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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

BFG 2006 is my fav TNA ppv ever.That's saying a lot because they have had some damn good ppvs in 2005. It had everything. fun spotfest opener, clusterf*ck tag match, awesome cage match to blow off one of the greatest feuds in TNA history, a solid main event (and a good ending). It was very good. I have seen the ppv about 6-7 times.

BFG 2006

Kevin Nash Invitational - ***1/4
4 Way Tag - **1/4
Monster's Ball - ***1/2
Young/Zbszyko - DUD (but that was understandable)
Sabin/Senshi - ****
Cage/Rhino - ***1/2
Phenomenal Angels/LAX - ****1/4
Jarrett/Sting - ***

I didn't like BFG that much. Sacrifice was my fav ppv in 2007. But this one wasn't bad, but just didn't have the epic feeling 2006 had. Angle/Sting was awesome, but had a weak buildup unlike JJ and Sting, where they build the match for entire year.

BFG 2007

BFG 2007

LAX vs. XXX - ***1/2
Fight For The Right - *
AJ & Tomko vs. Creed & Killings - **3/4 (1/2* added for AJ's corner dropsault and SSP)
Daniels vs. Lethal - ***1/2
Steiners vs. 3D - **1/4
Womens Gauntlet - *1/2
Joe vs. Christian - ***1/2 (Never been a fan of their matches, extended squashes. I'm not a fan of Joe's style beacuse sometime he makes his opponent look so bad in the ring.)
Monsters Ball - **1/4 (Poor, but Raven was awesome)
Angle vs. Sting - **** (Sometimes interference can work, thank god it worked big time here)
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Not sure which BFG is my favorite, I like them all TBH. 05 is slept on somewhat IMO, yes there was too much filler for a signature PPV but there was still like 5-6 ***+ matches. (If you include the awesome pre-show match)

My 06 rough ratings

X Battle Royal-***
4 Team Tag-**1/2 or so
Monsters Ball III-***1/2
AJ & Daniels/LAX-****1/4
Sting/Jarrett-***1/4 or so

Think 07 has the best all around card out of the 3 from start to finish, but it's really splitting hairs practically. If 05 didn't have so much filler and a non-existant main event essentially, it would be alot more highly regarded IMO.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Ok so here are the DVDs I'm going to get later this year:

Kurt Angle
AJ Styles Vol. 1
Ultimate Matches

These DVDs indeed should be awesome.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I've been watching all the BFGs again in preparation for the 2008 addition. Here's my review of Bound for Glory 2005:

- First of all, this was the 1st PPV to take place after TNA's debut on SpikeTV. With a potential new audience, this edition of Bound for Glory was more of an infomercial or and preview for TNA in order to showcase to the new fans what they are all about. Matches that were signed were mostly matches that TNA done before over the last year that were well received: AMW vs. Naturals, AJ vs. Daniels in Ironman, Monster's Ball, Ultimate X, Jarrett vs. Nash, Tito Ortiz as Guest Referee for the Main Event, and then previews for their other top talent like Monty Brown, 3LK, The X Division, & Samoa Joe.

Preshow: One the preshow, they revealed that Nash would not be at Bound for Glory, leaving the main event in shambles and a new challenger needed to be determined. The Preshow closed with an excellent promo segment with Raven trying to get into the main event, but was told no by Zbyzko. Rhino then told Raven that he was pathetic, and Gored Johnny Devine. That segment was cool.

Also on the Preshow we got the X Division 4 way between Sonjay Dutt, Alex Shelley, Roderick Strong, & Austin Aries. Now some people praised this match like it was the MOTN. I don't really agree with that. IMO, alot of these X 4 Ways are kind of the same and its hard to distinguish them from one another. However, I will say that this one was certainly better than average. It was a visually appealing match with some cool spots and good action. And out of all the PPV Preshow matches that TNA did (why don't they do those anymore?), this one was certainly the best.

