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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Hey, anyone here order the TNA DVD Grab Bag yet? If so, what did you get (include what shirt you got)
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Kurt Angle vs. Abyss-Turning Point 2009
Falls Count Anywhere

Abyss stalks Angle and Angle runs out to the floor. Angle slides past Abyss again and rolls out to the floor. Anglr cautiosly gets back in, Abyss starts taking blows at Angle, Angle fights back, hits an uppercut. He comes running but Abyss clotheslines him, Abyss trys to splash Angle in the corner but Angle dodges and kicks Abyss. Angle comesa running at Abyss but he runs into a big boot. Abyss gets Angle up and hits the Shock Treatment. 2 count.

Abyss clotheslines Angle out to the floor. Angle goes into the crowd trying to get away from Abyss. Abyss follows him and they brawl out among the fans. Angle walks up the steps and takes shots at Abyss but Abyss follows up with some rights. Angle hides behind a fan and takes shots at Abyss but it doesn't affect Abyss. Angle makes his way over to the bleachers, Abyss trys to throws Angle off but Angle resists it. Angle begins stomping Abyss and then Angle drops down from the bleachers.

Both men make their way back to the ring area. Angle rakes the eyes of Abyss and gets a chair. He slams it off the back of Abyss.Angle then makes his way up the ramp and Abyss crawls over to the stage area. Angle runs off the stage and sommersaults off the stage, landing onto Abyss. Holy Shit that was perfect, even better than the one from Hard Justice.

Abys gets to his feet and fights back. Both men head to the other side of the stage. The fans chant "This is awesome". Abyss smashes Angle into the stage and he signals for a chokeslam. He trys for one but Angle low blows him. Angle then comes charging at Abyss and both men go flying through the wall under the stage. Woah, this is great stuff. Both men then go out of camera range, Abyss then sends Angle flying through the wall on the other side.

Abyss fights Angle back to the ring, Abyss whips Angle, Angle elbows Abyss and Angle dropkicks the knee of Abyss. Angle stalks Abyss and clips him in the back of the knee. He does the same again. Angle is begging Abyss to get up. Abyss clotheslines Angle a series, and splashes Angle in the corner. Abyss lifts Angle up for a side slam and hits it. 2 count. Abyss takes Angle up for another shock treatment but Angle slides out and Angle Slam's Abyss! 2 count.

Angle goes and gets the chair from earlier. He comes charging at Abyss but Abyss punches the chair into Angle's face.Abyss takes the chair and wedges it into the corner. Angle goes back to the knee of Abyss, Abyss whips Angle into the corner but Angle sunset flips it but as he lands Abyss low blows him and sends him into the chair, Abyss hits a chokelslam. 2 count. Abyss places the chair onto Angle's chest and he heads to the top. Yes, Abyss goes to the top. Abyss comes flying off with a splash but Angle dodges it. Angle takes the chair and smacks Abyss with an unprotected chair shot to the head. Angle places the chair on Abyss's chest and Angle hits a moonsault. 2 count.

Angle comes off the top with a cross body, Abyss catches him and trys for a piledriver but Angle reverses into an Ankle Lock. Abyss fights out of it, Angle comes charging and Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam. 2 count. That's all of Abyss's finishing moves used and none of them can beat Angle. Angle crawls back over to the stage area. He goes out to the Spanish Commentary Table. He climbs the scaffold above the table and Abyss follows him. Abyss motions to the table below, He lifts up Angle in a gorrilla press but Angle fights out and sends Abyss flying off the scaffold through the table. 3 count.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Wow, this was an amazing FCA match and one of Abyss's best matches ever. Angle was on fire for pretty much all of 08 so this match came as little surprise. This was easily MOTN for Turning Point 08. This one's a good'un.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by LOU View Post

Unbreakable '05 - *****
AAO '06 - **** 1/4
Ultimate X '06 - ****
Turning Point '09 - **** 1/2

These matches define athletic ability.
Unbreakable 05 - ***** (best match in TNA's history)
AAO 06 - ****1/4 (another classic but they could have done even better)
Destination X 06 - ***3/4 (Joe was injured so it could have been much better)
Turning Point 09 - ****3/4 (In my opinion the best TNA match since the Unbreakable 3 way)
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Turning Point 2009

Amazing Red vs. Homocide
X-Division Title

Red toe kicks Homocide, Whips him off and Homocide shoulders him. Red arm drags and dropkicks Homocide, who heads to the floor and scares Don West. Red comes off the apron and huracanrannas Homocide. Red hits a running cross body.2 count. Red hits a monkey flip followed by a head scissors but Homocide responds with a vicious clothesline. Homocide taunts the crowd and bites Red's forehead. Red kicks Homocide in the back of the knee and enzughiri's him. 2 count. Red goes to the top, he misses Homocide, He runs back at Homocide but receives a backbreaker. 2 count.

Homocide chokes Red with the ropes. Homocide taunts the referee. He whips Red and hits a jumping elbow. He places his knee over Red's throat and continues to taunt him. He hits an atomic drop followed by a swinging neckbreaker. The fans are chanting "Red, Red, Red!" Red fights back but Homocide knocks him back down with an uppercut. Homocide locks in a boston crab/arm-bar. Homocide taunts the commentators. He threatens the referee and goes back to biting Red. He hits another uppercut. He chops Red and takes him to the top. Homocide meets him but Red fights him off. Red hits an arm drag followed by Dropkick. Red reverses an body slam into a DDT. 2 count.

Red comes off the top and hits Code Red. 2 count. The fans chant "That was 3!" Homocide hits a leg whip and body slams Red. 2 count. Homocide signals it's over. He goes for a Gringo Killa but Red slides out. Homocide then catapuls Red into the corner. He trys for a cutter but falls to the floor. Red hits a standing shooting star press. 2 count.

