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[HELP THREAD] Spyware, Malware and Blue Screens of Death

This will probably be the first in a series of HELP THREADS from me, as there's a bunch of stuff I get PM'ed about that I feel could be addressed and answered by a permanent (maybe a sticky?)thread detailing how to resolve these common issues. Feedback is appreciated, and if anyone has anything to add, feel free to add it in a reply or shoot me a PM. And, as always, please do not hesitate to send me a PM if you have any questions that might not be answered in any of these help threads.

So, I dont see one of these, and I figure since I get a bunch of PMs about "please help me, my computer is acting up" (which I don't mind), I should make a thread for how to deal with some of the most common issues. I'll include URLs to software (non-pirated), screenshots with how to use said software, as well as answer any questions about these programs.

Dealing with Spyware/Malware

The first question/issue I get from people is that their system is infected with spyware/malware. For this, I use multiple programs to deal with infected machines.

Using SuperAntiSpyware

First, you'll want to download SuperAntiSpyware HERE and install it.

Install this to whatever folder you want, and open it up. The program will check for updates and new definitions. If it doesnt, then please see the screenshot below for how to update.

Spoiler for Update definitions:

Once you've updated the definitions, you'll want to scan the machine. I always use the Complete scan option. Quick scan, and critical point scan are very selective, and dont cover everything. If you're going to run those, you may as well not even install the software. If you feel the system might be highly infected, enable the "Rescue Scan" checkbox. Rescue Scan will dedicate almost all of the computer's resources to the scan, so do not run this if you want to use the machine while scanning (I almost never use it). Follow the screenshots below, and make sure you check off all hard drives.

You will be presented with the option for "active scan boost". This option also allocates more system resources to the scan, as the notes in the window suggest. Also, leave the "only scan files modified within the last 30 days" checkbox unchecked. You want to check the entire machine. Then click "Start complete scan".

Screenshots below explain the scanning process.

Spoiler for Scan:

When the scan is finished, you'll be presented with a pop up stating how many threats were detected (screenshot below)...click continue, and it'll take you to the window listing all threats found. Most of the items the scan will turn up are "Tracking Objects", which is really just all of the cookies stored on your machine. Since I always suggest clearing your browser cookies every so often, just leave them selected. (I left mine unselected in the screenshot because I dont have any problems with the machine, so I'm in no rush to remove the cookies.

Other items that will appear in this list would be listed as "Trojan" or Worm"...LEAVE THEM SELECTED, and click remove threats.

Spoiler for Results:

Once you've removed the threats, you may be prompted to reboot the machine. Please dont say "I'll do this later". If you want to remedy what ails your computer, you should reboot your computer when prompted to. I'd advise running a scan every so often just to make sure the system is free from spyware/malware threats.

Once you've done this, your next step would be to install Spybot Search and Destroy, which will catch spyware other programs might not catch. You might be asking "why not just use this one if it catches the ones SAS doesnt? The answer is simple; there isnt ONE end all be all piece of software that's going to catch everything. This combination works best for me, and I've had an infection free machine for nearly 5 years.

Using Spybot Search & Destroy

First, you'll want to install the software. To download it, click HERE

Once you've downloaded it, you'll obviously want to install it. Select "FULL INSTALL" when prompted for the type of install. When you are met with the below screen, you should ABSOLUTELY leave all the pre-checked boxes checked, ESPECIALLY the ones under the "Permanent protection" section. Finish the install and leave all the options in the very last installation box selected and click FINISH. (Screenshots below)

Spoiler for Installation:

Once you've installed, the program will prompt you to follow a set of steps. Steps 1 and 2 are already completed when you first load the program, so don't be alarmed that you start out on step 3. You will want to make a backup of your registry, so do not skip this. See the screenshots below for how to do this.


Spoiler for Backing up the Registry:

Once the Registry has been backed up, you will need to search for updates. Click the "Search for updates" button to advance to the updater screen (both screens are below). Once you get to the Updater screen, select a server to download the updates from--you'll want to select a server close to you to ensure the best speed. Once youve selected a server and hit continue, you'll be taken to the file selection screen. Check off all the boxes and click download.

Spoiler for Update SS&D:

Once the updates have been downloaded and applied, the program will prompt you to to perform a full scan. Click ok. We're not done configuring this program just yet. One final step we need to take to ensure full protection is to IMMUNIZE the system. In the main screen, you'll want to click the "Immunize" button. THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL, YOU MUST DO THIS.

