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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

The Hardcore War show was friggin excellent. I wish I could remember everything that was on it, but I would definately recommend checking that show out as it was just a very entertaining show from start to finish.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

The ending tag match sucked ass, but yeah Hardcore War was awesome.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I just watched my personal favorite Lockdown, which was Lockdown 2006. What a great show!

- For this Lockdown they painted the Six Sides of Steel black, and that looked better to me.

Match 1 - Team USA (Lethal, Sonjay, Shelley) vs. Team Japan (Minoru, Goto, Black Tiger): World X Cup Preview

This was a very good choice for opener. The cage never really came into play, but the match was filled with fast paced action, some awesome triple team moves, and some great near falls. I also liked the story of whether or not Shelley would be able to get along with his Team USA teammates. There were some missed spots, but most everything came off really well. Team Japan scored the win with Black Tiger hitting a Tiger Suplex on Jay Lethal.

Match 2 - "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels vs. Senshi

Originally Christopher Daniels was supposed to face Jushin "Thunder" Liger, but for some reason Liger had to pull out (according to Wikipedia it was because Liger has little experience in cage matches and didn't want to stink up the place) However his replacement was a great one: SENSHI who was making his return to TNA. Former Triple X partners going at it, which is strange because at the first Lockdown, Daniels faced his other Triple X partner Elix Skipper. Well IMO, while the previous year's Skipper/Daniels match has a much better build up, this match was better. These two were the best of the Triple X trio for sure. As expected there were some great spots and some great striking too. It was a great one on one match with, and it was a great reintroduction for Senshi. He got the win after flipping over The Angel's Wings into a Pinning combination with his feet on the ropes.

Match 3 - "Bullet" Bob Armstrong w/The James Gang vs. Konnan w/LAX: Arm Wrestling Match

Not that I'm a fan of watching The New Age Outlaws wrestle, but why didn't they just let LAX & The Gang have a bloody match. The feud was exceptionally well done up until this point. Every Lockdown seems to have at least one really crappy match (Lethal Lockdown from 2005, Blindfold & Electric Cage from 2007, BG/Kip from 2008) and this was 2006's crappy match, if you count it as an official match.

Match 4 - Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams w/Scott D'Amore vs. "Primetime" Elix Skipper w/Simon Diamond vs. Puma vs. Chase Stevens vs. Shark Boy: Xscape Match

The X Division continues to shine with the 2nd Annual Xscape Match. During the match, Simon Diamond & Scott D'Amore (the respective managers of Elix Skipper & Petey Williams at the time) made a deal that they would work together until it came down to Elix/Petey, which gave the match a nice bit of flavor. This was also a great, action packed, X Division match, and IMO it was a step up from the 1st Xscape match. The spots were insane as hell, including an amazing Shooting Star Press off the top of the cage. The match came down to Petey Williams (who betrayed Skipper) and Chris Sabin, with Sabin escaping the cage first. They were the best two to end it as The World X Cup was starting the next week and Sabin & Petey have a history.

- I know I haven't acknowledged any of the promos so far, but James Mitchell cut one with Abyss and it was AWESOME!!! Mitchell is easily one of the best mic workers in wrestling today. I wish TNA would find something for him to do.

Match 5 - "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe (c) vs. "The Homicidal, Suicidal, Genocidal" Sabu: X Divisiton Championship

Sabu came into this match with a broken arm, which is probably why the match was so short. However, I really enjoyed this match. I like how they played up the difference of styles, and nothing better showed that than the spot where Sabu tried to stab Joe with a screwdriver & Joe countered by locking him in an armbar. That was a very cool spot. Sabu got alot of his key offense in and Joe hung in there with him and adapted well to his style. The finsih was pretty cool too with Joe throwing a chair in Sabu's face as he went for a springboard move, which set up The Muscle Buster.

Match 6 - Team 3D vs. Team Canada: Anthem Match

This match was basically a game of capture the flag as the goal was to retrieve your country's flag from your opponents' corner, and the winning team will have their anthem played. That sounds kind of silly, but the match itself was actually pretty entertaining. Eric Young & Brother Runt were used as guards for the flags while the other four brawled in the cage. They took some pretty nice bumps when trying to reach the flags, and the false finish was really well done too. Team 3D ended up getting the win and the US Anthem was played (which TNA's version sucks BTW) and Scott D'Amore got laid out with a 3D. That was a very entertaining match.