Red goes to the top and hits a moonsault but Homocide hits a cutter in mid-air. 2 count!Homocide didn't hit all of the cutter. Homocide takes Red to the top, he trys for a huracanranna but misses. Red then comes off the top and hits a Canadian Destroyer like piledriver. 3 count.

Winner: Amazing Red

A fun little opener that showcased Red's high flying ability and Homocide's attitude. This match served it's purpose and what good for what it was.

They go to the commentators and Tenay and Taz begin talking about Desmond Wolfe saying he's in the head of Kurt Angle. They go on to talk about the Main Event and how Samoa Joe has manipulated both AJ and Daniels.

ODB and Speed Queens vs. Beautiful People
Knockouts Singles and Tag-Team titles.

This is the 3rd Straight PPV with BP-SQ. Good lord.

Sky and Taylor lock up, into the corner, referee breaks it. Sky slaps Taylor who trips up Sky and tags in Sarita. Speed Queens doulbe team her. ODB is in and she headbutts Sky between the legs. Sky tags in Rayne who puts ODB into the corner. ODB tags in Sarita. Sarita rolls up Rayne, 2 count. Sarita hits a series of moves on Rayne and tags in Taylor. Who doulbe teams Rayne. Lacey comes in and knocks down Taylor. Rayne hits a swinging neckbreaker. 2 count. Sky is tagged in, Her and Rayne hit a doulbe russian leg-sweep.

Sky keeps Taylor grounded and hits a snapmare and hits Taylor in the back, she whips off the ropes and dropkicks Taylor. Lacey is in, She stomps Taylor and 2 count. Fans chant "YOU CAN'T WRESTLE" Sky is back in and she locks in a spider submission.

Taylor gets out of it and kicks down Sky. Taylor tags in ODB who cleans house. She whips off Sky and hits a Fall Away Slam. ODB flips up. 2 count. All women come into the ring and starts brawling. Beautiful People clear out the ring but ODB fights back. She htis a Samoan Drop on Rayne and gets a 3 count.

Winner: ODB and Speed Queens

A really crap womens match here, this is why I skip most Women's matches. Thank God it wasn't too long.

They go back stage and JB is with Desmond Wolfe, he says he extended his hand to Angle and made his point with his fist. Wolfe calls the fans "Windowlickers", I marked. He says he's studied Angle and he knows everything about Angle and Angle knows nothing about him. He says he will end Angle's carreer, He ends by calling JB a "Wanker"

Beer Money vs. MCMG vs. The British Invasion-TNA Tag-Team Titles

When were Beer Money added to this? Oh well, They're incredibly over here nontheless. Storm and Magnus start out. Strom comes at Magnus with some shots in the corner. Storm tags in Roode while having Magnus in an arm wrench. Magnus tags in Shelley. Headlock by Roode on Shelley who whips him off, drop toe hold by Shelley, arm drag by Shelley, Roode gets him in a backbreaker. Roode and Shelley exchange chops. Shelly brings Roode outside. Sabin kicks Roode in the face. Shelley hits a snapmare. Sabin pins, 2 count. Sabin whips Roode but Roode clothelines Sabin. Roode throws out Magnus. Williams is tagged in.

Some nice action between Williams and Sabin, Sabin drills him with a boot to the chest. The Guns hit a series of double teams on the Brits. Shelleys in. He gets Magnus in a chinlock, then a Surfboard stretch. The crowd chant "USA", Shelley drops the leg on Magnus. Guns hit another double team. Williams hits a spinning forearm on Sabin. The Brits then hit a doulbe team on Sabin. 2 count. Williams whips Sabin into the corner, Sabin puts up the foot and enzughiri's Williams. Storm is in. Flying forearm, Gutbuster back-breaker by Storm, then a doulbe suplex by Beer Money.. Roode and Storm do their sig. taunt.

Storm hangs Williams in the corner, Magnus is thrown into Doug. The guns drag Magnus' crotch into Dougs face. The Gun and BMI take loads of shots at the Brits. Sabin dropkicks Magnus out. Shelley trys a Sliced Bread #2. Brits hit a Big Boot/German Suplex combo. Beer Money are in. They double team the Brits. They elevate Magnus and hit Doug with a catapault DDT. Roode hits a Catatonic. 2 count. Storm kicks Magnus in the back.Eric Young comes out and pulls out Storm. Roode rolls up Williams. 2 count.

Hebner orders Young to leave. The Brits starts beating on Roode. Storms squares upto Young, Nash comes out, takes the Global title off Young and smashes Strom. Young is shocked. Roode can't believe it. Brits double team Roode and retain the titles.

Very fast paced exciting match but where the hell did the Guns go for the last few minutes of the match? I guess we'll never know. Shelley and Storm were the stars in this for me.

After the match, footage of Raven returning on iMPACT! is shown. Tenay says Foley was hospitalized but he will be on iMPACT on Thursday.

They go to the back with Nash and JB. Nash pops a joke first. Nash says that he does everything for a reason and Hulk knows why he did what he did.

Awesome Kong vs. Tara-Six Sides of Steel

Hopefully this is better than the last women's match. Both women make their usual entrances. Kong charges and Tara and sends her into the corner. They trade blows in the middle of the ring, Tara trys to knock down Kong but cant. She slides under Kong who misses a Banzai Drop. Tara trys for smash Kong into the cage but Kong resists. Kong accidentaly punches the cage. Tara takes her arm and kicks it against the cage. Kong takes Tara off the ropes and hits a electric chair drop. Kong climbs up top but Tara cuts her off. Tara meets her but gets shoved down. Kong then hits a missile dropkick. Impressive. 2 count.

