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Why do people hate TNA so much?

Go to any dirtsheet, or read any piece of news concerning TNA, and the majority of the time people just downright hate on them. These people actually get a kick out of wanting the company to fail. I have to ask, why? I mean, are these people wrestling fans or what? Is WWE the only company that is allowed to be even remotely successful? Why would any passionate wrestling fan want a company to fall on its ass?

I have to laugh at WWE fans who constantly talk shit about how much TNA sucks like RAW is the greatest show in the world.

TNA may be in a bad place, but WWE sucks just as much dick at the moment.

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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

Its mainly because some wwe fans are completly biased and don't want to even want to watch an episode of impact, if they did watch it they would probably enjoy it.

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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

TNA's booking nightmares in the past sadly represent the current company's image to some people.
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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

Completely agree and it's ridiculous the hate TNA gets for no reason. The worst is when people don't even criticize the product, and instead bring up the ratings. We are fans, not fucking network executives. Let Spike TV worry about numbers and just enjoy the damn show. The IWC truly has to be the most illogical, bitter, condescending group of fans in all of entertainment.

Why anyone would want TNA to fail is beyond me.
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Most ohink its still 2010 sadly, is TNA perfect? Of course not, but its lesuges better than the drek that is wwe right now..

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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

Personally I don't like WWE or TNA right now but the reason I hate TNA is because they should be the best wrestling company in the world ( wrestling wise not being as big as WWE) They have had so much talent over the years yet they ruin them all. Joe for example is what im talking about. He should have been TNA's Biggest star yet they ruined him. It kind of feels like TNA doesn't try. They just expect people to care and watch there product when they don't try.
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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

I love TNA and WWE but both should step up their game!
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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

Watching a product takes time, like any underrated movie or game. The general public will always take the reviewers word over actually playing (watching) the game (movie) by themselves. About 80% of the fans that shit on TNA and say it's as bad as WWE, haven't watch a single episode from beginning to end since 2010.
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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?


Hogan is the focus
It's unoriginal as shit
Storylines go nowhere
Younger talent are regularly pushed aside for aging has-beens
Why would I want to watch the "WWE" when I can watch the WWE?
Bad booking
Dixie regularly embarasses the company (despite her former career being a publicist)
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Re: Why do people hate TNA so much?

For some, it's because they had so much faith & excitement for TNA 2004-2006, and then it just flopped massively and ran out of any kind of momentum for years, with consistently terrible booking. They were nad 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. They've improved in the last 18 months, but that isn't enough yet to undo 5 years of sub-par product.
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