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Cutting a shoot promo to get over
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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

not even close. Doesn't even make the top 100 bad writing decisions in TNA history.
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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

Originally Posted by Thomas Batista View Post
You are stuck in the past and with ideas that just flat out have proven do not work. TNA at one point had over 2 million people watching their show. The 1/4/10 episode of Impact was one of the biggest. TNA has sold out Wembley arena and has had over 5,000 people attend shows in the states. At the end of the day this isn't about promoting. That is red herring that the un informed like to toss out. At the end of the day its about the product. creating a shoddy product turns off the base. If the base if turned off then you can promote you ass won't matter.

You are also forgetting that its the 21st century and not the 20th. TNA was NEVER going to start another MNW for several reasons and it has NOTHING to do with promotion, but rather the state of pro wrestling. Right now there are WWE fans and wrestling fans. Plain and simple. There are people who will watch WWE and only WWE and people who will watch everything. The only people flipping back and forth on Mondays were TNA fans...WWE fans were watching exactly what they wanted to watch. WWE fans aren't asking for another MNW and they don't care...they are watching the product they want to watch. TNA's goal since day one was to be on Mondays. Why? Because they are out-of-touch and don't realize the landscape.

People always talk about marketing and promoting and hide behind that without providing specifics. I am not going to pretend that there are not areas that can be improved, but to honestly pretend that if TNA ran some more ads then there would be another MNW is just 100% out-of-touch. 100% mate. I don't believe you will have TNA's ratings increased based off your last two posts, because your ideas are THE SAME IDEAS TNA HAS BEEN USING THE LAST 11 YEARS and look at the current state of the company. The only way for TNA to move forward is by having someone at the front who realizes that the business has changed and is OKAY WITH THAT FACT and wants to move the business in a different direction. This is what happened with ECW and Paul Heyman and Bischoff and WCW and Russo and WWE. A person who knows that the current landscape is not for a MNW and that 'name' talent does DICK for ratings, buy-rates, attendance, etc. Someone who can look at 1997 and see that WWE took a bunch of unknowns and WCW mid-carders and made them STARS while WCW was holding on to the guys WWE made famous in the mid-late 80's and early 90s and putting them at the top of the card. Someone who can look at WWE in the early 2000's and see that WWE gave the ball to guys who NEVER MADE IT BIG ANYWHERE ELSE AND WHO NO ONE KNEW in Lesnar, Batista, Orton, and Cena and see what they did for WWE's business.

Yes..TNA needs to do somethings, but rehashing 90's staples is not it. Walking about and tossing out the words 'promoting' and 'marketing' without providing ANYTHING SUBSTANTIAL is alos not the resolution. Please tell me your million dollar marketing and promoting ideas that will get TNA's into the 2's in 6 months, because they havent figured out how to do that in 11 years.
The irony is that the January 4th show that drew those 2 million viewers was the only one they ever promoted properly. Then they gave up. Thus, you proved my point.

TNA shows draw 5,000... but only on PPVs in wrestling hotbeds. WWE can draw 5,000 to a house show in Nowheresville. Why? They promote it.

TNA sells out Wembley Arena? Great. WWE sells out the MEN, the O2 and have sold out Wembley STADIUM. How? They promote their fucking shows.

There's a reason the job is Wrestling Promoter and not Wrestling Sit Around With Thumb Up Arse Hoping.

Vince has a fanbase of tens of millions, yet his company are still out there promoting every minute of every day. TNA has a fanbase of maybe a million, yet they don't even take out ads in the newspaper when they come to town. It's a fucking joke. There are indy promotions drawing bigger crowds than TNA, the so-called #2, are getting for house shows.

Until they start promoting, everything else is pointless arguing. If TNA wanted to succeed, they'd make some genuine fucking effort.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

Flair vs Hogan rivalry, pathetic.
Getting rid of the six-sided ring, pathetic

Sabin winning the Championship - tgirl3 Kick-ass
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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
As someone who has been watching TNA since 2004, I can honestly tell you that they have made way worse decisions than putting a World Title on Chris Sabin.

This list includes:

- Turning Monty Brown heel even though he was their hottest babyface and had no way as eclipsing Jarrett as top heel. Basically, they ruined their potential top babyface to build around.
- Blowing the potential of a year long feud with Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle by rushing their first match to PPV at Genesis 2006.
- Putting the World Title on Mick Foley, who by that point had been retired from full time Wrestling for nine years and was way out of shape.
- Putting the Tag Titles on the fucking Outsiders in 2010...because that needed to happen.
- Speaking of that, how many chances did they give Scott Hall? And how many times did he fuck it up? I mean Jesus.
- ECW REUNION STABLE & SHOW! Just...what the hell?!?! WWE overdid it, sure, but they at least own the footage and the means to put on an ECW Reunion show, including the fucking name!
- The Entirety of the Immortal Storyline
- Putting the World Title on Jeff Hardy for a big heel turn in 2010 even though he was clearly pilled out of his mind. This bit them in the ass at Victory Road 2011.
You forgot Garett vs Gunner Co-Main Eventing LIVE On PPV.

