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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

Not trolling at all. I do watch it. Nothing I said pertains to the television product, so you should actually read what I am saying.

I've probably paid to see TNA more times than you even.
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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

1. AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Christopher Daniels, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe
2. Bully Ray, Abyss, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Sting
3. Don't understand the question
4. A strong main event scene, I guess.
5. Hard Hitting Action Packed Wrestling. Make it fit the stereotype that people give wrestling, and have the commercials all be full of huge moves and bumps with exaggerated sound effects.
6. Hire good writers

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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

Tits N Ass Presents: Impact Wrestling

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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

I would contantly try to find new ways to promote TNA on TV magazines, MMA fights, boxing etc build the promoting around the X-Division, Women Division(market T&A even if it isn't) and popular stars like Hogan, Hardy, etc. Try to get on as many network worldwide as possible. Cut everyone over 40 except Angle(Shawn Michaels kind of role used to give stars a rub), RVD(give X-Division some star power), Hogan(GM and promotes the company) and Sting(Legend in a kind of Undertaker role where he is a top star but puts over young guys). I would make Aries the face of my company and Roode my top heel. I would not hire anybody new for at least a year(Unless it was someone like Cena, Orton, Punk etc.) and promote Bound for Glory as the wrestlemaina of TNA. Any extra money made would be used to upgrade the production values and take TNA on the road. I would bring back the octangon also as that was a big part of TNA whether people like it or not. I would rebuild the X-Division, Women Division and Tag Division slowly by giving them direction and time so temperoarily I would build the Tag division around Daniels and Kaz, X-Division around RVD and Women Division around Mickie James.
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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

Originally Posted by tomburgess1984 View Post
I know it's quite an open thread and there's a lot to cover, but it's just something different to the constant bullshit about the ratings!
thank you

1.The Team Leaders consisting of WWE alumini
2.NONE OF THE TEAM LEADERS but their "agents"(Aries,Parks, Roode,Magnus,Ryan, Storm,Daniels, Kaz, Morgan etc)
3.MATCHES! cards that flowed from one to the other when you see them on paper back to back, everything else will follow
4.becoming structured rigidly like a sport hierachy
5.word of mouth and reducing our prices
6.calling the public out on every misconception they have about wrestling in general

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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

1. Right now on the TNA roster there is no one who I would want to be the face of my company. I would be looking to find that person/persons within devopmental or the indy scene.

2. My other main eventers would be Roode, Storm, Bully Ray, and Aries.

3. I like the long term linked storylines but some of the smaller storylines could be done short term

4. The aspect of the company I would focus on internally would be new talent development. Also, since the knockouts are consistent ratings draws for Impact I'd continue to give them tv time.

5+6. Just getting the impact wrestling name out there anyway I can. I'd send Impact Wrestling talent to work local wrestling tv shows to promote the show. I'd use radio in local markets for house shows. I'd let my top stars do shows like ESPN first and ten. If/when I finally get my face of the company I'd have that person/persons do late night tv shows as much needed.
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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

1. Who would be your face(s) of the company?
James Storm.

2. Who would be your other main-eventers?
Austin Aries, Bully Ray, Jeff Hardy, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels.

3. Would you change how storylines are done? Or do you like the long term linked in storylines that make sense that the current booking team are doing?
Current booking is OK, but sometimes they should promote other people than they do.

4. What aspect of the company would you focus on internally (i.e. Tag division, X-Division, certain gimmick matches etc)?
Strong main event scene and X-Division.

5. How would you go about marketing TNA/IW within a decent budget (as TNA doesn't seem to agree with throwing money at it)?
Make all PPVs outside Impact Zone and some weeklies too.

6. How would you attempt to get new fans and bring more awareness to the company?
Make all PPVs outside Impact Zone and some weeklies too. Make much more house shows.
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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

I would change the name to Impact World Wrestling
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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

My answer to TNA's problems:

1. Ditch Hogan and Bischoff ASAP. Do they really add anything? TNA doesn't seems to going up a level, it seems to be going down a level. Neither one really justifies any paycheck they get, and TNA would be better off without them.
2. A new creative team. Pritchard (and certainly Bischoff) need to go. The product is STALE. Storylines go nowhere. And the wrong people are getting pushed. The faces of TNA should be people like Daniels, Kaz, Roode, Storm, AJ, and Joe.
3. Cut most of the "oldies". RVD, Anderson, Hardy, and even Angle need to leave. Bully has impressed me, and Sting can have Hogan's Authority figure role.
4. Stick with being live permanently.
5. Leave the IZ for good. My idea; Lease an arena for 3-4 months and do your shows there. After that, do it again in a different arena in a different city. Repeat.
Optional. Bring back six-sides. Not for nostalgia, but to give TNA some form of its own identity.

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Re: The future of TNA in your hands...

I'd let Jake Roberts and Kevin Sullivan book the friggin' thing.
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