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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Why do wrestlers think of themselves as off limits when it comes to criticism. Every form of art and sport is criticized and most even have experts to do it.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

He's a faggot.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

I don't even think there is a IWC anymore. Yeah, maybe back in the 90s it was just a bunch of fat, spotty smarks posting on .alt forums.

But nowadays it's just TV viewers, posting on forums, which is very different. We live in a time when you can "Like" your favourite toilet bleach or dog food on Facebook. When sites like Digital Spy has millions of signed up members, where people will post on soaps, comedies, reality shows and documentaries. Posting on forums about TV shows is just what people do now. I certainly don't consider myself part of the IWC just because I post here.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Man this is gold.

Pure gold.

End of an Era.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Something tells me, that the ones who are "dissing" Matt Morgan right now, are the ones he's talking about.

That shit had me rolling: "They haven't had vagina, since vagina had them." Classic.

I also love how on Thursday, people wanted Morgan to face Bully at Slammiversary, now that he talked some shit to you guys, he sucks.

<a href= target=_blank></a>

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

One of the best wrestling related videos ever put out there, great on many levels. `period`

And a comeback video like this from a fan was bound to happen:
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

He's just playing. Doing whatever he can to create some buzz and everyone falls for it.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

He seems mad that he's stuck in TNA and WWE doesn't want him. Also sounds like he thinks he's entitled to a great career just because he was born with good genetics and is tall.. who gives a shit, can you wrestle? no? then sit the fuck down.

Also people saying "yeah that sums the IWC up".. yeah it does for some individuals but if you're posting here, you're part of the IWC too, so he's talking to you too. "The IWC" is not a separate entity comprised of everyone you disagree with, you're a part of it just as much as the fat kid eating doritos talking about "workrate".
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

this man deserves to be on the main event at BFG.

Morgan vs Bully is all i want for bfg.
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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

He is talking more about dirt sheets than the fans itself. I mean every sport/entertainment business has fans talking about it, with the majority knowing very little about the subject at hand. It's normal for fans to discuss it and to have an opinion. You can be against the opinions of them but it's not exclusive to wrestling.

Everyone has the right to have an opinion and give it the problem is the "journalists" that make money out of it and influence other people without knowing what they are talking about.

Sheamus Vs Daniel Bryan - Raw 08/07/2013
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