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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post

I guess this is what you were trying to do.
yeah, can you explain to me how you do that? i put the two youtube brackets around the link but it never worked?

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Re: Reviving the X-Division

El Generico should be the face of the X-Division for the next two/three years. Fun, believable, sympathetic babyface. Is amazing in the ring, personifies the X-Division style and can sell with the best of them. Would sell a hell of a lot of merch as well.

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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Dutt has been nothing short of superb since his comeback. Him v Petey Williams would be epic.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Originally Posted by dastardly View Post
Yeah, that match was what really got me into TNA!

Dutt has really impressed me this time around. And King has a lot of potential. But a handful of guys does not a division make. They definitely need more. Low Ki is great, but doesn't he have quite a bad reputation backstage? I could be wrong, but I heard he's a bit of a nightmare to work with which is one of the reasons he doesn't get used much by TNA.
Yeah I've heard Ki is a bit of a mark for himself and can be kinda dangerous, I think he legit knocked some dude out at an EVOLVE show the other year on his debut after about a minute. I've enjoyed his recent NJPW work though, it's the best I've seen him in a while and I'd be happy if he stays there.

I think having some feuds first might help revive the division. They can bring in new guys if they want but the fact the champ barely gets TV time probably means they won't get that much either. Focus on King/Ion or Dutt/Ion for an extended period instead of throwing them in a match the week before. Zema's a really easy heel to hate too, so I'm sure if they invested in him more it'd be alright.

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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Is it really worth reviving the X-Division? They currently have 3 guys on the x-division roster. It's easier to just disband that division completely, and let Ion/Dutt/King compete for the TV title.
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Re: Reviving the X- Division

TJ Perkins is an excellent wrestler but has the personality of a board.
AR Foxx is a great spot monkey but he needs to EVOLVE in DragonsGate like PAC & Ricochet have.
Sami Callihan is a good indy worker but doesn't translate in the mainstream much like Kevin Steen, El Generico and numerous others.
Adam Cole I fully expect to get a WWE contract in the near future.
I was a fan of Anthony Nese but he didn't want to develop a personality or do anything to make him stand out.
I would love to see an Australian invasion in the X cup with TMDK (Haste, Nicholls) Damian Slater and someone else for the next X cup
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Signing TJ Perkins and having him wrestle under the Puma character would be a great start.

I don't think Ion is going to be dropping the title to anyone but Sorenson, nor should he.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

I think Fergal Devitt would be an amazing addition. TNA should be able to contract these wrestlers based on per appearance so they can still work Japan.
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

Originally Posted by jackbhoy View Post
this was one of the best x devision matches I've ever seen "> " type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="425" height="350">
can't get link to work - is that the 4 way contract match at destination x?

if it is it is one of my favourite matches in tna history and the match is only ruined by that retarded fan on the side who keeps chanting "jack, jack" and i can;t work out if it is a little kid or fat women with a high pitched voice but i'm surprised noone told it to stfu halfway through the match
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Re: Reviving the X-Division

while I agree that TNA need to sign some new talent to help revive the X division, thats not the main problem. The problem i am talking about is that you never see any X division matches anymore and There is no point in signing fresh young talent if you are never going to have them on tv. TNA need to have at least one x Division match a week to keep people intrested and at the moment we are lucky if we get one a month. So until that changes neither will the X Division. As far as who TNA should bring in there is a load of talent in the indy scene who could really help put the X division back on the map and below is a list of the talent i think tna should sign.

Pete williams
Pete was one of the best X division stars tna ever had and I don't know what tna where thinking letting him go in the first place.

El Generico
One of the best high flyers there is and could very well be TNA's answer to Ray Mysterio.

TJ Perkins
another fantastic high flyer and after ROH realesed him for working a dark match for TNA he would e easy enough to sign.

don't forget sorenson and sabin are still on the roster and if you add them to the guys I have listed above and the three active X division guys it would give 8 talented guys for TNA to use to revive the division and make it better then before.
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