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Re: Uk fans its time for change

Originally Posted by dastardly View Post
Expecting it to be live, ad-free and free (!) is ridiculous, IMO.

That said, there is a strong case for Challenge to move Impact from Sunday to Friday nights and the PPVs from Wednesday nights to Mondays. I much prefer watching Impact on TV rather than on Youtube, but I always do as I can't wait 3 days to see what happens.

I refuse to watch the PPVs online, though. 4 hours is too long to be sitting at a computer watching pixellated images when I could wait a few days and watch it on my sofa on a big screen TV.

Considering Challenge show Impact 2 (or is it 3?) times a week anyway, I don't think a Friday night showing of Impact is too much to ask. But there have to be ad breaks! How do you expect Challenge to pay for it, otherwise?
Crazy isn't it?

It's like he is saying, I will watch it illegally because you aren't giving me the way that I want it. You are giving me it completely free anyway, but not when I want it, so I will make a petition for you to change it to the way I want it, which is live and for free and I don't want you making money from it.

A petition

A petition against not getting something for free at the time you want it for free. This has to be the most stupidest thing I have ever known someone to do when it's come to wrestling, if I'm honest. Unless you get 10,000 signatures this wont make a difference.

You have to think of the rest of Challenge TV viewers. We are a minority who like wrestling and it's still a new concept on that channel, be thankful we're getting it at all, and at a reasonable time. FOR FREE. FOR FREE

A petition, really?
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Re: Uk fans its time for change

Do you have any idea what I would pay to get ppvs for free? forget about when I get them, I can avoid spoliars easy

I only get RR and WM becuse the others just are not worth it compared to other things in life like gas and food.

but ppvs for free? GIVE!
so what if its "a while" you still did not pay 30 bucks
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Re: Uk fans its time for change

Part of TNAs deal with challenge T.V is so that they can air TNA PPVS on challenge, and airing them live is simply impossible due to time differences and high expenses.

If TNA wanted to do this they would have to re-negotiate there TV deal with challenge TV and look at getting the BIG TNA PPVS on sky box office (very unlikely)
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I like in UK. I stop using this site between Thursday and Sunday evening so I avoid spoilers. If there's a ppv then I have to wait till the wed. TNA is the only brand I watch every week and I can wait a few days longer to see both impact and any PPV. Not only do we get impact (twice) but PPV are free and there's the bonus of Xplosion. That petition just reeks of toys out of the Oran because you got caught streaming and you're looking for someone to blame. I'm almost certain if it was on PPV here you'd stream it anyway rather than pay 20 for it. I for one am grateful that we get these PPVs and impact for free. And I don't have to buy Sky Sports or the like. I remember when TNA was on bravo an we would get impact but miss the PPVs, that was infuriating.

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Re: Uk fans its time for change

You can buy PPV's online from TNA on demand from the UK if I am no mistaken.
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We are very lucky to have as much free as we do. In a perfect world ppvs would be broadcast on a monday and Impact on a friday BUT we really cant moan. Challenge gives us a hell of a lot

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Re: Uk fans its time for change

No, I'm not sick. Watch it on Challenge. /thread
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Re: UK fans it's time for change

Impact is not even live on the west coast of the United States.
I have to wait tell 8:00 pm.
Every other prime time show on cable, I can watch at 5:00 pm on HD TV.
You would think they would fix that first.

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Re: UK fans it's time for change

you u.k guys should be more grateful, i live in Australia and we don;t get impact wrestling episodes on free to air television the best we've ever got was tna explosion episodes and we certainly don't get ppv's aswell, the only that you get it on tv is through cable tv which i do not have, so the only way i watch is to either stream or download. On cable tv the episode is on a saturday here just one day late from when the show is shown in america, and ppv's still have to be bought on cable tv to watch them. TNA does a lot for the u.k and you guys should appreciate that, i would trade what you guys get in the uk from tna compared to what we get in Australia from tna.
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Re: UK fans it's time for change

I miss bravo

I'm from the UK but it doesn't bother me that's its on in a Sunday, starts at 9 o'clock and I don't have to be tired in school the next day because its on at a good time, I can go out and enjoy Sunday and come back in and watch Impact, don't see why people complain about it being on three days later, you can get it on youtube easily if you don't want to wait three days, plus you get it for free, be grateful.

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