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Is now a good jump on point?

Meaning, is it a good time for me to jump on the bandwagon, and become a TNA fan? Like just about everyone else, I'm sick of the WWE's bullshit and I want an alternative. In years past, I would always hear about how horrible TNA was. I tried giving it a chance a few times but I wasn't impressed. However, I watched last weeks show, and I really enjoyed it. Its certainly not attitude era but it reminds me of the "ruthless aggression" era in terms of maturity. It seems like a pretty good show, and I think I may stick around. Anything I need to know about current TNA? The storylines, the feuds, etc. I have a basic knowledge from being in the IWC.
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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

3 months ago would've been a better jumping point, right now a lot of storylines are reaching their final stage, so hard to get into it now. But you can always download the previous 3 months.
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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

I don't see any reason why you can't be a fan of both tbh. If by "jumping on the bandwagon" you mean your going to star purchasing TNA PPVs over WWE PPVs every month, I guess you can do that. Sure, why not? TNA's been the best mainstream wrestling show for the last few months imo.

EDIT - I'll leave this thread open as long as it is fans giving you info on current TNA and not a WWE fans vs. TNA fans discussion because we know how those usually end up.


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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

I'd say a couple of months ago would've been better but I'd definitely jump in before BFG for sure, after that everything will probably change. Usually the late fall into winter is tnas best time of year, even in the down years it was generally the highlight period of the product.

Far as storylines go, the obvious is aces and eights which has been slow burning since about late may and is one of the few stories in recent memory that hasn't been hotshotted and actually allowed to grow and develop. Now hopefully the payoff will be just as good, which is always the hardest part.

Do I really have to say anything?

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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

Impact is the only wrestling show I watch now. I tried getting back into WWE around Wrestlemania, but I just couldn't hack it. At 27 years old I felt like a prick watchng that shit. I was watching maybe 10-20% of it. Now, I can watch 80-100% of Impact no problem.
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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

It's not about jumping on the band wagon, just watch what you enjoy for Gods sake!
Mcdonalds is the most popular fast food chain, not the best though.
The Simpsons is the most popular animated comedy, not the best though.
WWE is the most popular wrestling promotion, not the best though.

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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

Like other guys have said, about 2-3 months ago would of been the ideal time to start watching properly.

But you've still got time to watch the conclusion of several slow burning story lines (BFG Series, Aces&Eights, Roode vs Storm etc), and there are numerous ways to catch up before Bound For Glory I guess. Try catching the Before The Bell (which is on youtube the week before any PPV), they're usually produced well and can help get you up to speed.

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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

You could just be a fan of both, its not like Nitro and Raw where it was mutually exclusive which one to watch

What if WCW won the Monday Night Wars?

Here's what I think would have happened: http://inthesquaredcircle.blogspot.c...ight-wars.html
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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

Yup, Im another who watches both.
Though I will say I rarely skip forward (if at all) any TNA parts.

WWE on the other hand, the majority is skipped over. Especially since the longer running time. Mainly just waiting for WWE to get good again.
It has its little moments though.

Feel sorry for fans in the same boat as me that have missed out on some great entertainment on TNA this year.

Filled the hole that WWE has made.
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Re: Is now a good jump on point?

Like most everyone has said it would be better to watch the past few months but this is not a bad starting point at all. I only started watching TNA at the beginning of 2010 because of the guys that joined during that time since I kind of stopped watching after WCW died..but I can say the current product is the most entertainment I've had from wrestling since the glory days of WCW. I can't wait for the next show right after it goes off.
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