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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

Ken should go back to the WWE and face Punk.
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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

Pope has really bad ego/attitude problems which prevented him from going anywhere in the wrestling business.

Anderson has talent on the mic but really needs to get himself back into the gym, he's a mess.
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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

:shaq < me when Kennedy/Anderson comes on screen

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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

I really likes Anderson but after his heel turn, to join Immortal, I just started feel indifferent to him and after bad booking plus numerous heel and face turn I just wanted him off TV follow that up with inconsistent appearaces with little impact and that TNA booking 101. At the moment it looks like he is back on track as a heel(which he is best) in Aces and Eights as long as he doesn't turn face for at least 6 months I think he will be fine.

I never really liked Pope never saw him as much more than a midcarder but he was very over and if you don't feature very over guys you must be stupid *cough* Zack Ryder *cough* as at the vey least they can be used to push others. I would have gave him a TV or Tag title reign by now if I was booking.
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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

I remember in 2010 I was thinking both of them were going to be major hits with the company (them and Desmond Wolfe/Nigel McGuiness). Unfortunately, Pope kept getting hurt and became the victim of bad booking while Anderson turned heel & face so many times that people stopped giving a shit. Seriously, I think he had 3 or 4 turns in 2011.


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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope


a great oldschool heel and a charasmatic athletic workhorse

Dinero could have given some color to the x divsion if they didnt elevate him to the main event so soon

and Kennedy can easily be the tweener/heelish counterpart to AJ Styles or Daniels for the world title if they didn't turn him face

nowadays they aren't needed, sack 'em both

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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

I was never really into either of them at the height of their respective popularity... Personally, I view it more as a wasted contract that TNA has to pay.

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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

Lets just say WWE was smart removing those two from its roster before wasting years on them like TNA did..
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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

Pope was wasted, but apparently he has attitude/ego problems, which fans don't get to experience outside of dirtsheet fodder. But he's a very talented wrestler and has charisma for days.

Anderson's a good talker, but he's just blah. They still could've done more with the asshole gimmick, it's so easily marketable.

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Re: Mr Anderson & The Pope

Pope had one of the most obnoxious gimmicks i ever saw in years of watching wrestling. Didn't even make a lick of sense. Glad he's gone

As for Anderson, I always felt he could have been huge. He had talent. He had the look. He had charisma. But he also has a GIGANTIC sense of entitlement not to mention a fucking awful work ethic. And that asshole thing was just retarded

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