Kong takes Tara and flings her into the cage. Kong presees Tara's face into the cage and comes running at Tara, sending her into the cage. Kong takes Tara's legs and swings her back into the cage. Kong begins choking Tara with her foot. Kong lifts her up and throws her to the other side of the ring. The fans are cheering on Tara, Kong continues beating on Tara. She then suplex's Tara into the cage. She trys it again but Tara reverses into a DDT. Tara fights back and smashes Kong into the cage several times. Tara super kicks Kong and then hits a front dropkick. Tara then hits a standing moonsault. 2 count.

Tara climbs the cage but Kong meets her on the ropes. They trade blows and both land on the ropes. They then trade blows with sitting on the ropes. Kong kicks Tara back to the mat. Kong trys to climb up the cage again. Tara trys for a Widows Peak but Kong fights out, Tara then goes over to the corner and powerbombs Kong. 2 count. Tara climbs up to the top of the cage, Kong is to her feet. Tara comes flying off the top of the cage with a flying cross-body. 3 Count.

Winner: Tara

A very solid Women's match, it's a classic compared to the women's match earlier in the night. It was quite short for a cage match though, only 8 mins. I wouldn't have been complaining had it gone a few more minutes.

After the match, Tara says she's coming after ODB now.

They go back to the announcers, they say change is imminent in TNA and they show a video package of Hulk Hogan joining TNA. They show bits of the MSG press conference. They show stars like Angle and Morgan talking about Hogan. Dixie says she's not trying to re-create history, She's making history.

Team 3D and Rhino vs. Matt Morgan, Hernandez and "The Pope" D'angelo Dinero

During Pope's entrance, he has "Dinero" coming from the rafters. Pope owns. Quite simply...Pope is Pimpin! Aw Shoot, Hernandez has reverted back to the mexican tights again. I can't take him seriously in these, They don't suit his character at all in my opinion (bar the mexican flag).

Bell rings, Hernandez and Devon start out. Devon takes shots to Super Mex with punches and elbows. Hernandez whips Devon and shoulder blocks him. Pope tags himself in. Crowds chanting "Pope is Pimpin" Pope hits a series of kicks on Devon and htis a flying shoulder block. Devon tags in Ray who rips up the Dinero that came from the ceiling. Pope spits at Ray, Ray shoves Pope, Pope hits a doulbe leg take down and Ray rolls out of the ring. They lock up and Ray knees Pope. He elbows Pope and chops him. Ray hits a series of punches but misses an elbow, Pope hits a series of elbows and sends Ray onto the ropes. Pope comes flying through the ropes and celebreates with the crowd.

When he comes back in he receives a big Bubba Bomb. Rhino is in. Pope tags in Morgan. Rhino takes shots and Morgan but Morgan knocks him down. Morgan has Rhino leaning on the ropes and Morgan leaps onto Rhino's neck. The two men exchange blows in the middle. Morgan misses a splash in the corner and Rhino shoulders him in the gut. Morgan hits a discuss clothesline. All men come into the ring and Team 3-D go to 3D Hernandez but Pope takes the 3D for him. Devon takes shots at Pope in the corner and Devon tags in Rhino. Rhino drills him with punches and chokes him with the ropes. Rhino snapmare's Pope and tags in Ray. Ray locks in a bear hug on Pope who fights out of it. Pope comes charging but gets a big back body drop. Devon is in. He body slams Pope and hits a splash. 2 count.

Devon locks in a side headlock, Pope makes it to his feet, Pope hits a rollup. 2 count. Devon tags in Rhino who punches Pope and pins him for a 2 count. The crowd chant "Rhino Sucks". Rhino takes Pope and tosses him to the floor. Ray the jumps onto Pope and Ray says he's a bigger Pimp,...Pimp! Rhino pins Pope for another 2 count. Ray is in and he trys for a senton backsplash off the top but misses. Pope gives the fingers to Rhino and Devon and tags in Morgan. Morgan cleans house. He puts Rhino in the corner and hits a series of elbows followed by a big splash. Then a side slam. 2 count.

Rhino and Devon whip Morgan but Morgan clothesline then. Hernandez hits a flying shoulder block. Hernandez then cleans house. Hernandez whips off the ropes and comes flying over the ropes with a huge splash.

He rolls Rhino back into the ring, Hernandez hits a splash off the top. 2 count. Ray then clubs Hernandez and 3D go for Whats Up but Pope pushes off Devon. Ray walks into Morgan and he hits a chokeslam. Rhino charges at Morgan and sends him to the floor. Pope then powerbombs Rhino in the corner. Hernandez comes in and gets a 2 count. Pope goes for the running knees but Ray cuts him off. Hernandez trys to Border Toss Rhino but Devon hits Hernandez with a chair. Rhino then hits Hernandez with a Gore! 3 Count.

Winner: Rhino and Team 3-D

A pretty solid tag match but nothing special, everyone seemed to do splashes in this match, it actually gets quite annoying but this must be like Rhino's 2nd or 3rd win all year. After the match Ray spits all over Pope's "Dinero", I can see this feud continuing.

Scott Steiner vs. Bobby Lashley
Falls Count Anywhere

Before the match, Lauren calls Steiner violent and Steiner throws a lead pipe across the promo area. Steiner says Lashleys muscles are all show and no go and that Kristal heard that Steiner broke Will Chamberlains record. Steiner's such a legend.

In the video package before the match, we are shown how Steiner started stalking Kristal and how things came to a head between Steiner and Lashley. Steiner tells Lashley "Look at you baby! It has my eyes!", again.. Steiner is such a legend. :L

Steiner comes out and has a picture of Kristal printed on the crotch of his tights. Lawl. Lashley comes out and starts brawling with Steiner at ringside. He tosses Steiner into a load of chairs. Lashley takes a chair and smacks Steiner in the head. Lashley tosses Steiner into the ring. The crowd are chanting "Over Here!". Steiner begins taking shots at Steiner in the corner, Lashley spears Steiner in the corner. Suplex by Lashey. 2 count. "Let's go Bobby, Let's go Steiner chants start" Lashley slams Steiner ad looks for a spear but Steiner gets a boot up. Lashley then takes a page out of Steiners book and T-Bone's Steiner. 2 count.

