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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

StingerIX's "Christian Cage: Instant Classic" DVD Review

I really enjoyed this dvd I enjoyed the interview part of it I kind of wish they would do like wwe dvds and interview alot of Christian's fellow wrestlers but it didn't heavily disappoint me. The disappointing thing for me is they do not include what Christian is best at on this dvd and that's his promos. How can you make a dvd for someone who is a king of cutting promos, a master of the mic and not put his greatest TNA promos on it? Whats up with that TNA? Now the matches were pretty good but most all of them except one have been previously released on dvd, here's the match rundown.

Against All Odds February 2006
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage Vs. Jeff Jarrett (C)

This was a good match, I watched it live on pay per view back in February of 06 and I enjoyed it. It was refreshing to see Jeff Jarrett realize how over Cage was and decide to drop the belt to him. The after match celebration was a pretty special moment in TNA wrestling history as well. Rating 4.5/5

Bound For Glory October 2006
8 Mile Street Fight

Christian Vs. Rhino
This was an excellent hardcore match. These 2 guys really put on a good show, the match actually starts outside and works its way into the arena and eventually the ring. The storyline was great too, best friends are now even better enemies. Rating 5/5

TNA Impact November 16 2006
Six Sides Of Steel
Christian Cage Vs. Rhino

This was an awesome match for it being on Impact and not pay per view. This was a good rivalry Rhino and Cage work well against each other. Rating 5/5

TNA Impact November 23 2006
Christian Cage Vs. "The Icon" Sting

This match was very short and not as good as it should've been but it did serve it's purpose and that was for Tomko to debut. So I understand why it was put on this dvd. Rating 3/5

Final Resolution January 2007
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage Vs. Sting Vs. Abyss (C)

This was a pretty good match I just wish it could've been a little longer, but the match added more to the Abyss-Sting storyline. Rating 4/5

Against All Odds February 2007
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage (C) Vs. Kurt Angle

This was a good wrestling match and a great main event, the addition of Samoa Joe as the special enforcer helped keep the coalition out of the match. Rating 5/5

Destination X March 2007
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Christian Cage (C) Vs. Samoa Joe

This was a great wrestling match I would like to see these two wrestle each other a couple more times. Excellent ending. Rating 5/5

I am giving this dvd 4 out of 5 stars and I will recommend this to anyone who is a fan of Christian Cage to go out and get this dvd if you haven't already. If ya don't know now you know, Cause that's how i roll!
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Tna Hard Justice (2005)

Opened with a very touching salute to the late Chris Candido. His lone chair in the middle of the ring with his towel draped over it.

1.)Team Canada vs. Apollo/Siaki - *1/2
Forgettable match. Move along...

2.)Bentley/Trinity vs Sabin/Brooks - **1/4
Not bad, some good interaction between Sabin and Bentley and some nice brawling by the ladies. The swerve at the end was pretty unexpected.

3.) House of Fun - Raven vs Waltman - ***1/4
This was supposed to be Hardy/Raven but he no showed. Great job by both men seeing as they had no time to prepare really. The ending spot was amazing. A funny ass promo by Raven before his match. See it HERE

4.)Brown/K.James vs DDP/Killings - **
Another lackluster match between these wrestlers. Not terrible but average at best.

5.)Tag titles match - AMW vs The Naturals - ***3/4
Great tag match here. A nice moment at the start when the crowd chanted "Chris Candido." Impact zone was fully behind the Naturals even though they were the heels. Good brawling and a furious finish.

6.)X-division title - Daniels vs Shocker - ***1/4
This one had a great start but sort of tapered off as it continued. Good back and forth with some solid x-division action.

7.) 20 Man Gauntlet - 1 contender - ***
This is one of the most jobber filled Gauntlets I've ever seen lol. People like Zach Gowen, Sharkboy, Cassidy Reily, Jerrelle Clark and other "superstars" like them. Surprisingly, it was damn entertaining. A great spot by Sabin as he did his tornado ddt where he runs in mid air. He did this off 6-7 people. Also Petey with the help of Team Canada did a sick looking CD that sent Clarke flying over the top. Cool as hell. Hoyt got the biggest pop of the Gauntlet. The 1v1 at the end was nothing special.

