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Like others have said he dangerous in the ring and has a lack of move-set, you can almost predict how his matchs are always going to be.

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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

Looked great in LAX. Looks awful in singles competition. Looks god awful paired with Chavo. Plus he's unsafe. He just doesn't seem to be able to do anything right. His presence, manner and microphone work are abysmal. And every move he does in the ring, he does it like a lumberjack. He can't do one stupid move somewhat elegantly. He always looks like a bull in a china shop.

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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

I just find him boring, I'm sick of him no selling for the first five minutes of every match, just taking blows and shaking his head at his opponent.
He just doesn't do anything.....yeah he jumps over the top rope which is kinda cool but once you see it in almost every match it gets boring quick.
Also his pairing with Chavo is just awful, neither of them has any character yet TNA still really wants to think Chavo is a legend so keep pushing them..
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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

I thought he looked pretty darn good at Lockdown, but I have my reservations. I don't think he has much charisma and my biggest worry is how he has a reputation of hurting other wrestlers. The most recent one I can think of was how he dropped Kazarian on his head a few months ago. Kaz was trying to do a hurricanrana on Hernandez who was standing on the apron and Hernandez just drops him straight down on the mat (outside the ring). Seems like this was at BFG.

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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

I am as confused as you. In all my years of watching him, I haven't seen him do anything to deserve the level of hate he gets; non-wrestlers on the forum say he's a dangerous wrestler; wrestlers get hurt, as what happened with D-Lo, Zema, when Stone Cold got hurt, and Taz got hurt, etc. The situations were different and fault can be placed differently depending on the situation, but still. When some wrestlers commit crimes like domestic abuse, drunk driving (it's okay if you don't kill someone, amirite?), drugs, etc. but are still loved, it confuses me more. I don't care what someone gives to me with regards to entertainment, but if in real life they're a douchebag or if they do something horrible, I can no longer co-sign their greatness; I cannot look at them with the same admiration anymore. So maybe something happened in his personal life that I'm not aware of. If not, apathy or dislike, I get, yes, but hate to the degree that I've seen, boggles me. I've seen wrestlers that are not wrestlers being put over as wrestlers and wasting precious television time while real some wrestlers are barely featured or are not featured at all and/or are crapped on, and I still don't have the level of hate for them that I've seen for Hernandez. It makes me angry at the company instead, because who is featured and how is the decision of the company. I've seen more of Velvet Sky (who yes, I like a great deal), who is barely a wrestler, and Brooke Hogan (who I do not dislike) who is not a wrestler, than I have of Hernandez, who is a wrestler and whose botch level is lower than some, more popular wrestlers. He's a boring, stereotypical character who is not Austin Aries on the mic or on the mat. And? There are far worse. He comes out, wrestles some, doesn't talk for the most part, then leaves, forgotten. So yeah, it depends on each person's perception. Thank goodness the guy isn't holding the WHC or TNA's IWC fandom would dramatically decrease. :|

Like I keep saying, when the company doesn't handle a wrestler in a way that makes fans care (and also if the wrestler himself does not work hard to get over, or seriously lacks charisma to do so), then it's easy to wish they were gone and/or step on up on the hatewagon. No wrestler is immune. James Storm is a prime example. I think Hernandez has fans, just not here, or amongst many of the IWC.

Good question.

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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

Originally Posted by Redwood Raven View Post
I honestly cannot sit down and watch a match with Hernandez without worrying if the opponent will get injured in the process. He is literally an unsafe "powerhouse". The points you have here though are some pretty weak justifications as to why he should be considered what the general consensus on here thinks of him.

And for the record, I don't hate "powerhouses".
Which equals good wrestler. When Benoit was in the ring I had the same feelings.
Look at ECW.
It is wrestling not sarcastaball!
Wrestlers are supposed to get hurt.
It really comes to the whole fall of civilization.
When I was a kid, I could take 3 DDT's on the cement, I didn't tell my mom, I walked it off.

Ric Flair rules
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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

I remember watching him with LAX and thinking he was pretty good. Now i don't know if this was because of Homicide's high flying or Salinas running around ring side (that can be distracting for obvious reasons), was distracting me, but he really isn't that good. In fact he's probably the most bland guy they have in the roster.
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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

Originally Posted by nevereveragainu View Post
if want charaters then chances are the pro wrestling medium isn't for you
Congratulations on possibly the stupidest post I've ever seen on this forum, ever?

Hernandez is considered bad because he injures people and no matter how many mega pushes he is given solely because of his nationality he can't get over for anything other than his nationality. Hernandez is shit. Kind of like that post. son
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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

Originally Posted by ceeder View Post
He jumps around the ring just throwing his shoulder and arms into guys. Absolutely any lift move with Hernandez is a potential injury. Complete disaster of a worker.
This. He seems to not understand the line between Face and Heel cause even as a face he's choking people on the ropes


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Re: How is Hernandez considered bad?

I'm another who doesn't get the hate for Hernandez

Yes he's got previous for serious botches and isn't the safest worker and it needs to be worked on, but the guy has an amazing look, is incredibly agile for a guy his size and he has absolutely insane brute strength.

The guy has Goldberg-like upper body strength, he's a freak of a powerhouse. How many other guys on the roster would have the strength and balance to suplex Kaz and Daniels at the same time? Especially with the ease at which he has. According to their billed weights Kaz and Daniels combined weigh the same as Big Show.

I actually thought his heel work for Mexican America was decent, he was let down by being teamed up with the awful Anarquia, and I don't see much wrong with his current stint with Chavo.

Won't cross until

[X] TNA's product becomes so bad it actively makes me want to watch WWE

[] WWE's product becomes so bad it actively makes me want to watch TNA
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