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el_stobbarto 01-14-2013 11:57 AM

Tag Team Division
Seeing as though Impact's tag team division is looking thin this year (3/4 solid teams), do you think they'll do another tag team tourney and have another set of mismatched wrestlers winning the title or will one team retain for a long time?

I don't really see Big Robbie & Little Robbie being a team much longer, Matt Mogan will more than likely tun on Joey Ryan leaving Hernandes & Guerrero (Mexican American 2 haha) and Bad Influence.
two solid teams constantly going back and forth sounds awful imo.

ceeder 01-14-2013 12:01 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
It's a complete joke, to the point where the tag titles kick off the show. What a drop from, for example, the BMI/MCMG series that co-main evented 2 PPVs just two years ago.

Bad Influence don't even count right now, since Daniels is getting his much deserved single's push and winning.

Morgan/Ryan won't last much longer and won't even get a tag title reign.

el_stobbarto 01-14-2013 12:05 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
My point exactly!
One tag team, that currently has the titles too!
2013 is going to be a terrible year for tag team competition.

i can see impact possibly even going with DOC and knox to get the belts to keep the whole aces & 8's facade going until jeff jarrett is revealed as the leader.

TripleG 01-14-2013 01:51 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
They definitely need new teams.

They've got Chavo & Hernandez, which isn't a bad team for now. I wish they had given the belts to Morgan and Ryan though, but hey. It is basically Mexican America 2.0 (which in of itself was a bastard version of LAX) but Chavo is far better than Anarquia or whatever his name was. So OK, I'll take them.

Speaking of Morgan and Ryan, they seem to want to break them up based on what happened last night. WHY? They are awesome and you have so few teams that it is only going to make it harder to come up with competition for Chavo & Mex.

You have Bad Influence who are awesome. I dare anyone to tell me they aren't awesome.

You have the Robbies as the low level jobber team....and they seem to want to break them up! Why?! Pushing them in singles never worked, and as a team they at least provide somebody for the upper teams to beat AND they are funny. Its win-win!

And I guess they could go ahead and use The Aces & Eights in Tag Team situations. I think Mike Knox & Luke Gallows/DOC would actually make a good big man team. The problem though is that the As & Es never win anymore! Jeez. Oh well, here's hoping.

But other than that, they don't have a whole lot on the tag team scene. I guess Brisco & Bischoff (Bitch and Bitcher in my eyes) are a tag team, even after they are revealed as part of the Aces & Eights. Other than that though, they don't have a whole lot.

Just to give them a new tag team, I would probably bring in Brian Cage & Jay Bradley for their gut check judging and have it be announced that they BOTH will get contracts, as long as they perform as a tag team. I dunno, might work.

They still need more though. Maybe they can get The Machine Guns back once Sabin is healthy and maybe they can talk Shelley into resigning.

ceeder 01-14-2013 02:08 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
1. Sign the fucking Young Bucks back
2. Pay up and bring Shelley back
3. Magnus/Douglas as a face British Invasion
4. Kash/Gunner start teaming again regularly
5. Use Knox/DoC as a team

I dunno, just some thoughts.

Kappa 01-14-2013 02:30 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
Until they actually let some teams stick together regularly, it'll keep being a joke. Seriously, hinting at breaking up Morgan / Ryan already? That's crazy fast, if you ask me. And a little while back, Magnus and Joe had a solid thing going, which lasted all of a few weeks it seemed. Let some of these teams run with tag matches, instead of having everyone constantly out for themselves

Pappa Bacon 01-14-2013 03:44 PM


Originally Posted by ceeder (Post 12608066)
1. Sign the fucking Young Bucks back
2. Pay up and bring Shelley back
3. Magnus/Douglas as a face British Invasion
4. Kash/Gunner start teaming again regularly
5. Use Knox/DoC as a team

I dunno, just some thoughts.

This plus try and bring in Rhett and team with King again. American Wolves maybe Super Smash Brothers.

