TNA audience while making the product safe for non-viewers who hate the WWE.

The WWE has created a nasty stigma toward wrestling and TNA has to overcome that by boldly saying they are not the WWE. For most Americans WWE = wrestling.

This is what 24ft looks like.

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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

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Re: It's Time For a New Six Sided Ring

Don't think anyone here can deny that TNA's glory days were during the time period with the six sided ring, I mean it does make it stick out a lot more. Imagine UFC was inside of a 4 sided ring instead of the octagon? the ring does make a difference for TNA and a lot of the fan base want the six sided ring back and the six sided ring did look a lot better, six sides of steel is alot better than 4 sides.

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