Lashley clotheslines Steiner out to the floor. Steiner low blows Lashley twice, he low blows Lashley again. 2 count. He throws Lashley into the guard rail. Steiner takes a chair and hits Lashley in the back. 2 count. Steiner rolls Lashley back into the ring.Steiner hits a belly to belly on Lashley. 2 count. Steiner then belly to belly's Lashley again, and he hits another one once Lashley gets up. 2 count. Steiner takes Lashley up to the top, he's looking for a Frankensteiner and hits up. Steiner can still go. 2 count.

Steiner body slams Lashley and goes up to the top. Lashley takes him and Gorrilla Presses him onto the ropes. Both men are out of the floor. Lashley smashes Steiner into the table and Lashley clubs Steiner in the back. Lashley hits Steiner with a chair again.

The two men go backstage and Steiner is bleeding. Lashley smacks him in the head with a trash can. Lashley then throws Steiner into a gaurd rail. Lashley then suplex's Steiner through a table. 2 count. Lashley takes a 2x4 and hits Steiner in the shoulder. Lashley trys to spear Steiner through a wooden pallet but Steiner dodges it. Steiner takes a cable and chokes Lashley with it. 2 count.

Steiner walks away and Lashley chases him behind the set. Steiner goes over to the Spanish table and he takes a steel pipe from the scaffold and he knocks out Lashley with it. 3 count.

Winner: "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner

A pretty weak FCA match compared to the one from Turning Point last year but it was good considering who was in it. Even still...Steiner owns.

After the match, Lashley fights off help from the referee's and he heads up the ramp.

They go to the back and JB is with Angle. Angle says he and Wolfe are under prison guard rules and Angle says he's the biggest bad-ass in the yard. This is kind of lame. Angle says he doesn't need to know Wolfe to beat him. It's Real, It's Damn Real!

A video package plays showing how Wolfe attacked Angle backstage and then hits a Tower of London in the ring. They show the match between the two from iMAPCT and how Wolfe left Angle in a stretcher after that Lariat. Wolfe is "Hungyr...Lke a Wolf!"

Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle

During Wolfe's entrance, he gives the V's to the camera. Angle comes out and he's debuting his new attire, it's really similar to his last WWE one. I don't like the way Angle wears a dog tag instead of his medal now. Bell rings.

Lock up, into the corner, referee forces a break. Wolfe slaps himself. Angle twists the arm of Wolfe and Wolfe rolls out and into an armbar of his own, he ground Angle. Angle gets up and whips Wolfe and shoulders him. Angle hits a series of arm drags followed by a wristlock. Crowd is hot. Wolfe locks in a hammerlock and cranks Angle's neck at the same time. Wolfe grapevines Angle's arm and lifts him back up, Angle twists Wolfe's arm, Wolfe goes back into the hammerlock, he wraps Angle's arm around the rope and kicks Angle's hand. This is great. Wolfe trys to do the same again and he does. Wolfe whips Angle, who gets the feet up. Angle suplex's Wolfe. 2 count.

Angle hits a backbreaker. 2 count. Uppercut by Angle, he then digs his shoulders into Wolfe's gut. He whips Wolfe, comes charging but Wolfe dodges. Wolfe locks in the hammerlock and hits an STO. Wolfe then takes Angle overhead while twisting Angle's arm. Angle flips over Wolfe but Wolfe goes back to the arm. Wolfe scissors Angle's arm and locks in an armbar on the other arm while bending back. Wow. Angle rolls into an Ankle Lock but Wolfe gets out it. Wolfe hits an uppercut, he comes charging and uppercuts Angle again. Wolfe runs again but Angle belly to belly's him. "Tis is Awesome" chants begin. Angle clotheslines Wolfe and he forearms Wolfe. 2 count.Wolfe head butts Angle but Angle ducks a clothesline and hits a series of German Suplex's. Crowd is amazing here. Angle hits an amazing SIX German's.

Angle takes the straps down. "TNA " chants fill the arena. Wolfe counters an Angle Slam into an arm drag and he Lariats Angle. 2 count. "This is Wrestling" chants start again. Wolfe takes up Angle for a Tower Of London but Angle counters into an Angle Slam. 2 count. Wolfe then snaps Angle's arm again. Wolfe keylocks Angle arm. Kurt slides out and into an Ankle Lock! Crowd is amazing. Wolfe rolls through and Figure Four's Angle's arm, Angle counters back into an Ankle Lock.

Anlgle drags Wolfe to the middle of the ring but Wolfe crawls to the bottom ropes. Angle stalks Wolfe, another Angle Slam? Wolfe reverses into a DDT. Great stuff. Wolfe picks up Angle and sets up for another Tower of London, he hits it. 2 count! Wolfe cannot believe it. Wolfe is signaling for a Lariat but Angle hits one of his own. Angle goes to the top but misses a Moonsault. Wolfe goes back to a keylock on Angle's arm. Angle puts his foot on the bottom rope. "Let's go Angle, Let's go Desmond".

Wolfe goes for another Tower Of London but Angle chokes him. Wolfe trys for a superplex but Angle punches Wolfe to the mat. Angle hits a huge Frog Splash. 2 count "You're both Awesome" and "Eddie" chants begin. Angle stalks Wolfe, lifts him up for a Tombstone, Wolfe counters into his own but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock, Wolfe trys to slide out but Angle holds on. Angle then locks on a side Triangle Choke and Wolfe taps out. Simply amazing.