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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

Originally Posted by Rick_James View Post
The dude just doesn't have any marketability, I only started watching TNA about 2 and a half years ago (which when you think about it is a lot of time) and I barely have any idea who he is lol. I know he was in a tag team that was good, but since then he's pretty much been injured almost all the time, it's hard for fans to connect with this dude unless you've been watching the show for a long time.

Back to the marketability thing - does this dude have any catch phrases? Does he do anything interesting outside of the ring?.
dude you have a lot of messed up priorities here
Originally Posted by Zig-Kick. View Post

Don't be a hater, just follow the story and see where it goes. Wrestling has a habit of throwing up unexpected surprises.
then don't mind me recalling your words if nothing comes of this
Originally Posted by J.S. View Post

As for Vince, he has done more for WWE then anyone else, and had a good physique and some entertaining matches, i would definetly not put him nest to Russo and Arquette.
what the f does that have to do with anything? his title reign was f***ed up
Originally Posted by WrestlingSteve64 View Post
Chris Sabin is soooo boring! So pissed at the decision
how is he boring
Originally Posted by TheLoneShark View Post
Nothing at all, but Sabin only ticks two of those boxes, and it isn't 'over' or 'can cut promos' - the two most important ones.
keep telling yourself that
Originally Posted by TheLoneShark View Post

Seriously, if you think he's over, I have a challenge for you: Go to a WWE taping and ask 100 random people what they think of Chris Sabin as TNA Champion. I'll bet 80 of them say 'who's Chris Sabin?' or 'What's TNA?'
Originally Posted by TheLoneShark View Post
And not one WWE fan got excited that some indy guy beat a Dudley for a belt.
WWe fans are some of the most oblivious no-hopers on the planet

believe it or not there is still an untapped audience beyond them

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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

OP states one of the reasons for him thinking that the Sabin decision was so bad is that half the casual crowd had no idea what his name was til a couple of weeks ago, which leads me to ask a question. I don't watch TNA very often, but does it have a casual crowd? It's not the WWE, isn't it only really watched by wrestling fans?

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Originally Posted by alex1997 View Post
People should really learn to give people a chance before Dissing them.

Three years ago, this would be celebrated as "pushing the homegrown x-division talent", now there is no remote care for any of it. Seems to me nobody knows what they even want or like. Typcial, IWC.

It's interesting. It got me to even post here again, that with the ratings bump should give them momentum to take it further up and build on Sabin. Ray isn't cut out to have a Roode type reign, IMO.
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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

Originally Posted by SolarKhan View Post
I put it to you like this...I told someone that Hulk Hogan was still in wrestling as a part of TNA. The person responded with "What is TNA?" In this same conversation I added that they just made one half of the Dudley Boyz, namely Bubba Ray or Bully Ray World Champion. The person responded with "What? Really? So like, they don't have big names huh?" and to drive the point home, I then replied to his response with "They do, they just had Chris Sabin defeat Bully Ray for the TNA World Title!"

What did this person say? "Who the hell is Chris Sabin?"

And this is a wrestling fan. So yeah...TNA needs to do something man. I keep trying to put in a good word for them, but seriously...I am losing patience.
If a guy has never heard of TNA, the second biggest company out there, they are not much of a well-versed wrestling fan. They are just a fan of what WWE puts out. You cannot expect them to know who Chris Sabin, or anybody outside of the WWE machine, is.

As for the topic at hand...
Maybe Sabin wasn't ready, maybe he was. Let's wait a see for a couple of weeks before we decide this is the "worst writing decision ever". Really people? REALLY? Message boards never cease to make me roll my eyes.

I think if there was ever a time to give the man the strap it was now, and good call because things needed to freshen up. This gave TNA a slight ratings pop and got people talking. Good. Now if execution is solid, this could all be for the better. Every passing second is another chance to turn it all around!

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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

Also, why are people so obsessed with the casual fans opinion. That is NOT the person you want to go over. The person who only shows up 2-3 times a year and vaguely follows your product? No thank you. I want someone who is going to be there the majority if not ALL Thursday nights.
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Re: Is putting the strap on Sabin the worst major writing decision made in TNA histor

You guys are talking about the same people that will watch TNA and bitch about "bob bam dam" only to lose their shits one week later when bob does his usual slow motion shit in a WWE ring.
They won't appeal to those fans, TNA needs to keep the talented wrestlers that will bleed for the brand and sell their product based on that.
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