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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

You didn't like Angle/Joe?

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Ownage™ View Post
You didn't like Angle/Joe?
Well, it's a cage matcth, right? So, you should use the fucking cage, no? And they (Joe) used it only ONCE! Only one fucking time! And yes, the match was technical masterpiece and followed the build-up story (Joe's MMA training) perfectly... But damn, they really needed to use that cage!

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Yeah that's one thing you can't deny about the regime, they've definitely been giving the fans better tv matches on a more regular basis.

Honestly, other than the main event at Genesis and the UX/Ladder matches at DX, the best matches this year for TNA have almost all been on Impact.

Oh and just for kicks top 5 matches in Lockdown history:

1. AJ vs Abyss-2005-****1/2
2. Joe vs Angle-2008-****1/4
3. Christian vs Abyss-2006-****1/4
4. Team Angle vs Team Cage-2007-****-****1/4
5. Team Cage vs Team Tomko-2008-****

Do I really have to say anything?

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Top Ten Matches in Lockdown History!

10) Christopher Daniels vs. Senshi (2006) = A bit of a forgotten gem, but definitely a very good undercard match for the 2006 Lockdown. It was the return of Senshi (formally Low Ki) to TNA & he squared off against his former Triple X tag team partner. This was a very good X Division type of match with plenty of great action. Senshi picked up the victory in what proved to be a very successful re-debut in TNA as he shined really well.

9) TNA Originals (Jarrett, Styles, Joe, Daniels) vs. Main Event Mafia (Angle, Steiner, Booker, & Nash): Lethal Lockdown (2009) = With the exception of the very first one at 2005, there hasn't been a bad LL match as it is just a great spectacle. And no LL has been more appropriate than the Main Event Mafia angle where the feud basically called for this type of team battle. The major highlight here was AJ Styles' dive through the roof of the cage, and as usual for this match, it was fun & exciting from start to finish.

8) Kurt Angle (c) vs. Samoa Joe: TNA World Championship (2008) = Some people would probably put this alot higher, but I wasn't overly excited about the MMA aspect of the match. It was fine for this one main event, but not as an every day thing. Joe & Angle, once again, worked very well together and hell, this was one of the best built main events in TNA history. The way it came off, it felt like they were facing off for the first time (which makes me wonder how big the match would have felt if this actually was their first match & not their fifth). The match was also dramatic, especially towards the end. Very enjoyable and Joe's title win made it all worth it.

7) Chris Sabin (c) vs. Alex Shelley vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Shark Boy: X Division Championship Xscape Match (2007) = This was by far the best out of the Xscape Matches that TNA has done. People kind of remember this one for being the birth of The Motor City Machine Guns in TNA as Shelley & Sabin worked together for a good portion of the match. That alone makes it worth checking out. All in all, its just great high flying and killer X Division action from bell to bell and a great showcase for the X Division talent.

6) Team Cage (Christian, Sting, Nash, Morgan, & Rhino) vs. Team Tomko (Tomko, Styles, Storm, & Team 3D): Lethal Lockdown Match (2008) = The Lethal Lockdown provided a major highlight to the 2008 Lockdown with all kinds of different talents & stars being showcased. This was the PPV debut of Matt Morgan (maybe even his TNA wrestling debut period, I don't remember) and even though he was in a match with 9 other guys, he held his own in there. The spot off the top involving AJ, Christian, & Storm was frightening and is a spot I often see on Lockdown highlight reels.

5) Beer Money Inc vs. Team 3D: TNA & IWGP Tag Team Championship Winner Takes All (2009) = This match was almost a main event with the excellent way it was built up, and naturally, they stole the show. It was just a wild & fun match with plenty of hardcore action, great tag team wrestling, and very high stakes with two tag team championships up for grabs. I was really hoping that Beer Money Inc would get the win here as that would have been the rub of a lifetime, but I guess Team 3D just had to win title number 25 or whatever it was. But despite the outcome, I still enjoyed this match alot and its a great sign of how much tag team wrestling can add to a show if its given the chance.

4) Team Angle (Angle, Joe, Sting, Rhino, & Jarrett) vs. Team Cage (Christian, Styles, Abyss, Steiner, & Tomko): Lethal Lockdown Match (2007) = This was yet another excellent Lethal Lockdown match. This was probably the best in terms of the talent they had acquired for the match. Everybody (except Tomko) was a former World Champion, and it just made the match seem grand. This was the match where Steiner broke out the Frankensteiner and I thought Mike Tenay was going to piss himself he was so shocked. We also got a killer spot where Angle tossed AJ off the top of the cage onto a group of wrestlers waiting below, which was amazingly well set up as well as cool visually. I also liked the drama of Jeff Jarrett & whether or not Team Angle could trust him as they played a role in the outcome of the match.