8.) World Title - Jarret vs Styles - ***1/2
A bit disappointing but a good solid match nonetheless. The basic story was Jarret was working Aj's legs so stop his high flying. Aj sold very well and they both performed adequately. A little too much attention on the special ref Tito Ortiz then I would've liked but a fantastic moment to end the show.

Overall a pretty good ppv nothing too amazing but solid matches throughout especially towards the end.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^^^ AMW vs. The Naturals from Hard Justice 2005 was amazing, and was memorable since it was the unofficial Chris Candido Tribute Match. That was my favorite match from this PPV for sure.


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
^^^ AMW vs. The Naturals from Hard Justice 2005 was amazing, and was memorable since it was the unofficial Chris Candido Tribute Match. That was my favorite match from this PPV for sure.
Definitely match of the night. I wish I was watching back then, these 2 teams seemed to have a pretty good rivalry going.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Now it's time for a random DVD review of one of my favorite pay-per-views of 2007


This was Angle's first title defense out of three tonight. This match was a DUD. Skip it. TNA threw a bad match out to open the ppv to get it out of the way since the rest of the show is great. It ends with Angle turning on Sting after Karen pretends that Sting slapped her. Pacman Jones gets the pin on Sting after the olympic slam from Kurt for the championship win. Killings and Pacman are the new champs.


This match surprised the hell outta me. I though it was going to be bad or just decent like the rest of their matches but holy crap. This was a great match and I loved it. It was basically a no dq match which made it even better. It was exciting w/ a lot of nearfalls. Rhino gets the win with a gore through a table in the corner after an awesome match. He also hits Jackie w/ a gore =].

This was a great match as well. The build up for this fued wasn't the best but when you get a good match out of it anyways, who really cares? These two worked very well together and put on an outstanding showcase. It ends with Kaz missing a tope rope legdrop and then Roode hitting the payoff.


This is Kurt's second defense of the night. It is also my pick for match of the night. They beat the hell out of each other and it's just one of those matches that are damn good and it showed how Lethal can hang with the main eventers and how good of a wrestler and worker he really is. This match was gold and ends with Lethal becoming the champ w/ a rollup from an ankle lock.

SKIP!!! obviously. Black Reign is just terrible. It makes me sick. What is with the damn rat and this match wa kept short thank god. Harris gets the win with an inside cradle.


Winner for this match gets a tag title shot and Bound for Glory. This was entertaining as hell. Others might disagree with how good I think it was but you cannot deny that It had you going and the action never stopped. Basically everyone that entered the ring got moves in and the ending 2 v 2 was the highlight. MCMG vs. Styles/Tomko. They put on a nice little match and Styles/Tomko got the win after Styles gets a rollup on Sabin. I was really pulling for MCMG but still a great match here.

The matches that these two put on are always always good. This is probably the orst of their 3 ppv matches but do not worry it is still awesome. Very solid match and It ends with Christian winning because Joe gets himself disqualified by attacking the referee and then chokes Cage over the ropes.

Nothing too special here. It was a decent main event. Angle worked over Abyss's leg most of the match and then forced him to tap to the ankle lock. The show ends with Abyss getting pulled down from the ring by Judas Mesias.

Overall a great ppv that I would definatley reccommend that you get because it is one of the top 3 best shows of 2007.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread


Team Pac vs Sting/Angle **
Kinda short, but it was fine. It was a shame Pac couldn't wrestle, but it was a nice way to set up the Sting vs Angle match.

Rhino vs Storm **3/4
Some very solid stuff including the vicious GORE!

Roode vs Kaz **3/4
That was another very good match, nothing great but these 2 worked hard.

Lethal vs Kurt Angle ***3/4
Unbelievable.. What a match from these 2 guys. Lethal was the underdog and played his role to perfection. Angle knew he was going to win, but got more and more frustrated because Lethal kicked out everytime. What a moment for Lethal: he beat Angle in a title match on a PPV. Few people have the honor to say that.

Harris vs Black Reign: DUD
Absolutely awful, hard to watch. That segment kept going on, it was the official Chris Harris burial.

Tag Ganutlet **1/2
Fun little match, a bit the start of the Angle Alliance vs Christians Coalition feud.