- The PPV officially begins with Samoa Joe vs. Jushin "Thunder" Liger. Now this match was cool. I like whenever TNA does things like this because it just adds a different flavor to the match that usually isn't there, and Liger is just fun to watch. This was a really good & fun way to kick off the show.

- Six Man Tag Team filler match up next. Diamonds in the Rough vs. Sonny Siaki, Apolo, & Shark Boy. Yeah...I don't like Siaki and Apolo. Very dull guys. This bout was basically the battle of the glorified jobbers, so there wasn't much reason to care. But for a filler match it wasn't half bad. The Diamonds looked good here.

- The heavyweights came up next as Monty Brown took on Lance Hoyt. Best way to describe this match is short but awesome! Seriously, this was a very cool little big man match. Lots of cool spots and power moves, and a little high flying from Hoyt. Good match up here.

- 3 Live Kru vs. Team Canada Part 12 is the next match. This is a match that happened at the 1st 2 TNA PPVs, a few times on Impact, and would actually happen at the 2 PPVs after this. This particular match was Roode, Young, & A-1 vs. all 3 members of 3LK. Before the match, Kip James offered to help 3LK in, but Konnan wouldn't have any of it. Basically, if you've seen one 3LK match, you've seen at least 90% of them. This was a typical 3LK match, not much else besides that. During the match, Kip James came out and the fans chanted "New Age Outlaws!" Man, be careful what you wish for right?

- Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Bentley in Ultimate X up next! Now I'm going to give away a spoiler here so stop reading if you don't want to be spoiled.

Oh boy. What happened here? Well the action in the match was good and exciting. Not among the best Ultimate Xs, but really good...until the X fell. The X Fell once, but the match continued. But then it fell again, and Petey caught the X giving him the win. Now, had Petey sold this finish properly, it would have been the greatest heel ending to an Ultimate X that you can possibly have. He should have celebrated the win like he just won the World Title, but instead he looked pissed off and upset. Why? You won! God handed you an ending better than any booker can come up with and you blew it pal! Well he didn't act as bad as Bentley & Sabin who stormed away from the ring like babies, and didn't sell the big bump they just took 20 seconds before hand.

Anyways it started off as a good match, but it was ruined by a bad ending.

- Tag Titles on the line as AMW defended their newly won gold against The Naturals (they took the belts from the Nats just the night before on Impact) Now if you want to see these two teams at their best check out the match they had at Hard Justice 2005 & the very first Six Sides of Steel match from 2004. Those matches were awesome. This one was still good though, and was definately the best tag match on the show. This was a wild tag team brawl, and was fun to watch.

- Now its time for the 2nd Annual Monster's Ball with Rhino, Jeff Hardy, Abyss, & Sabu! Now this match had about as much in ring psychology as an insanity ward, but this was a Hardcore spotfest of great proportions. Seriously, those four guys tried to kill each other it seemed (Jeff Hardy is fucking nuts BTW) Many say its the best Monster's Ball, and I tend to agree. Its just a really sick match.

- After all the hardcore, its time to get back to pure wrestling with AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels in their 2nd 30 Minute Iron Man Match. Anybody who saw the first one will tell you that the first Iron Man is one of the best matches in TNA history, and I agree. Is the 2nd one as good? No, but pretty damn close. The match is another awesome display between two of the greatest TNA has ever had. The best thing about it is that its almost nothing like the first match at all, which is great. This match is kind of rare and hardly ever referenced, but if you get a chance to see it, check it out. It's damn great and my pick for BFG05's MOTN by far.

- Main Event...well with Nash out of the picture, it was decided that there would be a 10 Man Gauntlet with the winner getting to face Jarrett to close the show. The 10 Men: AJ Styles, Ron Killings, Samoa Joe, Abyss, Sabu, Rhino, Jeff Hardy, Monty Brown, Lance Hoyt, & Kip James. Kip James was the only one of the bunch that didn't wrestle earlier in the show, and the Monster's Ball crew was basically half dead. This was an intersting way to decide the contender since Jarrett would be at an obvious advantage in the main event. But it set up a good situation at the close. The match was really fun too as we got to see Joe interact with the heavyweights for the first time (his pairing with Abyss was great) and it was pretty action packed from start to finish.