3) Sting's Warriors (Sting, Styles, Truth, & Rhino) vs. Jarrett's Army (Jarrett, Steiner, & AMW): Lethal Lockdown Match (2006) = Can you tell that I really like Lethal Lockdown? I know I said 2007 had the best line up of talent, but this one is my personal favorite. I loved the Jarrett/Sting feud in 2006 and this match made for one exciting & awesome match, which I see as the true debut of Lethal Lockdown (not that shitfest we got in 2005). There were a ton of great moments. This was the PPV wrestling debut for Steiner in TNA and he looked awesome as he suplexed everybody to hell. AJ Styles took a nasty Tower of Doom fall AND had probably the most famous spot in Lockdown history where he basically climbed to the top of the Impact Zone, monkey barred his way across to land smash Storm through a table on the roof of the cage. It was pretty amazing. Awesome match.

2) AJ Styles vs. Abyss: Number One Contendership Match (2005) = The set up for this match was shit. Abyss, who had already earned a title shot, had to (for some reason) fight for another one against AJ Styles at Lockdown. A poor set up didn't stop this from being a great match though. After following 7 cage matches, these two closed the very first Lockdown with a bang, which showed that this PPV is definitely possible to pull off. The match started as a massive brawl throughout the Impact zone as Abyss beat down AJ. The match finally entered the ring where Abyss pretty much dominated until AJ broke out some of his daredevil antics, finally winning the match after sunset flip powerbombing Abyss off the side of the cage. Great ending to the first Lockdown for sure.

1) Christian Cage vs. Abyss: NWA World Championship (2006) = In alot of ways, this match mimicked the AJ/Abyss match from the year before with the same basic formula and some of the same spots. However, the build up for this match was awesome, and that just made this one seem even bigger & more dramatic. There were some crazy spots involving the thumbtacks, including an Unprettier into the tacks AND the Sunset flip powerbomb off the cage actually sending Abyss into the tacks this time around. We also got an awesome frog splash off the top of the cage from Christian. All in all, this match had everything, and to me, it captured the idea of the Lockdown better than any other match to happen at the event. It was an intense rivalry that warranted a steel cage match. The match was exciting, brutal, violent, & just a classic.

AJ Styles vs. Abyss
Christian Cage vs. Abyss
Lethal Lockdown 2006
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Excited for the new 3-pack set coming up next Tuesday. I rarely pick up single TNA PPV events, but I always pick up the three packs when they come out. 3 PPV events for less than $25, great deal.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I still havent even been able to get BFG 09. I thought it was supposed to come out in best buy ages ago.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Some random X Division matches:

AJ Styles vs Amazing Red (2002) ****1/4
AJ Styles vs Amazing Red (2003) ****

Samoe Joe vs Daniels (Final Resolution 2006) ****1/2
Samoa Joe vs Daniels (Impact, April 13th 2006) ****1/2 (best Impact match ever)
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Have to agree with that being the best impact match ever. Only one I'd argue it with is aj vs angle from last october

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread


Xscape ***1/4

Queen of the Cage *1/2

MCMG vs LAX vs No Limit ***1/2

Abyss vs Matt Morgan ***

Awesome Kong vs Angelina Love vs Taylor Wilde **

Team 3D vs Beer Money Inc. ****

Team Angle vs Team Jarrett ***3/4

Sting vs Mick Foley **3/4
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Watched Joe/Angle from Lockdown 08 there, and I enjoyed it alot more this time than any other time I've seen it. The build up was great and it was treated as a really big deal, with TNA bringing out Trigg and Marucs Davis for the event. The match itself was really good and I didn't mind that they didn't use the cage that much, normally the cage is expected to be used as another way to inflict damage but in this case I found it more of a case of, neither man can escape, we're getting a finish no matter what. I didn't mind the change mid-match from MMA Style Fighting to Pro Wrestling. One part I particularly like was when Angle used the ref to get closer to the ropes. Joe had a sweet victory with finally winning the World Title, too bad half the arena left the second the ball rang, lol. Epic match though.

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