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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

Generally good show with some low points.

The wrestling was generally great - the X match was great, as was the tag match. And as someone who isn't a fan of Gut Check, that match was pretty good, too.

Some great segments (even without the presence of the GOATs Kaz and Daniels!!?) - Aries and Roode were gold, the mixed tag was good fun and Big Rob actually looked like a wrestler rather than just a bodybuilder.

But generally dragged down by the Hogan storyline and the never-ending-who-gives-a-damn Aces and 8s dross.

And I dunno - I've never been a fan of the guy, but I'm actually starting to feel sorry for Anderson. It's not that he's unmotivated, it's like he's lost all confidence in himself. At the beginning of the show - huge pop for Angle! Huge pop for Sting! And yes! The tourists even gave a huge pop to Joe. Then Anderson comes out and kills the place stone dead. You could almost see the confidence drain out of him. I really did feel sorry for him. Then they lumber him with the dead duck Aces and 8s storyline and give him a main event match that doesn't happen so that a 53 year old guy can wrestle a virtually unknown new signing. Poor guy.

But the high point for me was Roode and Aries. I was against putting them together initially as I think putting them in a tag team diminishes the two best guys (IMO) in the company. But they are so good together, I'd like to see them stick together for a little while. Maybe mix them up with Kaz and Daniels (imagine the promos! Man, I'd make Tony look like a disinterested casual!).

But despite the low points, a good show with some real high points, in the form of the X Match and Roode/Aries.
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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

Originally Posted by Demoslasher View Post
Bully Ray and Brooke...Does anyone else get the feeling that bully is thinking in his head "God damn this segment sucks, its so bullshit, and forced, and awkward...can I go back to being a heel please?" To me he just does not seem nearly as in to this story line as he normally is. It looks to me like he is not giving it his all which is normally a sign that the wrestler thinks its bull or is just uncomfortable with it.
No, I get that vibe, too.
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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

Originally Posted by ceeder View Post
Roode/Aries are just so fucking good. TNA need to be careful, though. Roode/Aries/Daniels/Kazarian... all "cool" heels that I can't help but laugh and cheer for. I just hope that doesn't influence face turns for them because I don't understand how the crowd can boo these guys. I mean, I'd boo if I was there just because that's how you compliment a heel on his work, but they're just so entertaining and likeable.

Roode and Aries have show some incredible chemistry between them. They just click on every level. How one can not be entertained by their interactions is beyond me.

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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

So some people are saying it was awesome, other are saying it was terrible. Guess I'll check it out, seems like there was a lot of funny fuckery which I like so. I mean I saw bully ray and webbing in the same sentence, now that's something I gotta see lol

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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

The show suffred from bad booking descions. Overall it was fine I guess, but why the fuck Ion vs King and Bradly vs Cage were so fucking short??? pissed me off a lot. Plus that train wreck at the end was painful to watch.

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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

Can't say I really paid much attention to last night's show. Not enough Bad Influence, too much fuckery. Bully better turn next week. I know it's mandatory for TNA to have some sort of fuckery going on at all times, but does it always have to involve the best talent?

A&8s need Bully and dare I say Bully needs A&8s. Turning Bully was alright, completely changing his character was not. Lets get back to that badass we had a few months ago.

A&8s are just a complete joke now. It's alright as a short-term thing but I have zero interest in seeing Devon, Doc, Knox and Anderson run around pretending to be the DOA. This angle has gone on way too long with no payoff. Unveil a good member, or do something fresh, ffs.

Aries and Roode were/are amazing. Tag fued with Kaz/Daniels at some point please. Bradley/Cage look like good prospects, and King is already a highlight.

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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!


Some other observations:

- Stinger just chillin' in the ring during the Hogan Knows Best drama
- Bradley/Cage was solid for what it was, the right guy won (**3/4)
- someone should make a gif when Chavo and Shawn looked through the window
- the tag match was really good (***)
- we need crazy Angle with the axe at the wedding

Originally Posted by ryanbrian View Post
TV shows are the best entertainment programmes like wrestling. My favourite TV show is RAW and SMACK DOWN. I specially like fight of Rey mysterio and Randy Ortan. It was very amazing fight with lots of stunt.
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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

The aces and eights stuff is very up and down, I was digging anderson attitude (holy shit anderson actually giving a flying fuck) but then they make everyone look like shit in the end. It's impossible to enjoy anything from it.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

Can't be arsed going into much detail but it was boring and predictable, again.

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Re: 1/10 Impact Wrestling Discussion: SHUT UP BITCH!

AGAIN the show has been centered around a stable for 8 months and the company has insisted on making the stable look like bitches since Bound for Glory.

They are Job Squad of Anarchy. They need to start doing bad ass things because they've looked pathetic for at least a month now.

What is the realistic payoff here? Bully Ray as leader wrestling a shit match against some 50 year old authority figure like Sting, or God forbid, Hogan?

8 months and that would be the payoff? Or some survivor series tag and if "YOU LOSE, YOU CAN NEVER COME BACK TO TNA, BROTHER!" and then A&8s loses and despite being a savage, felonious biker gang that would say piss off to a dictate like that they just go...


Then what? Ride away on the motorcycles we never see them use?

Jesus Christ! This company spent 8 months booking a motorcycle gang that doesn't have motorcycles! Undertaker rode more motorcycles than these bitches.
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