Once you've clicked immunize, you'll be taken to the immunization screen. The system will search for all threats you are currently unprotected from, and state this on the right hand side, next to the brick wall. Once SS&D has finished scanning for what you're not currently protected against, you will want to click the "Immunize" option with the plus sign next to it at the top of the screen.

Please close ALL browsers before immunizing.


Spoiler for Immunize your system:

Once the immunization process has been completed, you are ready to perform a scan. To perform a scan, click the "Search and Destroy" Icon in the top left of the program. You will be taken to the Search and Destroy screen, where you can scan for issues. Click the "check for problems button", where you will be asked if you want to delete the temporary files, which will help increase search speed--click yes. Once this has been done, the system will be thoroughly scanned for residual spyware/malware.


Spoiler for Scanning and Fixing Issues:

Wait for the scan to finish and make sure you select all entries, and click "Fix selected problems" at the top of the screen. Once you've fixed the issues, REBOOT, and you'll be done!

Blue Screen of Death Help

The last thing I want to address here is the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. While this is something I get fewer PMs about, it's still worth addressing. This is NOT going to show you how to fix the BSOD. Instead, I am going to cover how to be able to send me the information from the BSOD so I can assist you completely. Since Blue Screen reasons vary from case to case, there is no way for me to cover how to fix all of them. Follow the steps below to install the necessary software so you can get me the information in a comprehensive manner.

Installing and using Blue Screen View

First, you'll want to download the program. To do so, click HERE. Once you've downloaded it, install the program to whatever directory you desire.

Once you've installed it, all you need to do is open the program. You'll want to see the ACTUAL blue screen, and then take a screenshot of it so you can upload it for me to see. First, you need to turn on the Blue Screen option in the program. To do so, just hit F8. Once this has been done, you should select the most recent file (top of the list in the top pane). Make sure the bottom pane has NO scrollbar, and hit the key combination of ALT+Print Screen. Once you've taken a screenshot, open microsoft paint and paste the screenshot, and save it. Then upload it to imgur.com and post the image in the thread or PM me the image so I can diagnose the problem correctly.

Spoiler for BlueScreenView:

Please let me know if any of the above information is confusing and I will do everything I can to clarify it for you! Hopefully this thread helps you guys with issues related to spyware/malware and BSODs.
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Re: [HELP THREAD] Spyware, Malware and Blue Screens of Death

I've been using quick scan for Mbytes because every time I use full scan, it doesn't complete and freezes my comp and I have restart it. I will give this a go, but not today, because I literally can't. Thanks.

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Re: [HELP THREAD] Spyware, Malware and Blue Screens of Death

it should also be noted that there are some forms of malware and spyware that CANNOT be removed with these means. The biggest culprits I've found that escape these scans sometimes are toolbars. If you have a toolbar problem, you should post it here, and I'll help you through removal.
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Re: [HELP THREAD] Spyware, Malware and Blue Screens of Death

I need help with this error I get every-time I open Firefox and it will cause it to crash... Please help me!

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ok, try this. copy the profiles folder and put it on your desktop (it's ALWAYS good to back things up before testing a possible fix), then delete it. Try opening the browser.

All you need to do is copy the below into a windows explorer (not internet explorer) address bar, and hit enter, then copy the profiles folder, paste it somewhere, and then delete it:


Isaias, did that work?
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Re: [HELP THREAD] Spyware, Malware and Blue Screens of Death

Originally Posted by Isaias4u2nv View Post
I need help with this error I get every-time I open Firefox and it will cause it to crash... Please help me!

Add-ons can cause this problem.Try the Firefox Safe Mode which disables add-ons.If you don't get that error in safe mode than its definitely an add-on that is causing the problem.
use the Help menu item and click on the "Restart with Add-ons Disabled" while Firefox is running.
Try it, a temporary fix that should works.
If it does work than disable add-ons 1 by 1 to see which one is causing the problem.

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Re: [HELP THREAD] Spyware, Malware and Blue Screens of Death

I have this thing on my laptop (spyware or whatever called Scorpion Saver. I can't seem to get rid of it. When I try manually, it says "unidentified publisher wants access..." and when I click "Details" it says "adpeak" wants access to my computer. Well adpeak is scorpion saver, and I don't want it accessing my computer any further. How do I properly get rid of this thing? Last time I tried to DL something, it seemed to have malware attached to it. I need something reliable, and I guess my Avast that I bought isn't doing anything.
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