Winner: Kurt Angle

One of the best matches all year, some great counters and chain wrestling. Great physcology by both men and the crowd are just as big a highlight as the wrestlers. My only fault on this is Wolfe's selling but it's not that big a problem, he did his bit.

They go to the commentators and they say that everyone has stepped up their games, JB is backstage with Samoa Joe. Joe says it doesn't matter if he manipulated AJ and Daniels. He says he only needs to beat one of them, and that exactly what he'll do.

A video package of the Unbreakable 3-Way is shown. 4 years later, These 3 warriors do battle again. They show AJ getting attacked and how Daniels is paranoid against AJ. AJ says he doesn't care that the person who's attacking him should man up. Daniels says AJ is arrogant but Joe says Daniels is jealous of AJ. Joe then attacks Daniels and AJ. There can only be one winner.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels-TNA World Heavyweight Title
Three Way Dance

All three men make their normal entrances. JB is in the ring for the formal inroductions. Bell rings. All 3 soak up the atmosphere. Daniels sucker punches AJ and he and Joe trade blows. Joe whipsDaneisl and Daniels runs into a clothesline from AJ. AJ whips Joe and hits Joe with a fore-arm. Joe whips AJ and elbows him followed by an enzughiri.

Joe keeps Daniels down and runs off the ropes but Daniels dropkicks Joe to the floor. AJ rolls up Daniels. 2 count. Daniels headlocks AJ. Daniels dodges a dropkick from AJ. But AJ hits it the second time. AJ dropkicks Joe. AJ headlocks Daniels and dropkicks Joe with keeping hold of Daniels. Daniels whips off AJ and Joe catches AJ's feet. Daniels STO's AJ. Joe starts taking shots at Daniels in the corner. Joe punts AJ in the ribs and hits a flying knee to Daniels. 2 count.

Joe kicks Daniels knee and rolls through into a leg-bar. AJ hits a flying knee on Joe. "This is Wrestling" chants start. AJ takes Joe and trys to suplex him. Joe trys to reverses but AJ uses him momentum to suplex Joe. AJ kicks Daniels away and AJ locks in an Indian Deathlock into a back bridge, Daniels breaks it and drop toe holds AJ.

Daniels drops the knee on AJ's head. Daniels slams AJ and twists the head of Styles.Daniels dropkicks Joe and smals AJ onto Joe. Daniels locks in a boston crab on AJ and while he's doing it he locks in a Camel Clutch on Joe.

Joe gets out of it. Daniels comes running at Joe but Joe htis a urinagi. Joe paint brushes AJ with his boot s and hits the running boot to AJ and Daniels. Joe atomic drop's AJ and he hits a dropkick on AJ while landing a Senton Splash on Daniels. Joe trys for a Suicide Dive and AJ kicks him in the head. Joe's out on the floor. AJ goes into the ring and AJ suplex's Daniels.

AJ flips onto the apron adn Joe sweeps AJ's legs. Daniels comes flying with a Suicide Dive at Joe! Great Stuff! AJ's back in the ring, Daniels trys to do a split leg moonsault. Joe locks in a rear naked choke on Daniels. AJ comes flying wit a Fosberry Flop. AJ hasn't done that in years.

AJ rolls Joe into the ring. 2 count. Simply Awesome. AJ hits a running headscissors on Joe, He places Joe in the corner and shoves Daniels into Joe. AJ hits a poertry in motion. Followed by a springboard hurrnancanranna to Daniels. 2 count.Daniels shoulders AJ into Joe. Daniels chops both men. He monkey flips AJ onto the Joe who catches AJ and throws him at Daniels. Joe powerbombs AJ, followed by a Boston Crab and into an STF and then into a Crossface.

AJ gets to the ropes. Joe kicks Daniels to the floor. AJ fights back with Joe but Joe hits a powerslam. Daniels comes charging and Joe stops Daniels right away. Daniels gets Joe in a dragon sleeper and he rock bottoms AJ onto Joe mid move. 2 count on both men. Holy crap.

Daniels knees AJ and hits a Death Valley Driver. 2 count. Daniels is getting frustrated. Daniels trys to suplex AJ but AJ suplex's Daniels and drops him with a neckbreaker. Joe comes in and he kicks AJ right in the head. Daniels enzughiris Joe and AJ hits a Pele on Daniels. "TNA" chants fill the arena. AJ goes on the apron and flips onto Joe and hits a discuss clothesline on Daniels.

AJ sends Daniels out to the floor and htis a springboard forearm onto Joe. 2 count. Joe pokes AJ in the eyes and AJ hurracanranna's Joe. 2 count. AJ flips off the ropes and hits an inverted DDT. 2 count. AJ trys the same on Daniels but Daniels hits the Last Rites on AJ. 2 count. Joe gets up Daniels on his shoulders. Daniels slides out and Germans Joe.

Joe gets Daniels up on the ropes and hits a Muscle Buster. AJ breaks up the pin. Joe rolls though on AJ and he and AJ roll around the mat. 2 count. AJ hits a spinning kick on Joe. AJ looks for a Styles Clash but Daniels enzughiri's AJ. Daniels looks for the Last Rites but AJ reverses into an Angels Wings. Daniels reverses into a Styles Clash but Joe super kicks Daniels and AJ lands on Daniels. Joe then clotheslines both men.

AJ and Daniels hit a high-low on Joe. Daniels sends AJ onto the apron and he takes AJ up onto the turnbuckle. Joe chops AJ off the top to the floor. Joe trys for a Muscle Buster but Daniels reverses into an STO. Daniels hits a BME but while he's pinning Joe. AJ hits a 450-Splash onto Both Men. AJ pins Joe. 3 count.

