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Issues_Sunshyne 11-11-2012 02:25 PM

PC speaker extended cable (UK)
In short, I'm looking for PC speakers that can be connected to the PC, but used 10 metres away. Are there specific types of speakers for this, or can I buy extended cables to do the job?

My PC is currently being used on the main large television in our main room, using the bracketed television that is up on the wall as a monitor. This is great for watching movies and such, but not so great for anything else such as general internet usage and gaming, (it's great for gaming, but as it's the main television can never get used for it,) so I've decided to move it away into a different room upstairs onto it's monitor, but still keep it connected to the TV we're currently using through discreet cabling and a splitter box.

I have found everything I need so far so all that I need now is speakers that will reach the roughly 10 metres or so from PC to large television. From a quick look online I have found certain things, but I cannot ascertain whether they're for General speakers or whether they can be used for PC speakers. Is there a special type of cable I can buy for PC speakers? Or if I carry on looking can I find PC speakers with 10metre cabling, or is this something that just doesn't happen,(which I can understand as PC speakers are in and around the pc itself usually.)

Again, in short, I'm looking for PC speakers that can be connected to the PC, but used 10 metres away. Are there specific types of speakers for this, or can I buy extended cables to do the job?

Any help is very much appreciated! I know it's a strange one and I could have kept googling, or used a specific site, but I know from experience this site is great as this section and would rather get a human response here than some jobsworth in a PC shop trying to sell me 200 speakers.

Noel 11-11-2012 03:12 PM

Re: PC speaker extended cable (UK)
If you're still yet to buy the speakers, why not simply invest in some wireless ones? I'm not sure if your budget is 200 or if you meant you didn't want some guy trying to sell you a set for 200. But FYI you can get a pretty nifty wireless 5.1 setup for around 200.

I used to use the Logitech z906 system which is wireless and probably around that 200 mark now, but just recently had to downgrade to my old z10's for space saving reasons.

In regards to your "special type of cable" question, as long as the output on the speakers is a 3.5mm jack (or obviously, USB) you will have no problems connecting them to a PC.

EDIT: The z906 is indeed around the 200 mark if you're interested.

Issues_Sunshyne 11-16-2012 11:07 AM

Thanks for your reply, Noel. Really appreciated, man.

I don't mind paying 200 because I know I will get the use out of them, however after a talk to the Missus and actually a good think, I think it would be worth just seeing if we could set up a cheap set of speakers first and then improve them down the line. (You know how these things could be, I could end up just bringing the PC back down stairs.)

To go in depth slightly, what I have planned is to put the computer on top of the stairs with a monitor, power supply, wireless keyboard/mouse and it's own set of cheap speakers (this will only be used for gaming, general internet usage and more than likely used the majority through decent headphones.) I have then bought a VGA splitter box which feeds, as well as the monitor above the computer on top of the stairs, all the way down to the LCD on the wall in the main living room. This all works fine as I'm using a 20m VGA cable, and another set of wireless Keyboard/mouse with a sensor to pick them up all the way away from the computer when I'm watching the TV downstairs.

All of the equipment: 20m VGA cable, 2 sets of Wireless Keyboard/mouses, VGA splitter have so far come without cost. I had 2 wireless keyboard/mice already through using different computers, the 20m VGA cable and splitter I got through my handy downloaded-apps Points2Shop points, so Im thinking of trying now to spend 200 on speakers as I'm not aiming to do it on the cheap.

I already have a decent set of speakers I already use, so I'm just wondering if I can get some form of extended cable I can put into my computers speaker ports and lead the cable all the way down into the main living room to use. The speakers I have a Diamond Audio Storm, which I got with the computer years ago but they work great, they have two cables leading from them though; one that goes into the hole next to the PC power supply, and one that plugs into the green hole for the speakers.

Would it be possible for me to get an extended cable for these speakers? Or, if not, could I get a set of speakers and then add an extended cable?

Sorry if that's a bit much, thanks for your help, Noel, and anybody elses on this. I'm not the most computer literate person in the world so I just don't want to end up getting it wrong.

You know what... I've been an idiot and only just thought I could pick up a cheap set of speakers that are USB powered and just buy a cheap USB extension cable.

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