- Before the double main event, a special announcement was made by TNA management (delivered by debuting Christy Hemme) Zbysko was put on probation for his shady decisions, which angered, but not as much as the announcement that a public face of TNA management would be coming on board. Even worse news for Zbysko, Raven was reinstated into TNA and he chased after Zbysko like a shark after blood. This was a really cool segment.

1st Main Event - "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage (c) vs. "The Monster" Abyss w/James Mitchell: NWA World Championship

This was a FUCKING AWESOME MATCH!!! It's easily one of my favorite World Title matches in TNA history, and probably my favorite match in Lockdown history. It was very violent and the build up was very good, which gave the match an intense atmosphere. This match had a little bit of everything. High flying, brawling, drama, near falls, and plenty of sick hardcore action with Abyss taking two Thumbtack bumps. This is arguably the best match for both men in TNA. It was awesome. The finish saw Abyss take the Unprettier into the tacks, allowing Christian to get the win.

2nd Main Event - Sting's Warriors vs. Jarrett's Army: Lethal Lockdown

The first team was Sting, AJ Styles, Rhino, & Ron Killings and the other was Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, and America's Most Wanted.

The first Lethal Lockdown from 2005 was nothing short of a failure, but this match made up for it, and truly captured the feel of an old school War Games Match. Of course using guys like AJ, AMW, Truth & Rhino helped to make it exciting, and Steiner was a fucking beast in there when he went in. Sting got to shine at the end, and of course the spots throughout this match including a Tower of Doom & an awesome spot on the roof of the cage involving AJ Styles & James Storm. That was an amazing visual. Sting's team got the win in this war when Sting made Harris tap out to the Scorpion Deathlock.


The 2nd Lockdown was an amazing show, and IMO the best of its type. The first started off with high energy and then seemed to die down as the show progressed (with them coming alive for AJ/Abyss obviously) but this show never seemed to stop building excitment with each match. The X Division basically ruled the undercard with a total of four matches dedicated to the no limits trademark of TNA, while Team 3D vs. Team Canada provided an entertaining match as well. And then the show was topped off with a fantastic Double Main Event as Abyss vs. Christian & Lethal Lockdown were definately two of the best (if not the two best) matches in Lockdown history. This show was amazing and is definately worth picking up.

Match Rankings
1) Christian vs. Abyss
2) Lethal Lockdown
3) Daniels vs. Senshi
4) Team USA vs. Team Japan
5) Xscape
6) Team 3D vs. Team Canada
7) Joe vs. Sabu
8) Bullet vs. Konnan
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Nice review of Lockdown 06, it's definitely one of my favorite TNA shows ever.

It was also the 1st TNA DVD I ever bought.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

TNA Against All Odds 2005
30 Minute Iron Man Match - AJ Styles vs. Fallen Angel
Man, probably TNA's second best match ever, just barely behind the Unbreakable 2005 three-way. AWESOME.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^^^ AJ vs. Daniels, 1st Ironman was amazing. It's easily one of the best matches in TNA history. It is probably within my top five.

And since Victory Road is coming up:

Top Five Matches in Victory Road History:

1) Christopher Daniels vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Senshi vs. Elix Skipper vs. Kaz vs. Petey Williams vs. Homicide vs. Shark Boy vs. Puma: Ultimate X Gauntlet (2007) - It was kind of the rebirth of Kazarian, so I love it for that reason. Some of the spots in this one were just insane and I really liked how the whole thing came off. I acually wish they'd do this version of Ultimate X again as it adds a whole nother element of unpredictability as you don't know for sure who will be in at the end.

2) Petey Williams vs. AJ Styles: X Title (2004) - The energy in this match was just great and it felt like a big match. Some said it was too short, but I think its was about as good as you could possibly get out of a 10 minute match.

3) Chris Harris vs. Christian Cage (2007) - Unfortunately this was the last good thing Harris did in TNA, but the match was very good. Lots of cool reversals and nearfalls, and a great showing for Harris.

4) Samoa Joe/Kurt Angle vs. Team 3D: Match of Champions (2007)- This was a crazy and chaotic main event and I love that. When The Steiner's interfered and took out Devon, it basically turned into a Triple Threat as Angle & Joe fought for who would get the win which resulted in craziness. This match was much better than expected.

5) Monty Brown vs. Abyss vs. Raven: Monster's Ball (2004) - TNA has had far more violent matches since this, but at the time it seemed absolutely insane and I think these three guys did a great job of making the match entertaining. It was the first time Abyss took the fall into the tacks.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Turning Point (2004)

1.) Tag titles - 3LK vs Team Canada - ***
Yes a *** match! I'm about as stunned as anyone that I enjoyed this, and it's probably the highest I've rated any 3LK match so far. It wasn't amazing but it was surprisingly good.

