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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by InYourFace View Post
Sacrifice and Unbreakable easily.
Ok thanks. Any tips on getting No Surrender 2005 since it's almost impossible to find that or the 2005 Triple Threat boxset.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by K1ngOfK1ngs View Post
Hey there guys. While I have quite an extensive WWE DVD collection, my TNA DVD collection consists of merely 15 DVDs. I've followed the company loosely throughout it's history, watching the first 10 or so TNA PPVs live but then just following it mainly online whilst not watching alot of footage live. I was just wondering if I could get a few lists here :

1. Best DVDs in TNA history
2. Best MATCHES in TNA history (always hear Unbreakable 3 way and such)
3. Best SHOWS in TNA history

I would just love a list of 10 TNA DVDs I should purchase. Anybody here ever buy a Don West Brown Bag special ? Those look pretty promising. There's also an autographed KOTM DVD on SHOPTNA for 20 bucks, looks promising. Gonna drop some reviews on you guys in the near future, got a trio of 2008 PPVs here to review that I picked up yesterday. Thank you very much.
Um, i dont have that many DVDs although I've been told Ravens, Nevermore one is good and it's something I want to pick up and then I've got the Daniels: Heaven Sent, Hell Bound one which I do like. Working on my dvd collection is something I've been meaning to do

As for matches
Styles & Daniels v LAX - Ultimate X - (No Surrender 06)
Styles v Lynn v Low Ki v Psichosis - 4 way to crown first ever X division champ - (Weekly PPV 02)
Styles v Angle v Joe v Christian v Harris - King of the Mountain - (Slammiversary 07)
Styles v Daniels - 30 minute ironman match (Against All Odds 05)
MCMG v Beer Money - 2 out of 3 falls (The Whole F'n show 10)
Harris v Storm - Texas Death Match (Sacrifice 07)
AJ v Abyss - (Lockdown 05)
Styles v Joe v Daniels - (Unbreakable 05)
Styles v Joe - (Turning Point 05)
AMW v XXX - Six Sides of Steel (Turning Point 04)

are probably my favourites, then you have the Angle/Wolfe series ( a rare set of Angle matches in TNA I enjoy), the entire Beer Money/Guns best of 5 is pretty fun, tonnes of X Division matches which are really fun like Sabin vs Shelley, Sabin vs London from one of the weekly PPVs, Sabin/Dutt/Lethal from Sacrifice 07 and more I'm probably forgetting since this is off the top of my head.

As for matches anything from 05 Slammy/No Surrender to like 06 No Surrender/BFG is pretty solid. Plus the latest Slammiversary, this years Sacrifice was good and the 08 BFG was good. Hope that helps.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Destination X:

Angle/Joe ***1/2
Styles/Daniels ***3/4
Roode/Aries ****1/3
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Destination X 2012

4 way - **1/2
Andrews/Kash - **
Williams/King - **3/4
Dutt/Cameron - **1/2
Ion/Flip - **
Angle/Joe - ***
AJ/Daniels - ***3/4
Ultimate X - ***
Roode/Aries - ****

Knocked off half a star from the main event since I had the finish spoiled which was really fucking annoying. Ultimate X losing Sonjay hurt but the X matches were spotty and fun and did what they had to. Joe/Angle was just them throwing big moves at each other for the sake of it and I got bored very easily. AJ/Daniels was really fun and Daniels is a stellar heel. Finish was really nice. Good PPV overall. Main Event was spectacular, loved the Roode/Aries dynamic of Roode being one step ahead all the time and Aries having to play catch up as the match went along. Both men have had good years in ring (or great in terms of Aries) and meshed together superbly.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

TNA Destination X 2012

- I missed the first few minutes.

1.Mason Andrews vs Lars Only vs Dakota Darsow vs Rubix

Again i missed a bit but from what i did see was pretty good for an opener. lot of nice spots to get the crowd amped.a bit short and no real sense of character tho.


2.Kid Kash vs Mason Andrews

Another good match.Opposite of the opener. Less spots with more focus on actually caring about andrews at the end.Kash worked well and a couple false finishes at the end.


-Very good promo from Joe. He seemed to actually care and was believable. Nice touch for him mentioning Aries win against him.

3.Kenny King vs Douglas Williams

Good match again.King has a lot of potential. Definately picked up at the end and best match thus far.


-Daniels did a good promo.His work is always good. He should have had a title run by now.

4.Sonjay Dutt vs Rashad Cameron

Yet another good match. I like this format. yet i still think are are too many matches on this card and i fear the end will be rushed.But I really enjoyed this match.Sonjay should have never been cut from TNA in the first place.