Winner: AJ Styles

A fanstastic 3-way that lived up to expectations.It's not as good as Unbreakable but its as close as you could possibly ever get. All 3 men tryed innovative spots that made sure all 3 were invovled at all times. The crowd were also amazing throughout. This match is quite simply "Phenonminal"
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

AJ vs. Daniels vs. Joe Full Series Mini Reviews:

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: Impact January 2005 = Basically if Daniels could last the full 10 Minutes with AJ, he'd get the title shot at AAO. To be honest, I don't really remember the match except for the finish with Daniels being able to squirm away without getting beat, giving him the title shot.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Christopher Daniels: X Title 30 Minute Ironman Match (Against All Odds 2005) = Excellent Match and one of my personal favorites in TNA history. Alot of the more recent Ironman Matches just haven't done it for me. The only ones I really liked were Rude/Steamboat, Bret/Shawn, HHH/Rock, & HHH/Benoit from Raw. I've found most other ones to be decent, but lacking for one reason or another. But this one was excellent. Loved it.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Elix Skipper vs. Ron Killings: X Title Ultimate X Challenge (Destination X 2005) = How in the hell did Ron Killings get into the X Division? Thank God that was brief. I liked the concept for the match with a series of eliminations leading up to a 1 on 1 Ultimate X (Tag, 3 Way, Ultimate X) but it didn't really work for me. This was the point where I felt like they were doing Ultimate X way too often, and it just didn't have the same effect anymore. However, it was cool that Daniels won his first X Title here.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: Super X Cup Finals (Sacrifice 2005) = Kind of the forgotten match in the series. Its a really good and exciting match, but IMO, it doesn't come anywhere near their Turning Point match later that year. However, it was Joe's biggest victory up to this point, and it set up the 3 way, so it was a big deal.

Christopher Daniels (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: X Title 3 Way (Unbreakable 2005) = Excellent Match. I don't think its the greatest match in TNA history that many people say it is (that honor, IMO, goes to AMW vs. XXX from TP04) but it was still an amazing display for 3 guys that have 3 very unique styles in the same division. It was outstanding.

Christopher Daniels vs. Shark Boy, Sonjay Dutt, & AJ Styles: 15 Minute Gauntlet Challenge (Impact October 2005) = This was an uncharacteristic bomb from AJ Styles. The match was used to set up Daniels' dominance over the X Divison and lead into his Ironman Rematch with AJ at BFG. He went through Sharky & Sonjay, but AJ was then entered in as the surprise third man. What should have happened is that AJ should have whipped up on Daniels, and then he runs away. However, Daniels actually kicked AJ's ass, and when AJ tried to make a comeback, he ran away. He came off as very awkward, weird, and overall the whole thing was just strangely booked.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Christopher Daniels: X Title 30 Minute Ironman Match (Bound for Glory 2005) = This one also gets forgotten, but I can see why. Its not the original match. Not by a long shot, and the sequel is almost never as good anyway. However, it was still a very entertaining and well put together affair between the two fantastic rivals. It was a great match all the same, even if it was nothing truly special.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe: X Title (Turning Point 2005) = AWESOME MATCH!!! This is my personal favorite X Division Title match in TNA history. Its amazing. It was a perfectly put together David vs. Goliath story combined with the incredible action of the X Division. It was amazing, and a true testament to the abilities of both men. I still watch this match every once in a while and it still blows my mind.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Christopher Daniels: X Title (Final Resolution 2006) = A really good match between these two. More than anything it was a method of continuing the storyline by having AJ throw in the towel to save Daniels from injury, only to lead to more animosity between them. However, the match itself was still pretty good.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: X Title 3 Way (Against All Odds 2006) = Like I said with AJ/Daniels Ironman II, its nowhere near the original, and in this match's case, it wasn't even really the best part of the show, IMO falling behind Jarrett/Christian & even Abyss/Rhino. However, it was still a very good 3 Way match that showed off the greatness of all 3 guys. I don't think its possible for these 3 to have a bad match together.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: X Title Ultimate X Match (Destination X 2006) = At the time, this match was kind of disappointing as Joe clearly didn't mesh well with the Ultimate X concept (for those that don't remember, he went blind right in the middle of the match due to pink eye I believe) But all three men soldiered on and gave us one hell of an effort, and a pretty intense match to truly cap off the feud.

Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Samoa Joe: X Title (Impact April 2006) = AWESOME MATCH!!! Now if I had to pick a favorite match in Impact history, this would be it. It was outstanding. Great show from both men, and I actually liked the match more that it began in progress because it was like "Welcome to Impact and OH MY GOD!!! Joe has busted open Daniels!" It was just crazy violent fun, and I loved it. Kudos to both men for kicking off the first Thursday Night Impact with a bang.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels: X Title 3 Way (Hardcore War 2006) = A bit of a rare gem, but this show as a whole is definitely worth a pick up if you can get your hands on it. It was essentially a glorified house show in the old ECW Arena, but it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, and this match was one of the reasons. Not their greatest work, but like I said, it added to the fun & exciting atmosphere of this show.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: Lethal Lockdown Advantage (Impact April 2007) = This was the match where Jeff Jarrett made his return and joined Team Angle for Lethal Lockdown. That's pretty much all I have to say about it as that's all I remember.

Team Angle (Angle, Joe, Rhino, Sting, Jarrett) vs. Team Christian (Christian, AJ, Tomko, Abyss, & Steiner): Lethal Lockdown (Lockdown 2007) = I decided to throw this on here since AJ & Joe were on separate teams, and hey, it was a hell of a match. One of the better Lethal Lockdowns for sure. Check it out! All 10 men busted their asses.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: Sacrifice 2007 = This match was one of those situations where they said "Eh we got nothing else to do for now, so lets just throw them together for a filler match" and that's basically what this was. No real feud or rivalry, but they knew putting them together would at least make the TNA diehards happy. Pretty good match up overall, and it was nice to see them work against each other again only now in the role reversal of AJ=heel/Joe=face. Nothing special though.

Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage vs. Chris Harris: TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match (Slammiversary 2007) = The 1st KOTM to include both AJ & Joe, and boy was it awesome. It was easily the best KOTM to date with all kinds of insanity, and a certain level of unpredictability as well. Harris shined here, but the big spot came from AJ & Joe as Joe flung AJ off the penalty box and through the announce table...yikes! Awesome stuff.

Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, & Eric Young vs. The Angle Alliance (Angle, AJ, Tomko): Turning Point 2007 = Oh boy, I probably should be bringing this one up. We all know what happened. Hall no showed, screwed up the main event, Joe cut a shoot promo on Hall (and by extension Nash), and the match sucked. Basically all that needs to be said. Thanks for fucking up the PPV Hall!

AJ Styles & Tomko (c) vs. Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash: Tag Titles (Final Resolution 2008) = This was a pretty good match up with the younger guys basically doing all the work. Nash walked out on Joe, so the real story was between them, but it was a pretty interesting & solid match all around.

Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, & Christian Cage vs. The Angle Alliance (Angle, AJ, Tomko): Destination X 2008 = This was on the path to building up Angle vs. Joe at Lockdown, so obviously Joe gets the win and carries that momentum into the big title match. This match was pretty solid for what it was, and was a good way to further set up that main event. (Oh and if you're wondering where Daniels has been through the last few matches...he made his TNA PPV as Curry Man at this very show)

AJ Styles vs. Daniels: King of the Mountain Qualifier (Impact May 2009) = Pretty good Impact match right here. Both guys were faces going in, so all they had to go on was great athleticism, and it worked out real well. Good match.

Mick Foley (c) vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett: TNA World Title King of the Mountain Match (Slammiversary 2009) = Another great KOTM match with all kinds of great action and Joe's turn at the end was a great surprise to end the PPV with. Both AJ & Joe went in working together, but that was obviously a ruse from Joe wasn't it? But damn, that moment where AJ had the belt and climbed up, I think me and everybody else in that building honest to God thought he was winning it.

Kurt Angle (c) & Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles & Jeff Jarrett: TNA World Title Tag Match (Impact July 2009) = One of the forgotten TV main events of the year, but it was pretty darn good. I don't like the World Title being defended in a tag match, but the action in the match made up for my issues with the stipulations. Really fun match.

Samoa Joe & D'Angelo Dinero vs. Suicide & Daniels: Impact August 2009 = Joe winning the X Title brought a little spark back to the X Division this year, and this match was one of those examples as they actually built it up over the course of the episode, and at the time, it was essentially the top four guys in the X Division. Again, a pretty solid TV match.

AJ Styles & Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle: Impact September 2009 = Another really solid tag team main event for Impact. It was one of those "Hey lets combine matches from the PPV to make an Impact match" situations that I get annoyed with, but all four men gave us a solid TV outing heading into the PPV.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels: X Title (No Surrender 2009) = A pretty good match right here. It had a nice nostalgic feel to it to have these two wrestle each other for the X Division title, and it was definitely one of the better X Title matches of 09. Still isn't what it was in 2005-2006, but still some very good work from these two.

Samoa Joe (c) vs. Daniels vs. Homicide: X Title 3 Way (Impact September 2009) = Right after No Surrender, we got this match on Impact, and it was pretty good for what it was. I would have preferred it if Joe had lost the title here to either Cide or Daniels so that he wouldn't have to job to Red right before facing Lashley, especially since Cide, Daniels, & Red were all in the UX at BFG anyway, but what can you do? Yet another solid TV match if nothing else.

AJ Styles & Daniels vs. Samoa Joe & Kevin Nash: Impact October 2009 = This was the first Impact after BFG as this match basically set the stage for the 3 Way at Turning Point with a miscommunication from AJ & Daniels causing them to lose. Good match up for those reasons.

AJ Styles vs. Daniels w/Joe as Guest Referee: Impact November 2009 = I really wish they hadn't done this match prior to the PPV. It was solid, and both men went in hurt which justified it being so short, but again, I would have preferred it if they had just saved it for the PPV.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: Impact November 2009 = Pretty much the same case as above. Didn't need to happen. Joe wins to show that he can beat the World Champ, but I didn't think it was necessary.

AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels: TNA World Title 3 Way (Turning Point 2009) = Great match! Doesn't match the Unbreakable match, but ti came a hell of a lot closer than I thought it would. Fantastic main event between the three greats that know how to get it done. AJ won, and now we have Daniels/AJ to look forward to.

AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Daniels & Desmond Wolfe: Impact November 2009 = Very good tag team main event that was meant to continue both rivalries rather than just throw two matches together just for the hell of it. Daniels got the pin on AJ, giving him even more of a legit claim to a title shot, and we got to see a pretty good mix of styles here along the way.

Phew! I think I got most of them. Their might be a couple of Impact matches I missed, and I know AJ & Daniels wrestled each other in tag matches back in the Wednesday PPV days, but this is good enough I think.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Good read, TripleG. Here's a post I posted a few months ago about the AJ/Daniels/Jo feud. I added the last TP triple threat.

