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A familiar Impact Wrestling face 244 65.77%
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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

I think either Jeff Hardy or Jeff Jarrett is behind it.

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

Knowing TNA though, the swerve would be Vince Russo is the leader. I know he is not with TNA anymore but I have that sneaky feeling.

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

I'm thinking it's one of the 'Authority figures' Whether it's Sting, Dixie, The Hogans, Jarrett, or Bischoff. Leaning more towards Dixie, Bischoff, or Jarrett though. Jarrett because of the whole Sting/HOF thing, could cause jealousy. Bischoff as a way to get revenge for being booted out, Dixie just because TNA loves to rip ideas from WWE/WCW so I could see her being behind it to 'poison' the company, sort of like how Vince was when he brought in the nWo.

I don't see it being Sting though. I don't see what it would offer the storyline to have him involved. I don't even understand why someone has to be 'behind' it. I don't see why it can't just end as a bunch of wrestlers who are disgruntled because they tried to get jobs with TNA but were refused or something like that.

Although, with the way he's trying to push it off onto Storm, I could see Roode being behind it,and instructing them to attack him to throw everyone's suspicions away from him
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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

Originally Posted by deadman18 View Post
I think either Jeff Hardy or Jeff Jarrett is behind it.
possibly hardy but inclined to think its jarrett

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

It could be Sting only for it to be the fake Stinger! NWO all over again.

... I just hope we get a fake James Storm out of this as well.

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

Not gunna happen but it'd be lame if it did. Every time Sting is MIA and there's a secret angle they throw him in it and act like it's the huge surprise no one could guess.

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

Odds of Sting turning heel are as likely as the Undertaker turning heel.

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Simply waiting for Aries and Roode to end up with all the gold ...

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

Hope not, I would rather want it to be Storm (as his personality fits perfectly with the biker gang for some reason if he wears one of those leather jackets). Storm or someone young who can benefit from this storyline in the long term. Before someone calls me out on this, I know Storm is not "young" young, but I meant younger than Hogan/Sting etc. someone who has a good years of career left in him.

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Re: Sting behind Aces and 8's?

Sting just wouldn't make any sense at all. Add to the fact that TNA will never turn Sting heel, it just makes it impossible for it to be him.

I wouldn't mind seeing JJ back but then, the power angle (if that is what it is) with JJ against management has been done to death.

I think Roode would be feasible especially seeing as he keeps trying to shift the blame on Storm, who seems to be trying to avoid.
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Re: Brooke Hogan = The Ring Mistress of Aces and Eights?

I had a feeling about this a couple of weeks ago I don't want her anywhere near this story though. Her motives could be that she was watched Hulk growing up having the star power the gm power and wasted or its 2012 and not 96 anymore and she feels that she should be the gm of TNA as this is her time in pro wrestling.
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