-Jesse Sorrensons segment was in very good tasts but like i said that there were so many matches on this card this eats up some time. I feel maybe this could have been better served on impact,but considering this is an x ppv i am ok with it.

5.Zema Ion vs Flip Cassanova

Decent match,but weakest thus far,this is what i ment by Sorrensons segment but still a decent match although short.


-Nice little promo but i loved Roode calling it HIS show.Roode is great. the others have no personality yet so its understandable.

6.Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe

Great match! I loved it.These two never dissapoint and the matches never get old and always have a different flavor to them.Angle even at 43 is showing how well rounded he is and Joe's hard hitting style is just superb.Kudos for the finish.


7.AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels-Last Man Standing

Great Match and great drama.Like the opposite of the previous match again. Where as Angle vs Joe was a great technical mat based counter for counter match. This was a great drama blood filled match. Kudos to all involved.


-Good face promo for Aries. It was serious and now that he is a face it it isnt as entertaining as when he first came back,But it needed to be more serious tonight so it was the right tone.

8.Andrews vs Ion vs Kind vs Dutt-X Title-Ultimate X

Started out super hot.but after Dutt got injured or whatever it went downhill,but there was enough to be a good match tho expectations were not met. Hence the TOO MANY MATCHES on the card theroy. Good until the end tho.


9.Robert Roode(c) vs Austin Aries-TNA World Title.

Great Match and a great satisfying finish. Started slow but build into something and the fals finishes at the end were all believable. Great moment for Aries as well. There were some sick spots like the missed dive and Roode's expressions are top notch.



Great PPV. Definately the best TNA PPV this year. TNA continues to be on a solid role. 3 4 star plus matches and nothing that wasnt at least decent. Solid undercard as well. Thumps up.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Did Jim Cornette ever Book tna? Im thinking about buying some pay per views from the era he did(if he did)
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

He only booked a couple of months but never any PPVs to my knowledge. Mostly TV.

Aries/Roode: Without a doubt, this was the best TNA Title-switch match in the history of the company. Just an outstanding match and easily the best in Bobby Roode's career. Everything built to payoff everything that they set out to do and it could not have ended in a more satisfying fashion.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

So, I've been trying to catch up on some 2012 TNA over the last couple days and here's my thoughts on some matches I watched.

Aries/Shelley - Against All Odds 2012: ***3/4
I really enjoyed this one. This got plenty of time to develop to a fantastic match. The finishing stretch was great too as there were a few good nearfalls and counters. Aries's control section with him working on Shelley's head and neck was good too as it set up the finish nicely.

Aries/Ion - Victory Road 2012: ***
This was solid. It could have used a few more minutes as it seemed a bit rushed to me, but it was fine for what it was. There were several nice spots here and both guys looked great.

Aries/Ray - Sacrifice 2012: ***3/4
This one was really simple, but the storytelling was very effective. Ray is so great at telling a story and at getting the fans to hate his guts, and Aries came out of this looking like a star. That bump that Aries took on the guardrail was sick and it made for a good underdog story as the match went on. No real complaints here, but I wish it got a little more time.

AJ/Daniels - Last Man Standing - Destination X 2012: ****1/2
I freaking loved this one as it really exceeded my expectations. This was as brutal and physical as it needed to be and it mixed in just the right amount of X-division flashiness. In other words, they didn't overdo it and I liked it. There were several sick spots here as you'd expect between these two. I particularly liked the double clothesline on the stage because it really sounded like that bump hurt. So yeah, this is a fantastic last man standing match.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

The FBI vs. Kid Kash, Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger *1/4

CW Anderson vs. Too Cold Scorpio **3/4

PJ Polaco vs. Stevie Richards *3/4

Brother Runt vs. Al Snow vs. Rhino **1/4

Team 3D vs. Axl Rotten & Kahoneys **3/4 (STAR WARS!)

Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer ***1/4

RVD vs. Sabu **3/4

This was a decent nostalgia trip. With that being said, it was also sad to see all those legends who got fat and borderline poor. Also, a lot of forced promos with zero passion, and the backstage segments were mostly cringeworthy. The TNA wrestlers talking about ECW was meh. The matches were surprisingly good (mostly), and almost everything that happened inside the ring was entertaining, the crowd was having a lot of fun. Which makes this a passable show in my book. The highlight was the Raven/Dreamer match, and the main event was a lot fun too, both guys were highly motivated.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by OldschoolHero View Post
Did Jim Cornette ever Book tna? Im thinking about buying some pay per views from the era he did(if he did)
Fuck that company!

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