Samoe Joe - AJ Styles - Christopher Daniels
“And listen to the fans, hell yeah this is awesome!” – Don West

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels(c) (Against All Odds 05) ****3/4
This match happened before Joe’s debut and was for the X-division championship. It wasn’t really a part of the feud yet as it happened six months before the Sacrifice match. It was the first of their two Ironman matches and arguably the best. For the first time people could see how brilliant the chemistry was between the two. For over thirty minutes these two gave everything a man can gave. Amazing non-stop action.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe (Sacrifice 05) ****1/2
The moment Joe got involved. It was the final of the Super X Cup Tournament and the winner would get a chance to challenge the Fallen Angel. Maybe it gets forgotten because of their Turning Point masterpiece, but this one is unbelievable. Such a grueling pace. It was the first time Joe was given a ‘real’ opponent and he proved to the fans why he was the Samoan Submission Machine. Perfect storytelling as it set up the Unbreakable match. Did I need to tell it was non-stop action?

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels(c) vs. Samoa Joe (Unbreakable 05) *****
Daniels 8-month title run is up on the line. Challenger one is Joe and he’s unstoppable. Challenger number two is AJ Styles, a triple crown champion and ready for a new title run. What do you get? Well, the best match in TNA history and one of the best matches in wrestling history. For over twenty minutes these three delivered a match like none before. Incredible athleticism, a brutal pace, high-flying maneuvers, non-stop back and forth action. This is what the X-division is all about. The atmosphere and rabid crowd make this match epic. A better match is hardly impossible.

AJ Styles(c) vs. Christopher Daniels (Bound for Glory 05) ****1/4
Another great match here. Not as great as their first match, but that one was just brilliant. The pace was a bit lower because of the submission moves and there was more focus on the mat wrestling instead of the high-flying action like the previous matches. Still they managed to entertain the fans for the 30 minutes as the time flew away. Great ending as well.

8 Man Elimination Tag (Genesis 05) ****
Well AJ Styles wasn’t in the match and Joe & Daniels were on the same team, but this match is a must see if you’re following the feud. Not only was this a great X-division match with high-risk moves, it was memorable for the aftermat. Daniels and Joe both wanted to pin Sabin and win the match. Daniels did it and Joe was furious. He gave two sick muscle busters on a steel chair and added an Olé Kick to the bloodied Daniels. AJ, who had a title match later, came out to check Daniels.

AJ Styles(c) vs. Samoa Joe (Turning Point 05) *****
Daniels was out, Joe was still unstoppable and challenged AJ to go on-on-one. So you have this fantastic feud going on. You have these guys who already proved that when they meet in the ring, it’s magic. Add some of the best storytelling and psychology and you have a five-star classic. This match fit perfectly in the feud and made the fans scream for more. Words can’t describe it, you should watch this classic.

Samoa Joe(c) vs. Christopher Daniels (Final Resolution 06) ****
This time the Fallen Angel was back and set to end the streak. More importantly he was ready to kill Joe. While this match had some great action, the booking was even better. Daniels really looked great, but Joe was still unstoppable. AJ was worried because of Daniels head injury and saved him. Daniels lost his one-on-one title shot and well there it is: another three-way.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe(c) (Against All Odds 06) ****1/2
Just like the Sacrifice match, this one is a bit forgotten. Watch it, rate it, enjoy it! This is another classic and had every fan on the edge of their seat. People just couldn’t get enough and that’s because these three kept entertaining the fans with their high-flying moves and non-stop action. The crowd was red-hot for the entire match. This is what people paid to see and it delivered big time. Just like every other match, perfect booking and great storytelling.

AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe(c) (Destination X 06) ****1/4
The last three-way dance between the three and it didn’t disappoint. The structure wasn’t used as much as it could be, but Joe was injured so that’s understandable. Still you won’t see it if you don’t know because once again it was a fantastic match with non-stop action.

AJ Styles vs. Daniels vs. Samoa Joe (Turning Point 2009) ****1/2
You know it’s almost impossible to top the Unbreakable match which I think is one of the very best matches in wrestling history. Well these three pulled out all the stops again. Not on the level of UB, but definitely on a par with their AAO match. One awesome move and nearfall after another. Pace was phenomenal and they used the three-man situation to perfection. AJ Styles proved why he’s the champ. They proved once again, after three years that the chemistry is still there. These three are magic.

Puroresu FTW!

All Japan Famous Five
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Damn even HHH and Orton havent had that many matches together.

Turning Point 09 match was a classic.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

To this point I'm still wondering what could've been if Joe hadn't fucked up in the Unbreakable match and they had to cut a couple of minutes from the match.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

You all forgot the awesome 6-man tag from the Primetime Special in 05 between Joe/Daniels/Shelley and Aries/AJ/Dutt. It showed further dissension between Daniels and Joe in it. One of the best matches in Impact history as well.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Originally Posted by Merc_With_A_Mouth View Post
You all forgot the awesome 6-man tag from the Primetime Special in 05 between Joe/Daniels/Shelley and Aries/AJ/Dutt. It showed further dissension between Daniels and Joe in it. One of the best matches in Impact history as well.
Was that the same special with the Ultimate X, Jarrett/Rhino for the title, & Monty Brown killing some poor sap with 3 Pounces??? I don't remember that specific tag match, but I do remember really liking the show, so I'm sure it was good.

Here are two more I forgot.

AJ Styles vs. Sting vs. Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage: Four Way on Impact Fall 2007, Winner Gets to be Tag Title Co Holder with Angle = This was back when Impact was a 1 hour show, and I remember this match taking up like the entire second half, and I thought the match was exciting as hell. The Christian/Joe feud was starting, so if I recall they brawled through the crowd while AJ & Sting finished the match, which I was hyped for because I always wanted AJ/Sting 1 on 1, and up to this point, this was the closest we ever got.

Samoa Joe, LAX, & Junior Fatu vs. Christian Cage, AJ Styles, & XXX (Daniels/Senshi: First Ever Official 2 Hour Impact from 2007 = Awesome match. Easily one of the best matches in Impact history. If you haven't seen it, go check it out because its pretty damn good.
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