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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Jeff hardy debuting in 2010 well I thought that until I found out he was there back in 05 and guys like the AJ, Angle, Sting, MCMG, Beermoney and Wolfe at the time

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Not really a fan but i do watch it on occasion. Reason why i started to watch it because of the old wwe stars who were and still on there. Such as Hogan, Hardy, Dudleys, Nash, Hall, Jeff Jarret, Angle. Also it reminded me a little of WCW with guys like Hogan, Sting, Tenay, Flair, Bischoff.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

It was a Jeff Jarrett TNA poster that introduced me to TNA's product. It was back in 2004 I believe. I had gotten a Jeff Jarrett poster in the mail for whatever reason. I checked out the poster and thought to myself "Hmmm, this TNA company sounds pretty intriguing" Mind you, I only followed WWE and watched old tapes of WCW which is why it took me until 2004 to find out about TNA. I check the product out until mid-2005 where I watched a 1hr episode of Impact and saw the likes of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Abyss, Christopher Daniels, AMW, and many more TNA wrestlers putting on some really great matches. I've been a fan of the product ever since.

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Hulk Hogan

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The thing that made me a fan of TNA was AJ Styles The Beautiful People and The Motorcity Machine Guns. I dont watch as much nowadays for obviouse reasons (hulk hogan -_-) but I think il start again

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

My friend gave my the Genesis 2009 PPV and I watched Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin first I think, thought they were amazing and then bang, I also think Angle and Jarrett had a great match on that card aswell, but yeah it was the Machine Guns that got me into TNA

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Not a fan anymore, I want them to succeed. The company is just totally hopeless. They are not going to the right places.

I've been watching TNA on and off for a long time since 04-05. Not sure how old I was back then, 21 now. Anyways my friend use to watch it in the wrestling channel in UK back then and I had WWE, so I found out about it through him.

Then I got hooked for a while when I saw Joe vs AJ vs Daniels match. Perhaps one of the best matches I saw. Sting got me interested too, I was a big WCW fan back in the day through 97 and Sting was my younger brother's favourite.

Then I saw Angle joining and I was like wtf, completely shocked. I was a big Angle fan since I use to watch Smackdown over Raw, didnt like Raw because of boring Evolution, such a overrated group.

Angle got me rooting for TNA, I wanted to see them grow to higher levels as a teen. TNA were joining Youtube and Myspace, entering places WWE are now going into. Then I stopped watching wrestling in general from 2007. Beniot death was a good factor that got me to quit, he was one of my favourites apart from Guerrero. Their deaths and the rise of bOReTON got me quiting. Rock and Brock got me back.
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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Kurt Angle, the GOAT coming back in 2006. Plus, WWE was starting to suck balls at that time so it was an easy transition. WWE still sucks balls by the way, just alot harder now.
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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

as for all the haters telling sting hogan kurt jeff etc dint draw for tna, take a look at this thread..most of us got hooked to tna by these guys

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Re: What made YOU a TNA fan?

Mickie James & Madison Rayne. (u mad broski?)
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