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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Great review Styles. FR07 isn't one of the greatest shows TNA has put on, but is definately above average.

And be warned, the VKM/Christy thing only gets worse from here.

Have fun watching AGA07. My pick for one of TNA's worst PPVs.


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Great review Styles. Can't remember all the matches that well, here are some I remember:

Angle vs Joe III ****
Christian vs Abyss vs Sting ***1/4
Angle vs Rhino LMS ***1/2

Like TripleG said, don't expect too much of AAO.

Puroresu FTW!

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I'm bored again, so here's another top ten list!

Top Ten Best Christian Cage Matches in TNA:

10) Vs. Kaz: Fight for the Right Finals on Impact - This match is somewhat forgotten, but I thought it was an excellent encounter between an established star and somebody on the rise. Christian's cheating tactics caused his victory to be nullified and the more memorable rematch was set up for the upcoming PPV, but this was an excellent TV match, and a great set up for that rematch.

9) Vs. Kurt Angle: Final Resolution 2008 - These two kicked off the new year with a bang, and a main event that still ranks up as one of the better PPV main events that TNA has delivered this year. AJ's interference led to an Angle victory, but it was a strong effort by Cage nonetheless.

8) Vs. AJ Styles: Genesis 2006 - Its a shame these two never got to have a match with a ton of build up behind it because as this match showed, they definately have the ability to steal the show. This was a bit of a TNA dream match for me, and I was happy to see it take place. I just wish we had seen more of this pairing. Christian was victorious this time, but hopefully we get to see this match again.

7) Vs. Kurt Angle: Against All Odds 2008 - Christian got a second chance at Kurt's title after getting screwed at FR. This match had some entertainment value to it with Samoa Joe as guest enforcer and interference from Karen Angle, while Kurt & Christian delivered yet another excellent wrestling match. Christian was screwed yet again, this time by former associate Tomko.

6) Vs. Samoa Joe: Bound for Glory 2007 - Probably my favorite series of matches that TNA gave us in 2007 was Joe/Christian. They just have a very natural chesmtiry that worked and they gave us some of the best one on one matches that TNA has ever seen. Matt Morgan as enforcer ensured a stright up fair fight, and in the end, Christian would suffer his first submission defeat in TNA at the hands of Samoa Joe in what was arguably the best match on TNA's biggest show of the year.

5) Vs. Jeff Jarrett: Against All Odds 2006 - This was a great old school kind of match with a great atmosphere. The fans wanted Christian to win. Not only because they hated Jarrett, but because everybody wanted him to be a main eventer in the WWE and it didn't happen. Would it happen in TNA? Well after this grueling match, Christian Cage came out on top with a celebration that has to rank up there as one of the greatest moments in TNA history.

4) Vs. Kaz: Fight for the Right Finals Ladder Match from Genesis 2007 - Best Ladder Match in TNA history. Some of the spots they did with the ladder were just insane, and Kaz came off looking like a superstar here. The match was absolutely excellent and it was capped off by a move that shocked me: Kaz got the win and the title shot against Kurt Angle. A nice twist to end a fantastic match.

3) Vs. Rhino: Barbedwire Steel Cage Match from Impact 2006 - This has to be considered one of the most violent matches TNA has ever put on. The feud between these two had reached high levels of intensity, so this seemed like the perfect way to end it. After some amazing spots, brutality, and bloodloss, Christian scored the win, but at a price, as he escaped the cage when Rhino Gored him through the door. Christian won the match, but Rhino got the last laugh in this violent feud.

2) Vs. Abyss: Six Sides of Steel from Lockdown 2006 - Christian had been enjoying his run as World Champion until The Monster came into the picture. After a personal feud, the match delivered a violent spectacle and IMO the greatest match in Lockdown history. After thumbtacks, a top of the cage frog splash, and several death defying moves, Christian was finally able to secure the win with an Unprettier that drove the Monster face first into the tacks.

1) Vs. Samoa Joe: Destination X 2007 - By all rights, this should have been just a run of the mill World Title Match. No real build up. To me it was just Christian defending the title, and Joe getting his first World Title shot, so I knew I'd enjoy it, but I didn't expect anything epic. Boy was I wrong. This was one of the best matches in TNA history and probably the best World Title match in TNA history. Just an excellent match that showed off just how good both men are. Joe proved he could hang in a main event World title match, but Christian picked up the win in this amazing match up.