Cage vs Samoa Joe ***3/4
Not as good as their BFG encounter, but still one heck of a match. These two are incapable of having a bad match together. Great studd.

Angle vs Abyss ***
A bit of a letdown, slow match with Angle working on Abyss' angle for almost the complete match. Never really got into it either. But still pretty solid and an impressive performance from Angle.

Overall: 8/10

MOTN: Tie (Lethal vs Angle and Joe vs Cage)

My 3rd TNA PPV of the year after BFG and Sacrifice. Great PPV.

Puroresu FTW!

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Last year's No Surrender was an awesome PPV.

- Tag Title Match was good for storyline purposes. It set up Angle vs. Sting at BFG, and it got the tag belts off of Angle, so that part of it was good. The match is also short, so it wasn't offensive. It's definately the weakest of Angle's 3 Title defenses though.

- Rhino vs. Storm - This was one of my favorite feuds from last year and this match was their best. I really enjoyed their two previous PPV matches, but this one was definately the best. Great stuff here. Watching this match and the Black Reign/Harris match made me wish Harris & Storm had been added to The Monster's Ball at BFG, but whatever.

- Kaz vs. Roode - This was kind of the sleeper hit of the show. I actually really liked the build up. I mean there was nothing original about it, but its an easy story to get sucked into. These two meshed very well together and it was Kaz' first great match since breaking from Serotonin, so that was nice to see. Roode continued his streak of awesome midcard matches for TNA PPVs in 2007 (I thought his matches with Jarrett, Young, and Kaz were three of the best midcard PPV matches of the year)

- Lethal vs. Angle - This match is the main reason to check this show out. That is mainly because of the ending. The match itself is great. It's probably the best X Division title match of 2007. But the ending was what made it special as Lethal cleanly defeated Kurt Angle. NOBODY expected that, and it was great to see.

- Harris vs. Reign - Well it was better than the Hard Justice match. That aint saying much but whatever. Harris deserved much better than this. He won the match, but you'd never guess it since he just got his ass kicked after it was over and never got revenge. Worst match on the show by far.

- Tag Team Gauntlet - This was fun. Nice and action packed, and it was a good showcase for guys like The Guns & AJ Styles. Having it come down to AJ/Tomko Vs. The Guns was probably the best choice. For a cheap way to cram 20 guys on to the card, this match was actually very entertaining, so no complaints here.

- Joe vs. Christian - I loved the matches these two had. Their match at DX07 is probably my all time favorite World Title match in TNA history. This match was very good and very intense. This was probably my favorite match on the show.

- Angle vs. Abyss - Pretty good main event. Nothing too special, but still pretty good. It was nice to see Abyss not depend on the hardcore stuff for a change, and he was able to do some good stuff with Angle. This match complimented this very action oriented show very nicely.

Overall, No Surrender was simply awesome. It was a show that truly lived up to the name "Total Nonstop Action" as almost every match delivered something really good.

Match Rankings
1) Joe vs. Christian
2) Lethal vs. Angle
3) Kaz vs. Roode
4) Storm vs. Rhino
5) Abyss vs. Angle
6) Tag Team Gauntlet
7) Sting/Angle vs. Team Pacman
8) Harris vs. Reign


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

No Surrender 07

Sting/Angle vs Team Pacman-*1/2
Tag Gauntlet-***1/4

Awesome show, one of favorites of 07 and TNA in general.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

No Surrender 07

Sting/Angle vs Team Pacman- *1/2
Rhino vs Storm- ***
Roode vs Kaz- ***1/2
Lethal vs Angle- ***3/4
Harris vs Reign- *1/2
Tag Gauntlet- ***
Cage vs Joe- ***3/4
Angle vs Abyss- ***1/2

Good PPV

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Sting/Angle vs Team Pacman: *
Rhino vs Storm: **1/2.
Roode vs Kaz: ***
Lethal vs Angle: ***3/4.
Harris vs Reign: 3/4*
Tag Gauntlet: **1/4.
Cage vs Joe: ***1/2.
Angle vs Abyss: ***1/4.

No Surrender 2007 was pretty sweet. Reminds me that I still need to pick it up the DVD video later as my tape of the show is screwing up now.

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