2.) Kash/Kaz/Bentley vs Garza/Dutt/Siaki - ***
Really good X-division action, there were some blown spots here and there but overall an enjoyable match with some great selling from Dutt. Pretty funny how Traci Brooks flying Thez Press was called "The Pie in the Sky"

3.) Serengeti Survival Match – Brown vs. Abyss - ***1/4

You could win by either Pinfall,submission, or by slamming your opponent into the tacks. Guess which was one used for the victory lol. Good hardcore brawl with some sick spots. Monty damn near Killed Abyss with one of the most brutal POUNCES ever! Weird to see Abyss without his shirt later on, and he took a nasty fall into the tacks. Sadly for him he landed mostly on his head rather than his back. Ouch!

4.) Special Ref Jackie - NYC vs. Kenney/Johnny B. Badd - *1/4

Filler match that sucked skip this. The ending with Jackie slamming Disco was kinda entertaining though.

5.) Diamond Dallas Page vs. Raven - ***
The PPv return of DDP and with Erik Watts doing some terrible commentary during it. Good match here. DDP for no good reason decided to kick the shit out of the ref in the early going which was funny as hell. It was pretty much a NoDQ match from that point on. Got really silly towards the end with these hooded henchmen coming out and Watts interfering but I'd say it was a successful return for Page.

6.) X-Title - Petey Williams vs. Chris Sabin - ****
Oh shit this was a classic X division title match. Great action throughout like Sabin powerbombing Petey onto the guardrail, a sick looking Liger bomb, and a sweet Piledriver. The whole finisher reversal thing came into play and was used very nicely in the story of the match. I had this a bit higher up until the crap ending which you could tell the crowd didn't like either. Yeah Petey is a heel but when a match is going so great you really want a clean finish. But whatever you won't find too many better X-matches that don't involve Aj/Joe or Daniels.

7.) Jarret/Nash/Hall vs Aj/Hardy/Macho Man - **1/4
Meh, Macho was "Kidnapped" earlier in the show so he wasn't there at the start. Aj and JJ pretty much carried the match, there was some nice tag work but the ending was so unbelievably bad that this is about as high as I can go. So the 3 heels are beating down AJ/Hardy, Old decrepit Macho strolls down the ramp cleans house and does the absolute worst rollup in the history of pro wrestling, pinning the champ Jarret.... Not a terrible match in itself but like I said the ending was ridiculous.

8.) Six Sides of Steel - AMW vs Triple X - *****
There are no words to describe this match. No matter how many times I see this it's as incredible as the first time. The brutality, the emotion, the pure unadulterated violence that encompass this is unmatched. About as good a Cage match as you'll ever see. We all know the memorable spots so I won't bore you with that. This is a must see for any fan of wrestling. If this isn't a 5 star match I don't know what the hell is.

Overall: Great ppv top to bottom with only a few flaws, 2 fantastic matches and some very solid mid-card work as well. A vast improvement from Victory road.

They also had this really stupid running gag throughout the show about "Cookie gate" and mocked Vince and HHH. The skits were completely unfunny, (although I did laugh at the great voice impression of HHH). The actual Video that WWE threatened to sue over was pretty silly as well. It consisted of 3LK, Abyss with some ballons, and Traci with cookies, as they "invaded" the WWE and ate their Mahi Mahi, while Eddie and Rey Mysterio came out to say hi to them .

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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

^^^ Now I've been told that Petey Williams was the Triple H impersonator. Does anyone know if that's true?

Great review dude! TP04 is one of my favorites.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Thx was a great ppv indeed.

lol, I'm not sure but that was my first guess just by looking his size, his enormous plastered nose got in the way though lol.
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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Well we did this with 2005 & 2006, so I'll go ahead and rank the PPVs from 2007:

2007 had some pretty damn good PPVs, but had a few others that could definately have been better.

1) Bound for Glory - This is my pick for greatest TNA PPV ever. Seriously, this card was just loaded: A great dream match main event in Angle vs. Sting, an awesome grudge match in Joe vs. Christian (who went 3 for 3 in great PPV matches), one of the better X Title matches of the year in Daniels vs. Lethal, a fantastic Ultimate X Match between LAX & XXX, and a great tag team grudge match in Team 3D vs. The Steiners in a Table Match. We also got the crowning of the first women's champion, Abyss won his first Monster's Ball, and the matches I thought would suck (AJ/Tomko vs. Team Pacman & FFTR) turned out much better than expected. It was just an all around fantastic show.