Once again, I tried to avoid Lethal Lockdown & King of the Mountain matches, and I also opted to leave off the amazing Angle vs. Rhino vs. Cage 3 Way. As great as it was, I felt like Angle & Rhino carried that match while Christian spent large parts of it outside the ring. It made sense given the storyline, but I don't see it as an amazing in ring performance for Christian as much as ANgle and especially Rhino (who knew he could go longer than 20min?!?!)


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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Another great list G. I would put vs Joe from BFG a bit higher.

I dont think Cage/Kaz is the best ladder match in TNA. Low Ki/Styles/Lynn probably is.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Good list done. I could be in the small majority that never thought of Cage/Jarrett so highly, it has an epic celebration win. But I don't find it to be so much to be one of the best matches he has to offer in TNA. The rest of what is on there is very debatable for me.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I plan on getting"Best of aj styles vol.2"and the new "blood and stiches"dvds next month and so is aj's dvd as
"Phenominal"as the first vol.???..And as for stiches one well two i seen and im curious about some matches like sting vs abyss in last rights match and abyss vs judas in barbed wire massacre!What star raiting are those???and other ones too in your own opinions!?

Oh and joe's dvd have a small list of matches but is his and daniels dvd's any good??I have best of cage/tag teams/x-div vol.1&2/sting/and bloodiest matches and so i want to start expanding my tna dvda collection.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

For those of you that care for Meltzer's ratings, here are his Hard Justice '08 ratings, just the ***+ matches.

Consequences Creed vs. Petey Williams ***1/4
Taylor Wilde/Gail Kim/ODB vs. Angelina Love/Velvet Sky/Awesome Kong ***
Homicide/Herandez vs. James Storm/Robert Roode ***1/2
Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles (Last Man Standing) ****1/4

He also gave that elimination tables match from the 7/24 Impact ***1/4. I'm a little surprised he didn't go at least *** on Joe/Booker because I felt the HJ match was a little better than the VR match on the first watch, and he has the VR match at ***.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

****¼ for Angle/Styles from Meltzer. That's probably the consensus, although I give it ****½.

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Elimination Table's match - ***1/4, I agree with Meltz
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

It’s kinda late, but I went on holiday last week and had no time to watch it. Expectations were pretty high after all the praise, so let’s see how it went down. It’s time for…

TNA Hard Justice 2008

Petey Williams vs Creed
A very good opener here. Petey was way over here in NJ, Creed even got booes.. Don’t know why because he worked very hard and his style is entertaining. Not as good as the Slammi x-division match, but still very enjoyable. The Canadian Destroyer still looks fantastic and always makes me lift the rating up a lil bit.

Kong/Beautiful People vs Kim/Taylor/ODB
Good match from the knockouts here, could have been better, but the match told a good story. Kong was still a monster, Kim looked good, the Beautiful People were great as heels once again and the champ got the pin. Good booking here.

Team 3D promo in the rafters = awesome. Brother Ray’s voice was hilarious. Afraid of heights

LAX vs Beer Money INC
Another very good match here with some cool spots. Beer Money INC is the hottest tag team atm and they did a terrific job here. Roode doing the three amigos was great, but Hernandez ‘record’ border toss was just awesome. I’m glad BM are the champs now, looking forward to their title run. Should be a good one.

Lethal vs Dutt
The gimmick completely killed this match here. It was close to a DUD, but both man worked hard so that would be too harsh. Anyway who actually books such kinda match? How in god’s name, please someone explain.. Is it so hard to book a normal match where they can both showcase their abilities in a good old’ x-division match? Is it really? Poor Lethal.

Christian/Rhino vs Team 3D
One heck of a hardcore match. The brawling through the crowd was pretty cool, especially when Christian hit the cross body. Crowd was awesome as well. Christian once again worked his ass off and took/gave some great spots. ‘E-C-Dub’ and ‘We want tables’ chant s were great

Angle vs AJ Styles
This is TNA’s MOTY, a tie with Joe/Angle from Lockdown. Everyone who thinks Angle is no more the man he was in the E, needs to watch this match. Seriously, I can’t believe what kinda match they delivered. Pure wrestling, maybe the best match in a VERY long time. I can’t find the words to describe the awesomeness of this match, but hands down for both AJ and Kurt.
****1/2 (near &#190

Booker T vs Samoa Joe
What a letdown here. I was hoping for a big match, especially after the VR match, but once again it was rather short and without a clean finish. Good thing is that Joe looked good and JJ is coming back. Can’t wait for the KOTM. It will be an emotional return, but JJ’s place is inside the six-sided ring and nowhere else.

Overall: 7,5/10

Puroresu FTW!

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