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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Originally Posted by Stadhart View Post
can't get link to work - is that the 4 way contract match at destination x?

if it is it is one of my favourite matches in tna history and the match is only ruined by that retarded fan on the side who keeps chanting "jack, jack" and i can;t work out if it is a little kid or fat women with a high pitched voice but i'm surprised noone told it to stfu halfway through the match
yeah its the 4 way contract match at destination x, and they person shouting jack the whole match is a women who with a high voice who looks like shes 40, it pissed me off so much watching it:L

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Re: Reviving the X-Division

"Revive the X Division". That must be the most used phrase for the last 5 years in this section. Get over it! It aint happening.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

No elite Junior Heavyweight is gonna come in TNA with the current pay-per-appearance politics, because the X Division is on the life suport machines. You come, work few random matches on TV and house shows, do a feud (if that), and you're lost in the shuffle after that. And you make no money because TNA won't let you do Indys anymore.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

when i first started watching TNA the X-Division was 1 of the main draws they had guys like Sonjay Dutt Jay Lethal Alex shelly Chris Sabin Creed Daniels Shark Boy it was amazing and i started watching recently it looks to have taken a back seat was shocked and i also think ion is crap
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Originally Posted by dondada7 View Post
I think the X-Division has gotten stale and doesn't have the star power it once had. Austin Aries looked like a true champion basically due to a lack of competition and lack of personalities. Right now I think TNA needs to make some changes. The division basically consists of 3 people.
Zema Ion: They need to push him more as the kid who deliberately injured Jesse Sorenson and just didn't care.
Sonjay Dutt: He hasn't done anything for me since he's come back.
Kenny King: He's best suited for the tag team division.

I think TNA needs to add:
Damian Slater: The kid is gold down in Australia and unlike alot of indy darlings he would translate into the mainstream.
Fergal "Prince" Devitt: As his theme song proclaims "He's the best around"
Kenny Omega: One of the best performers in Japan.
Ricochet: He's a rehabilated spot monkey who is adding more actually wrestling moves to his arsenal.
Shawn Spears: He was great in OVW before they brought him into ECW as Gavin Spears and basically gave him nothing to work with, Good personality, mic skills and just a good all around heel.

problem is a lot of the better guys tna could get are either contracted or content working japan and or mexico

not that i can blame them

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Re: Reviving the X-Division

i would settle for La Sombre & Red Dragon Jr. from Mexico.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

I hope Sabin doesn't retire. That being said, he'd be great for it when he comes back. I'm sure Perkins will be in as well.

Also, bring in:

Jack Evans (if possible)
Low Ki
El Generico
Amazing Red

Then you have yourself a great division.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

x division needs help big time.

sorrenson whos hurt.

thats it. they need some more x division obviously, but they also need some guys who could be potential main eventers in tna since the x division champ gets a world title shot at destination x. does any1 see zema as a world champ? hell no, not at this point anyway.

some signings id like to see:

roderick strong-very good wrestler, tho would need truth martini to talk for him a help his character

tj perkins-recently had a tryout match, be a good pick up

el generico- another great wrestler who would be over as hell in the impact zone

petey williams- good worker who id like to see back

AJ Styles vs Austin Aries happens ON TV[X]
TNA sign the Briscoes[]
TNA host a ppv in NY or NJ[]
Velvet Sky and Angelina Love reunite[X]
a new TNA game is announced[]
Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe happens 1 more time[X]
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

It's really not about the roster, it's about TNA wanting to get behind it. Kenny King came in, had a feud like another poster has already said, and now we haven't seen him again, after he lost to Ion.

It was a real shame that they dropped the ball with Shelley. He could be tearing it up right now as X Div Champ as he has got the mic skills and the charisma to keep the Div in the spotlight.

back on topic, they need to give more tv time to Ion. He needs more mic time and the X div needs atleast one match an Impact. Let it be the first match to pump the crowd up and give exposure to whoever they want to challenge Ion for the belt. Ion has shown glimpses of cool mic work with his breaking necks promo a few months back. He is f'n pretty and pretty f'n dangerous, or something like that. He needs a decent feud with someone and yes it would be good if Soreson was the one to take the belt from him, but it also would have been good to see Storm take the belt from Roode.

TNA needs to make sure that Ion doesn't do what Aries did, becaue he devalues Aries' contribution and sort of says that the X Champ is the only guy in the Div...
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Here's what I think they are going to do, mixed with what I want to happen.

Obviously they're only keeping Zema around so they can put the X-Division title on Sorenson when he gets back.

1) Give Sorenson the X-Division Title when he gets back. Get rid of Zema.
2) Have Sonjay defeat Sorenson clean and then turn heel in the return match.
3) Have PUMA work as enhancement talent/undercard matches.
4) Eventually get rid of Sorenson.
5) Have a returning Chris Sabin take the title a couple of months before Destination X.
6) Have Sabin cash in the X-Division title for a shot at the World Title.Any
7) Bring back Roderick Strong and Petey Williams, as well as debut Ricochet in the Destination X tournament.
8) Have Sabin lose at Destination X, and have King or Petey win the X-Division Championship.

Going forward the X-Division Roster looks like this:
-Chris Sabin
-Kenny King
-Petey Williams
-Roderick Strong
-Sam Shaw
-Sonjay Dutt

These are all affordable options for TNA, and any match-up would be amazing if Shaw continues to boost his athleticism.
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