2) Sacrifice - This was a very stacked show. It had a little bit of everything, and I liked how all three title matches were Triple Threats. It gave the show a nice theme. We got great X Division action with Sabin vs. Lethal vs. Sonjay in the Title Match, a good X 4 Way, and a pretty good AJ vs. Joe match. Jarrett vs. Roode was a really good Old school match, and the main event of Angle vs. Sting vs. Christian showcased the heavyweights very well. Daniels vs. Rhino & Team 3D vs. LAX vs. Steiner/Tomko were pretty solid, and I marked huge for The Steiner Brothers reunion. But of course, no discussion about this show is complete without talking about the amazing Texas Death Match between Chris Harris & James Storm which is my personal pick for TNA Match of the Year for 2007.

3) No Surrender: I loved the theme of the show with Angle having to defend all three of his titles. The tag title match was a great set up for Angle/Sting at BFG, and his World Title Match with Abyss was a pretty good main event. However, it was his X Title match with Jay Lethal that stole the show as it provided the biggest upset in TNA history. Kaz vs. Roode & Storm vs. Rhino were two very good undercard matches, and the tag team gauntlet provided "Total Nonstop Action" for sure. My favorite match was Joe vs. Christian II which was very intense and exciting. From top to bottom, this was a very stacked PPV, and one of TNA's best.

4) Slammiversary: Alot of people seemed to be hard on this show because the matches were too short, but I felt like the undercard was very entertaining and maintained a high energy and it was all capped off with a fantastic main event. The only match I felt truly suffered from lack of time was Sting vs. Daniels, and even that match was pretty good. Other really good matches included Rhino/Senshi vs. LAX, Sabin vs. Lethal for the X Title, Wycheck/Lynn vs. Storm/Killings (very entertaining), & Abyss vs. Tomko: No DQ. Team 3D vs. Animal/Steiner was a good substitute for the 3d/Steiners match, and it was great to see Animal again. And of course I felt Robert Roode vs. Eric Young damn near stole the show. That was a great match. But the MOTN goes to The King of the Mountain match involving Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Christian Cage, & Chris Harris. Definately the best KOTM to date. It was amazing. Another special moment from this show was the heartfelt speech from Jeff Jarrett about his wife's passing and TNA's fifth anniversary. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house.

5) Victory Road: This is a very underrated show. It was loaded with tag matches, which I don't usually like, but the PPV still came off really well. The tag matches were good including a great tag match between Sting/Abyss & Styles/Tomko and an entertaining mixed tag of Eric Young/Gail Kim vs. Robert Roode/Ms. Brooks where Gail once again impressed big time. And of course the Match of Champions main event came off surprisingly well. Joe/Angle & Team 3D put on a very good bout and there were some nice twists during the match. The two singles matches of the show, Rhino/Storm & especially Harris/Christian, were both very good too and it was nice to see the AMW guys get the spotlight (although Harris didn't keep it long) The Ultimate X Gauntlet was just superb and I wish they'd bring that back, maybe at Bound for Glory.

6) Destination X: This show had a few problems. Angle/Steiner wasn't as good as I hoped, and we all know what happened in the Sting/Abyss Last Rites Match (but both matches were ok). Also, VKM vs. The Heart Throbs is my pick for Worst Match of the Year for TNA, maybe even in TNA history. It was just awful. However, there was ALOT of good on this show too. First of all, Lynn vs. Sabin 2/3 Falls was a vast improvement over the AGA match. Team 3D vs. LAX also improved with what I feel is their best match with each other. I got sick of that feud, but that match was the lone great one. Senshi vs. Austin Starr was very good despite a restricting gimmick of only being allowed to win with The Crossface Chickenwing. The Double Bullrope Mixed Tag was very entertaining, and Harris' return at the end was very cool. AJ & Rhino deserve major props for making Elevation X as good as it was. That was probably the scariest match I've ever watched. And of course the main event of Samoa Joe vs. Christian Cage was just fucking amazing! It's my pick for the greatest World Title Match in TNA history. It just blew my mind it was so good. So while this show had its downer moments, the good far outweighed the bad.

