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Was 4 sides the right idea?

When the 4 sided ring came out, nobody liked it. The fans, at the first 4-sie ring PPV, chanted "we-want-6-sides!" all night long. Most people thought that 4 sides was terrible; I was one of them. "What happened to the identity of TNA? Now it's just another WWE. Boring.

However, later on, watching now, being older and more wise, I've realized something.

TNA was going nowhere if they didn't make their program a bit more normal. Yes, their ratings are still not nearly as good as WWE, but this is a lot because of bad writing. The 6-sided ring was just one of things that made TNA the "wacky, backyard wrestling style promotion", when that was gonna get them nowhere. Yes, the TNA marks obviously hated the 4-sided ring, and still do, and I personally prefer 6, but I can't help but think that 4 was a much better marketing decision.

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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

Disagree, the six sided ring made TNA stand out as an actual wrestling company while the four sided ring is just generic, and was an essential part of the "reality show WWE lite era" that went on from 2010 to mid 2011.

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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

Six sided was awesome, four sided makes it a crappy version of WWE.

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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

Apparently the wrestlers find it easier to work and I believe in return for this we've had very good TV matches.

From a visual standpoint though, I much prefer six-sides.

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Zassou Damashi
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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

4 sides > 6 side
Wrestlers work better with 4 sides. Plus, it's less material to carry into shows and they don't look so bush league. "Oh wow. Two extra sides? What a standout company."
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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

It really doesn't matter how many sides the ring is. It's irrelevant to how good the product is. People make too much of a big deal out of it.

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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

The 6 sided ring needed to be made bigger thats all. The 6 sides made TNA stand out and it made all the matches different. I wa sbored with wrestling matches before i found TNA in 05 and the 6 sides reengaged my interest in wrestling because everything looked different. Sure the spots were the same the tag match cliches were the same but it all relooked fresh in 6 sides. If it wasnt for the 6 sides i probably wouldnt have started watching wrestling again.

Even now ill skip over most of the matches in WWE and TNA unless its something contain workers i like to see. I still havent watched a full impact since they got rid of the 6 sides and havent watched a full raw in about 11 years. So no switching to 4 sides was not the right thing to do IMO.

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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

The 6 sided ring was a pile of shit. Hated it, was the last straw when I tuned out of TNA back in the day. The old WCW 18x18 ring is small enough with cables for ropes.
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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

You do realize at that point everyone coming to the impact zone was just TNA marks. Which means they will never like change and they didnt. Soon as change happend we have not seen many TNA troll marks at events.

It was the right choice.Cus TNA started in a 4 sided ring.So no reason why they cant go back to the roots. Only way 6 sides could have worked if they made the ring bigger. Which was never going to happen.

Plus Wrestling is really done in a 4 sided ring. Just like boxxing. Just like how MMA has been designed to be in a 8 sided ring.

Its the right choice
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Re: Was 4 sides the right idea?

Didn't watch TNA when the used Six Sides but I read the reason they got rid of it was because it was very stiff and the wrestlers didn't like it so I guess if that was the actually reason than its a good reason to get rid of it..So to answer your question yes in my opinion getting rid of six sides was the right decision

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