OK for the rest of the review I am going to give away spoilers, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to be spoiled, then stop reading now.

Tito Ortiz would referee the main event, and the winner of the Gauntlet was Rhino, who was practacally unable to defend himself by the time it was over. This made him easy pickings for Jarrett who just beat him down. I actually loved this whole situation. It reminded me of Wrestlemania IV when a tired Randy Savage had to go up against a rested DiBiase. It was perfect. And in the end, AMW & Gail Kim tried to interfere on Jarrett's behalf, but they were neutralized by Ortiz, and Rhino was able to hit The Gore for the shocking win.

I loved that whole situation. It was just so well booked to have Rhino defy all the odds and come out nowhere and win the title. It really felt special and it was an excellent way for TNA to handle losing their main event (and probably the better way to go when you think about it) After the victory, Planet Jarrett (Jarrett, Gail, AMW, & Team Canada) came down and tried to put Rhino in a Casket and humiliate him to close the show, but both the 3 Live Kru and the returning TEAM 3D came down to help Rhino fight them off, and Eric Young was put in the casket. The show then closed with a big celebration as all the faces in the ring saluted Rhino for winning the gold!

Bound for Glory 2005, like I said before, was basically an Infomercial about TNA for the new audience gained from the Spike TV deal. BFG has become Wrestlemania in that it is like TNA's Season Finale, but this version was more like a Season Opener that showcased some of the most popular aspects of TNA while also giving us a really exciting situation that saw a new champion be crowned. In addition to that, we had some really good matches in AJ/Daniels & Monster's Ball, and pretty much everything else was solid. The only true bomb was Ultimate X with the piss poor ending. Bound for Glory has gotten bigger and better since 2005, but this first one is definately a worthwhile show that I recommend.

Oh before I forget, there was a Bonus Match included on the DVD. A two hour Impact special aired the next week, and on that show was an Ultimate X Rematch between Petey, Bentley, & Sabin. Because they fucked up the first time, they figured it'd be best to try again. This match was obviously better beceause nothing went wrong. Its a pretty damn good Ultimate X, especially for free TV, but still not one of the better UXs.

Reviews for BFG 06 & 07 coming soon.


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Rate these PPV's out of 10

Genesis 2007
BFG 2007.
LockDown 2007.
Turning point 2007
Slammiversary 2007.

If some are the same rating state which one is better.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Genesis 2007 - 7 good
BFG 2007 - 8.5 great
LockDown 2007 - 6.5 / 7 good
Turning point 2007 - 5 not very good
Slammiversary 2007 - 7 good

All Glory To The Hypnotoad

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Thanks NAMEK, Whats er out of slammiversary and Genesis? I can only get 2 DVD's out of the 5.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

AJ Styles vs Daniels vs Joe - Ultimate X - Destination X

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Genesis 07:

Abyss vs BR : **
MCMG vs Team 3D ***3/4
Gail vs ODB vs Roxxi vs Love **1/4
Lethal vs Dutt ***1/4 - 1/2
Stomko vs Steiners **1/2
Roode vs Joe ***1/4
Kaz vs Cage ****
Angle & Nash vs Booker & Sting **3/4

Slammiversary 2007

Rhino & Senshi vs. Lax ***1/4
Lethal vs Sabin ***1/2
Frank Wycheck & Lynn vs Storm & Killings **1/2
Backlund vs Shelley - too short
VKM vs Bashams - too short
Young vs Roode ***
3D vs Steiner & Animal **
Sting vs Daniels **1/4
Abyss vs Tomko ***1/2-3/4
KOTM ****1/4

All Glory To The Hypnotoad

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

These Bound For Glory reviews are looking good. I might switch the Knockouts DVD for a BFG PPV.

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