7) Final Resolution: This PPV kind of flew under the radar after it happened, but I felt it was pretty damn good throughout. Nothing fantastic, but everything was good. AJ vs. Rhino in Last Man Standing was pretty good & I liked the finish as it made AJ look like a chicken shit heel. Shelley vs. Starr in the PCS finals was good and I was very happy to see Shelley get the win. Team 3D vs. LAX was solid, despite the stupid finish. Petey vs. Storm was solid as well, and Lynn vs. Daniels vs. Sabin was very good, and of course I loved it because it was Lynn's first TNA match in ages. Joe vs. Angle in a 30 Minute Ironman match was overrated IMO, but still a really good match and a worthy entry to their series. I think my favorite match was Sting vs. Christian vs. Abyss in an Elimination bout for the title. Abyss was out first, so it was the closest we got to Sting/Christian one on one in a PPV main event, and they have amazing chesmitry together. It was a very entertaining main event and I was happy to see Christian get the gold back. Again, there was nothing truly amazing on this show, but there was nothing even close to terrible either.

8) Genesis: This was a really good follow up to BFG. The two standout matches are obviously Kaz vs. Christian in an AMAZING Ladder Match and The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Team 3D in what was probably TNA's tag team match of the year. The main event of Sting/Booker vs. Angle/Nash for the title had a ton of energy largely because it was Booker's debut and that was a very special moment. Abyss vs. Black Reign in The Shop of Horrors was surprisingly good (I was expecting a total trainwreck), and Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode was pretty good. Everything else was ok. Steiners vs. AJ/Tomko was decent, so was the Knockouts 4 way, and Lethal/Sonjay was as well and the set up for the Team 3D/X Division feud was well done.

9) Lockdown: Unfortunately, two terrible bombs kept this from being one of the best PPVs of the year. If LAX/Team 3D & Harris/Storm had been regular cage matches without the gimmicks (Electrified Cage & Blindfold respectively) then Lockdown would have been awesome (maybe even Number one on the list) because those should have been great matches. Fortunately the rest of the show delivered. Petey/Roode & Senshi/Starr were both solid, and Gail Kim vs. Jackie Moore was a great women's match. Daniels vs. Lynn was very good. And the two best matches were the opener and the main event as the Xscape Match was amazing & Team Angle vs. Team Jarrett in Lethal Lockdown was fantastic. That was definately the best Xscape Match to date & Lethal Lockdown was pretty high up there.

10) Hard Justice: This show definately could have been better. I won't go as far to say it was horrible like many others did, but I felt some things could have been improved. The ending to the main event was predictable as hell. I'm not upset that it happened, but I wish they had done a better job of making it a surprise. Angle vs. Joe for all the gold was a pretty good match though and I liked the build up to it. I also really liked The Bar Room Brawl between Storm & Rhino, & the opening match of XXX vs. MCMG vs. Lethal/Dutt. Those were the two best matches. I also really liked Steiners vs. Team 3D. They made a big deal out of Pacman Jones, which to be honest I didn't have a problem with. It's just a shame he wasn't allowed to do anything in the ring. The Doomsday Chamber of Blood could have been better, and would have been if Chris Harris was in it instead of Andrew Martin. Speaking of Harris, I could have done without him getting killed by Black Reign. There were some other solid matches here & there (Kaz/Raven, VKM/LAX), but had the two main events had been done better, I don't think people would have hated it as much.

11) Turning Point - The major problem with this show was obviously the main event where Scott Hall no showed and Joe cut that shoot promo. It ruined the main event. The rest of the show was solid. Team 3D vs. The Guns & Lethal in a Tables Match was pretty good. Young vs. Storm was solid. Kaz/Booker vs. Christian/Roode was pretty good. The Thumbtack Match was ok, but would have been better if Rhino hadn't gotten hurt. Awesome Kong vs. Gail Kim is the main reason to check the show out as its one of the best Women's Matches I've ever seen. There were too many tag matches on this show, but overall it was alright. It wasn't terrible, but didn't live up to past Turning Points by a long shot.

12) Against All Odds: This show was just a mess. When one of the better matches is a mixed tag, you know something is wrong. Christy Hemme vs. The Big Fat Oily Guy was putrid. Sabin vs. Lynn for the X Title was very disappointing and boring. LAX vs. Team 3D in a "Little Italy" Streetfight was ridiculous. Senshi vs. Austin Starr was iffy. AJ vs. Rhino in a Chain Match was good, but TNA didn't do a good enough job of selling the gimmick of the match, so making it a chain match just seemed random. Angle vs. Christian in the main event was ok. I didn't think it was that great. The best match on the show by far was Sting vs. Abyss in a Prisonyard Match. That match was great, but couldn't save this show. I consider this to be one of TNA's worst.

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