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Clique 11-15-2012 12:39 AM

Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion


Originally Posted by impactwrestling.com

- Thursday's broadcast will feature the aftermath of the "Turning Point" Pay-Per-View event! Tune in for results and coverage from the huge event!

- After a high-flying, high-risk Ladder Match, "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy is STILL the World Heavyweight Champion after beating Austin Aries in the main event! Hardy will be at IMPACT this Thursday night with his World Title! How will Aries react to losing his chance at reclaiming the gold? Is Hardy ready to face the NEW number-one contender?

- After winning the #1 Contender's Match at the Pay-Per-View, "Cowboy" James Storm is next in line to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! What will Storm have to say about becoming the new top contender this Thursday on IMPACT? Plus, how will AJ Styles react to not only losing the match, but any shot at the World Heavyweight Title in the future? AJ Styles will talk about what happened at the PPV - and what he plans to do next!

- The lovely but lethal TNA Knockouts will be in action in a BATTLE ROYAL on Thursday's IMPACT, as a new #1 Contender to the Knockouts Championship will be decided! Competing in the bout are Miss Tessmacher, Gail Kim, ODB, Mickie James and Madison Rayne!

- Rob Van Dam will be in action as he defends the X Divison Championship on Thursday's broadcast!

- After last week's chaos involving The Aces & Eights vs. Sting and Kurt Angle, and D.O.C battling Joseph Parks at Turning Point, what does the gang have planned for this Thursday's IMPACT on SpikeTV? Will more members of Aces & Eights be revealed? Will D.O.C. make good on his threats against Kurt Angle?

- Eric Young returns to action on IMPACT as he will face Tara's boyfriend from Hollywood - "Mr. Pectacular" Jesse

All this and much more on Thursday's IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast at 8/7c on SpikeTV as the road begins to the December "Final Resolution" event!

Fallout from Turning Point and I am intrigued to see which direction Storm, Aries, and AJ goes next. At the moment it seems it will be Hardy/Storm at Final Resolution so we'll see what happens with that. For some reason I still can't see Aries too far removed from the top of the card. Also, based on the preview they are obviously having plans for AJ's character and that puts more focus on him which is a plus for me. Aces & 8s story really didn't pick up any steam at the PPV other than DOC getting a win over Park. Not really anticipating what happens next with the angle either.

walkerglenn 11-15-2012 04:46 AM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
i think your going to be suprised clique :)

Obfuscation 11-15-2012 05:20 AM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
I'm gonna watch per usual, but I'm fully prepared for this to be one of the weaker impacts of the past few months. Can't say more w/o giving away some spoilers so I won't.

Whap Me Jungles 11-15-2012 05:23 AM

How can you have a battle royal with 5 people?

Obfuscation 11-15-2012 05:26 AM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
Multiple people and you chuck them out. That doesn't state there needs to be a mass abundance of people competing. Been done plenty of times with the women in TNA & WWE. Their rosters aren't as large as the men's, as you know.

The Tony 11-15-2012 10:23 AM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
Looking forward to the show as usual! I'm sure it's going to be a good show once again.

ezuvgu 11-15-2012 02:05 PM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
I'm not looking forward to a 5-person battle royal or seeing EY and Jesse put on some negative star farce. I hope RVD drops the X Division Title, but I doubt they'd change it on a taped show when they'll be live again in 2 weeks. For the same reason, I don't think anything's happening with Aces and Eights soon either. At least the main event scene should be good. I don't expect much change to the recent trend of bad TV and good to great PPVs. I can't remember having this little interest in watching Impact, but TNA has had probably their best year ever on PPV this year and that shows no sign of cooling off any time soon.

dxbender 11-15-2012 06:23 PM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
I hope the knockouts match happens somewhere in early-mid part of the show. Then I can watch TNF

Obfuscation 11-15-2012 06:37 PM

Re: Official 11/15 Impact Wrestling Discussion (No Spoilers)
Taeler Hendrix. Savior of Impact Wrestling.


Whap Me Jungles 11-15-2012 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Hailsabin (Post 12269743)
Taeler Hendrix. Savior of Impact Wrestling.


One Girl Revolution = THE RATINGZ.

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