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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

Not a great PPV. The main event was fantastic though, and while it was great to see Daniels win, I wasn't overly impressed with the actual match.

I'll say this though - I'm not a Hardy fan and doubt I ever will be, but since becoming Champ he's really upped his work rate and put on some killer matches. Credit where credit's due.
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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

ok PPV, Loved the main event, Kenny should have won the x Title though, Daniels winning the world title would be amazing
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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

Originally Posted by ceeder View Post
I guess I enjoyed King/York more than other people did.
I hear ya. Was a damn good match with some nice moves and spots. I also enjoyed York getting to build some credibility against RVD. Even in defeat he was put over.

Storm/Daniels and Three-way were great matches. The other matches were solid to good, other than Sting/Doc which was horrible.

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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

I finally sat down to watch it last night. That was almost 3 hours of solid wrestling action. Maybe I was just in the mood to watch it from start to finish but I thought the PPV was fantastic.

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I was underwhelmed (I think I believed Tony's hype), a few good matches, particularly main event though I wish hardy would drop the belt, didn't mind that he won it but I think it's time to move on. I'd really like hardy to lead xdivision if they'd run the eve program with hardy I think it'd have been much more effective (hardy talking about how he's the original no hold barred daredevil type wrestler etc) Storm vs Daniels was decent too. Didn't hate the knockout as much as I thought I would but it was a bit weak. Still think York looks out of sorts, his first two matches were much better. Tag match was meh. I thought Morgan looked like the Morgan they been hinting at but they need to end this Morgan Ryan team as it doesn't fit the character they're trying to get over for him. Also Ryan us in danger of becoming Robbie E pt 2. I like the character and think there's a tonne of potential but he needs a few moves of his own and he needs a few wins under his belt (without Morgan interference) He had a match with Storm on Xplosion a while back and looked very good. An8a matches were a waste. Need to start making doc and Knox win matches without the gang, they are good wrestlers who should be big, dominating threats. This will make wins against them look like a battle and a deserving win. It's going to get to the stage where whoever does lose to them will look weak. Park and Devon? It was fun but makes Devon look poor that he was pushed so far. I'd like to see AN8s turn on Devon, chuck him out for holding them back and make them a bit more dangerous, become a threat. Use this to make Devon do the same, a man with no allies who gas to fight every week for his survival against both sides and can't afford to drop his belt or he's out. Means a new an8 member gets the limelight too as a bad ass talker of the group.

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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

RVD looked very very tired during his 2 minute match with a half dead opponent.

Samoa Joe. I know this guy has his fans but god the whole big silent destroyer angle just comes across as Boring....yep with a capital "B".

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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

Originally Posted by MTheBehemoth View Post

Mmmmmmmmm. Busty.

This picture needs to be quoted more often!

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Re: *TNA Genesis 2013 Discussion*

6/10 for the show.

Best matches of the night (in order):
- Main Event
- Devon/Park
- Storm/Daniels
- RVD/York

Good matches:
- King/York
- KO Gauntlet
- Sting/DOC

** starz:
- Anderson/Joe
- Nachos/Morgan/Ryan

Slightly above average show, I marked out when Daniels won and was marking out the entire Devon/Park match, such a GOAT storytelling. Park is God.

DOC buried...:Bischoff

OK show overall.

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