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SrsLii 01-14-2013 03:55 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
I get the impression that they are breaking the Robbies up for Rob Terry's benefit, and that Robbie E will end up right smack dab back in a comedy jobber team but with Jessie this time. Which is all for the best, their chemistry together is LOLzworthy and I'm a fan. Rob Terry can have his face turn and tote The Jaw™ around for awhile and that's fine. Once Tara loses the KO title (whenever that happens) they'll pull her off Jessie's nuts, so this is all just preparation for that. Change is good.

I posted this in the Chavo thread as a result of a derailing conversation, but the only way I see DOC and Knox getting a tag run would be with a face turn/redemption arc first. Like have A&E kick them out for losing all the time/losing their masks/being idiots/cockblocking/not gangraping Brooke Hogan properly/whatever spurious reason, give them a very brief three-week redemptive arc where they win a few matches against A&E (since everyone else does), then toss them in the tag mix as either faces or tweeners.

Is Kid Kash and Gunner as a tag team still a thing? Either way I guess it doesn't matter, more boredom on the level of MexiFail v. Tan&Greasy is not going to solve anything.

So are there any singles wrestlers right now who aren't doing anything and ought to be? i.e. NOT ANDERSON, someone INTERESTING? The roster has gotten really thin with all the releases and no one new in ages, and you can't take anyone out of the X-division because it's in even worse shape than the tag division.

tomburgess1984 01-14-2013 04:01 PM

Re: Tag Team Division

Originally Posted by Pappa Bacon (Post 12610690)
This plus try and bring in Rhett and team with King again. American Wolves maybe Super Smash Brothers.

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Nah, King's progressing fine as he is. Keep him in the X-Division to knock RVD off his perch then you have a good, hungry, talented X-Division.

Move RVD to tag division, maybe with someone like Anderson or Storm. Then bring Knox/Gallows in if they get kicked out of A&8 (they can keep the same gimmick). Bad Influence can take a hiatus while Daniels kicks Hardy's arse for a few months. Hernandez/Chavo, Morgan/Ryan already there and steady tag teams floating around. Brisco/Bischoff drop down to OVW again/continue to fill blanks in A&8 storyline. Kash/Gunner to get a run at the titles to help Gunner's development. Jessie/Robbie E to become a tag team. There's plenty of options.

Here's a long shot, how about when Magnus returns he joins forces with Joseph Park (Common ground with Aces & Eights feud/beatdowns etc) and become like a new age Rock & Sock where Magnus is the main guy and Joseph is the guy hanging on to his coattails to continue to get himself over but eventually Magnus says he has to go it alone and goes after the world title.

SPCDRI 01-14-2013 04:06 PM

Re: Tag Team Division
With what is on the roster, here is what I would do.

Knox/DOC as a tag team. A CREDIBLE one, not a job squad. No more Jobbers of Anarchy. They can't lose matches. They can cheat to win, absolutely.
But they can't keep having this "invasion" lose all the time. Having DOC lose clean to Sting and then appear to be chased off by Bully Ray made the faction look like chumps.

Williams/Magnus or Joe/Magnus. There seems to be no inclination to have either one be an X division or Television Title champ so you might as well put them together. Samoa Joe/Magnus again could work, too. Remember when that was a fine tag team? For like 3 and a half months? Splitting them up to do nothing with either of them post split is partly the reason we are in this mess.

Kid Kash/Sam Shaw: Veteran Mentoring Youngblood. Is that the greatest thing in the world? No, but it is something.

Don't split Morgan/Ryan. This is Joe/Magnus all over again. How is that even a "split?" They have to be a group long enough for that to matter.
Didn't they just form as a tag team at the end of October or the beginning of November? It hasn't been 3 months yet!

Chavo/Hernandez as a necessary evil. Yuck.

Bad Intentions will split soon, shame.
Kaz + Any sort of X Division guy (NOT A.J. Styles, those guys desperately need a break from one another) could work.

So that isn't TERRIBLE. You can have a 5 or 6 man team out of what is on the roster.

Have an A.J./Kaz team but I'd like to see this go beyond.

The only problem is, X Division is SO thing right now, maybe even worse off than Tag Teams as SrsLi said. If you go "Eh, take this X guy, that X guy, tag team" then the X Division will have almost nobody in it.

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