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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Jobbin'likenoother View Post
^^^Unless by "hang with the best" you mean got run the fuck outta the Impact Zone as soon as there's anyhing approaching even numbers then no, they haven't proved they can hang.

You also say that who is under the mask is not the point... Maybe not from a writer's point of view, but if you think that's the case from a viewer perspective then you are in utter denial. Besides, it's the eventual star recognition of a 'reveal' in such an angle which gives such a faction it's credibility, not their endless run-ins beating guys down 4,5,6 on 1.

Q. What's the NWO without the name value of Ex-WWE main eventers?

A. A jobber invasion.

Said all along, I think this is about Bischoff's revenge and if all randoms beneath the masks, I don't think any of the A&8s guys will get over (after the initial fan dissapointment), at least until such time that any of them turns on Bisch.
You make it sound like you've never seen a heel faction before. Most heel factions have always tried to use their numerical advantage to give them any chance of beating up the faces before they always retreat when the numbers seem to even up. Mike Knox (if that was him under the mask at No Surrender) showed he can at least give the Champion a challenge, even if it means using illegal tactics as all heels do. They have shown that they are smart enough to use their numbers to "break" the Champion's arm.

The faces under the masks are important but as long as they are booked in a credible fashion, then I don't feel it would create a major difference from using established stars or less known wrestlers. As many have said, all you need is a very credible leader to lead them and be their mouthpiece.

If you feel the NWO would have been a jobber invasion without the big names, then I wonder what you felt about Nexus. Whether people like it or not, Nexus made a big impact although they were just rookies (ie jobbers). If the booking had been good for Nexus they could have become big stars which is the hope for A&8s. If the booking is good, they shouldn't have anything to fear long-term.
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

The Aces & 8's storyline has been very well done, the thing about these types of storylines is that one wrong move booking wise can kill the momentum of the angle so it's going to need a big climax to benefit everyone involved. As I've said before my money is on Jeff Jarrett. My main hope is that they don't milk it to the point where the storyline starts to lose momentum, consistency can only take you so far in these situations.

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by nailz1 View Post
at the top of my list of suspects at the moment is Brocke Hogan. A woman has never been the leader of a faction before so it could be ineresting to see what happens. But if it is Brocke then I would like to see working with a big name star to bring down her farther and the person I think would fit perfectlly would be Edge. Though he can't wrestle anymore, he would still be a big draw and could easily do all the talking for aces and Eights. After this you would need one of the top guys in TNA to also be a part of the group to challenge for the title or bring in somebody like John Morrison to challenge. But at the end of the day this is just a dream and given TNA'S history it is more then likely that the end lineup will be Bishoff and Jarrett, leading a load of washed up wrestlers that have no buissness being in the ring.
Edge will never join TNA bro. He made his mark in WWE, stayed there and his legacy will remain there.

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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Pacmanboi View Post
Edge will never join TNA bro. He made his mark in WWE, stayed there and his legacy will remain there.
While some wrestlers can be the face of a certain company, every true great legend in this business leaves a legacy in pro wrestling not in promotion A or B.

At this point edge could be a nice payoff to the storyline but I'm not sure if he's the kind of guy TNA needs.
I believe whoever is the leader of this stable should be a active wrestler on the roster.

The reason why we don't get fresh ideas and promotions rising in American Pro Wrestling is because the majority of the community is happy with the same old shit and will reject any chance of change. There is a risk in doing new things, 9 times out of 10, it leads to 50+ pages of bitching and moaning. While business gets turned into a dictatorship and more and more out of touch. Support the indies, support New Pro Wrestling.
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Edge is definitely not going to be in TNA, he's retired on to another career and he's fiercely loyal to the WWE. Him being the leader would mean he needs to be on Impact every week for at least a few months you'd think. I agree it should be an active wrestler that can wrestle Aries/the TNA Champ. If Hardy turns out to be the leader as a swerve I might actually stop watching for a while.

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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

I'm leaning towards Joey Ryan. Just have that feeling it's him behind the group and it's his invasion of TNA for fucking him over. Plus, it'd be pretty cool if it was him and not a 'big' name like Jeff Hardy.
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

Is there anyway that neither Bully Ray, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, and/or Eric Bischoff is affiliated with the Aces and 8s?
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

If Eric Bischoff or Abyss have ANYTHING to do with it, I'll be extremely disappointed.
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

My bet here in the Austin Aries vs AA guy = Matt Morgan. Check out No Surrender when the mask nearly comes off, guy has a beard, arms like Matt Morgan or even Mike Knox.

Heard people shouting "Gallows you suck!" but that was 100% not Gallows
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Re: Aces & Eights Discussion Thread

I kinda refused to even think about it up until now. But what if TNA did the exact same thing from two years ago and have Bischoff, Hardy, Hogan and Jarrett as the leaders.

Because I'm still trying to figure out exactly why Hardy is in the main event. I'm also still wondering why Hogan came back as Hollywood. Bischoff and Jarrett are likely anyway.
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