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The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

This is the same s my old thread but with a different title, the old one wasn't getting the responses I was really looking for.

If anyone knows how to get rid of old threads can they please tell me as well? Thanks.

I've been away from TNA for a few months and am new to these forums so I thought I'd make a thread about some issues that has been bugging me about Impact since I came back to it a few weeks ago.

I know that Abyss won the title from Devon, but ever since I started watching Impact again I noticed that there is minimal coverage of the title. Considering that there are so many mid-carders in TNA right now shouldn't this title be used as a training ground for mic skills and to put mid-carders over? I thought that was the point of mid-card titles like the IC and US title in WWE (although they are being misused as well...). The thing that annoys me most about this issue is that it could easily be fixed, after the BFG series, couldn't the stars at the bottom of the board be put into the TV Title division? Nah let's just release another 5 of them and hire King Mo for a little longer.

Triple threat X-division matches? Why are all of the X-division matches triple threats? Now and again this match type creates an interesting dynamic but week after week it just becomes so repetitive (and most of the time you can guess ho the winner will be).

Rampage and Tito. They are obviously trying to draw a fan base from MMA/UFC culture which is an interesting move (not original as WWE have Brock Lesnar again...) but still interesting. But why? It seems to me that they re having to release all of their growing talent like Crimson and Matt Morgan (not to mention the X-division stars) to hire these guys and it just does not seem worth it. When Tito came out on Impact this week the crowd went so mild, the announcers tried to put him over but it just was not happening. When Rampage fights someone in a segment you can see how hesitant he is because he is not ready to be a wrestler, it's like he either doesn't know what to do or he is afraid of punching to hard so it looks fake. Now if you bring back Jay Lethal or Alex Shelley you would get both a massive pop (for TNA) and a decent segment.

Terrible ring and ramp dynamic. This one is obvious but the four sided ring can barely support a brawl between 5 people without making it look cramped and ridiculous. If not the six sided ring bring in a bigger four sided ring so that the brawls look believable and the X-division can be the real X-division, can you imagine Manik with even more space to fly around?

AJ Styles. If he is gonna be a dark, lone wolf style character and still be over (he will always be partially over because it's AJ) then he actually needs to win more than one match in a row, beats Jeff Hardy pretty decisively one week, loses to Aries the next week? Aries is great and all but this is TNA and this is AJ we are talking about, AJ's character has lost all momentum, picks some up and then loses it all again.

Chris Sabin. This isn't negative, this is actually a positive comment. Sabin has improved massively on the mic since he returned and having him win the world title from Bully Ray was a really good move IMO, puts Sabin into the spotlight and makes the aces and eights faction draw closer to its close.

Aces and eights. Bully, Devon and Anderson are awesome (I miss D'Lo) both on mic and in ring but what the heck is going on with the rest of the faction? DoC is released (probably so they could afford Rampage and Tito), Knux has been in two matches in a year? Wes and Garrett are pathetic and have not improved at all despite being in a faction with three guys with great mic and wrestling ability. Why they didn't have D'Lo and Anderson or DoC and Knux take the tag titles and give Wes or Garrett the X-Division title so that aces and eights actually look like they are "taking over Impact" is beyond me.

The tag titles. Storm and Gunner, Bad Influence, Eric Young and Joseph Park (would be interesting considering their comic characters?, two guys from aces and eights, Robbie E, Jesse and Joey Ryan, two guys from main event mafia. Take your pick or have them all, that's a tag team division. It's a shame that a few of these guys have been released and Robbie E and Jesse suck but meh. Also, MEM vs A&Es for the tag titles would have made the storyline more in-depth.

King of the mountain. Please TNA, please bring it back. We loved it so much, maybe even one for the X-Division? The one where Suicide won was phenomenal (and it didn't even have AJ in it!).

Raven. If you won't give Chris Daniels, Eric Young or Kaz the world title, then bring back Raven. As Don West once said back when CM Punk was in TNA, "CM Punk, the disciple of Raven". Raven was a god on the mic, made other wrestlers look good even when he won the match, had kickass theme music and was a talented wrestler as well.

Sorry guys, I know I'm new in these forums but I just wanted to vent in the open about why I find TNA so bad these days, there are so many obvious fixes to the issues that would make TNA a much better company. But anyway we need to find another washed up MMA/UFC star for TNA.

Thanks for reading.
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Re: The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

This will end well. :drake1

Great list, brother. Not nearly long enough.

ガ ン ダ ム シ リ ー ズ

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Re: The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

Well, TNA is not paying the washed up MMA guys (so that's not the reason for the latest releases of some jobbers), neither it's their decision to bring these guys in. Spike wants to promote Bellator and TNA still has a viewership that's a lot bigger than Bellator's. Logical conclusion? Spike says: "Come on, bring these chumps on your show and promote them or otherwise we might pull the trigger on your little rasslin'". End of story.

Can you guys please get over the damn six sided ring? I liked it, too, but it's gone for over three and a half years now.

Raven isn't exactly in his prime anymore, he's far beyond. He has no value at all as an on screen person nowadays.

They have not enough screen time for the Television Title. Plain and simple. Especially not with the BfG Series going on. The belt is worthless, has a history of very bad reigns and is better off TV.

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Re: The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

How has TNA Failed?
they've been round for 11 years.
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Re: The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

blah blah blah 6 sides
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Re: The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

the best thing TNA did was get rid of that 6 sided gimmick ring. maybe TNA should have the wrestlers dress up in those fat sumo wrestling suits?
professional wrestling is done inside a 4 sided ring. changing that would be like football changing and playing on a circular field.

last I read the TV title was being retired for now, but it could be brought back later. I think this is unfortunate. now you have the heavyweight title which should be used for your heavyweight stars, and the X division title which is for the cruiser weight guys because of the weight limit. there should be a mid card title, and right now TNA doesn't have that.
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Re: The Reasons Why TNA Fails...

There's 32 active male wrestlers on the roster (and that includes Sting or OVW guys like Spud and Shaw). There's four championship belts (World, X, two tag). Why have a fifth belt for such a small roster? It's beyond. You are a cruiserweight? Go after the X Division Title (which you can cash in later) or the Tag Titles. You are a heavyweight? Go after the World Title or the Tag Titles. There's no weight class in between in wrestling, so it's enough with the titles as long as there won't be a bigger roster and there won't be more TV time in particular.

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