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Re: Footage of Desire Breaking Her Back

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
She's one of the many reasons why fatasses never get accepted in mainstream medias. Instead of working out after the injury, and keeping the fitness ideal, she just went to eating because she wasn't in TNA anymore. People like her annoy the hell out of me. Real fitness models are fit regardless of time and seasons, unlike her, even when I was injured, as soon as I was done to go I continued my training, regardless of how hard it was at first, and I still survived it. She deserves to be where she's at, I've seen people break their backs from squatting and still returning in shape after a year, I can't believe she's been off 5 years or so and is still complaining about TNA.

Except she did rehab her injury, continued to workout after the injury and came back to TNA almost a year later. It wasn't until after she was gone from the company that the injury caught up with her along with getting pregnant.

Fucking bitches. Getting money.

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Re: Footage of Desire Breaking Her Back

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
still complaining about TNA.
Seems like the rest of your post has already been addressed so Ill address this: Still complaining about TNA? First off, I fail to see how that's complaining, she stated what was one of the main causes of gaining weight when asked. Secondly, it's a reality TV Show. While they do lose weight, its pretty obvious they throw in added drama to make it more exciting. Thirdly, I watched the show and not once was there a single mention of TNA. They showed the "TNA" on the turnbuckles and that was it. Are you one of those hardcore marks that think everyone has a vendetta against TNA?
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Re: Footage of Desire Breaking Her Back

Originally Posted by Loudness View Post
If this was a bodybuilding I'd probably be laughing off either at your height or weight stats which are usually shown in BB forums. I got my fucking leg broken and I still continued to do fitness modelling, I guess by your standards I am an inhuman beeing who managed to to the impossible, but by my own standards I just continued to do the most basic things as far as ftiness goes since I actually love the sport.

She got her back broken and recovered, why is she still fat? I got my leg broken and I'm back at 180 lbs @ 5-6% bf, more or less contest ready, why can't a former KO who also just got her bodyparts broken can get in a decent shape at least?
You're comparing a broken leg to a broken back and broken tailbone? Seriously? You pretty much proved you are a moron. I had to have spinal surgery 2 years ago I have a 6inch scar on my lower back and I had to have a hole drilled thru my spine. I couldn't even walk for a few days and the pain is pretty incredible. I wasn't even allowed to start PT Rehab for 2 months. Just being stuck sitting on your ass for those 2 months I gained 20pounds. Yes once I was able to start rehab I lost the weight but I didn't get pregnant either. I've had many broken bones in my life and i'm a pretty tough guy but trust me having your back fucked up is not a fun time. So maybe don't be a tool about shit you obviously have no idea about.
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Christopher Daniels And His Greatness

As a huge Christopher Daniels fan and mark, I have given myself some time to collect all of his great videos post heel turn in late 2011. So, here they are:


Beggining of video

At 8:40 mark

Post-match around 9:00

Post-match interview

Christopher Daniels - the greatest troll in wrestling along with Mark Briscoe. Now make him World Champ, TNA, at least for one day!

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Re: Christopher Daniels And His Greatness

I think I found Bob Van Dam way more amusing than I should have...

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Re: Christopher Daniels And His Greatness

Hilarious, especially the last two vids.
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Re: Christopher Daniels And His Greatness

Great vids man, thanks!

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Re: Christopher Daniels And His Greatness

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Re: All TNA Media/Youtube related show thread

Daniels is such a great heel. Hopefully he enters into the World Title picture down the road.

Originally Posted by ryanbrian View Post
TV shows are the best entertainment programmes like wrestling. My favourite TV show is RAW and SMACK DOWN. I specially like fight of Rey mysterio and Randy Ortan. It was very amazing fight with lots of stunt.
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Re: All TNA Media/Youtube related show thread

Kurt Angle on FOX talking about the Olympics and a little bit TNA. I like how he's presented as WWE Legend Kurt Angle in the article and not TNA...

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