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PatrickHavoc 03-16-2013 03:32 PM

A few suggestions..
After a long time of browsing through the forum, I finally decided to actually become a member, I know that everyone will obviously look at me like I'm new and I have no say in what should happen around here and I'd say you're right.

Now, being a moderator in the past for one of the most famous football (soccer) forums in the past, I have gotten to have a fair view of how message boards should look like, etc.

I think the main thing that has stopped from actually paying to be a Lifetime member, is the actual avatars and signatures. I feel that posters on this community go completely overboard with them. Which makes it look very, very messy. It's probably nothing for pretty much everyone but it really seems to annoy me a fair bit and makes it hard to actually go through posts sometimes. I look at it in a way where the signature should rarely be bigger than the post itself.

And really, there's a fair amount of people on here that do have a good idea when it comes to signatures and have a small one that adds flavor to their posts, but others are just ridiculous how long they are.

Here's a few examples I have found from this forum.

Here's another.

And now here's a few from the forum where I'm also a frequent user and the moderators are very strict on the actual Avatars and Signatures.


And another,

And I understand some people would be completely against this, but it's just a suggestion that could make this community a neater place, everything besides this is great.

Anyway, sorry for such a long post, and I hope to be a very frequent user on here from now onwards. (Y)

AryaDark 03-16-2013 04:02 PM

Re: A few suggestions..
If the sigs bother you feel free to turn them off.

PatrickHavoc 03-16-2013 04:06 PM

Re: A few suggestions..
Oh perfect, didn't even know we could. Thanks!

AryaDark 03-16-2013 04:07 PM

Re: A few suggestions..
Yep, it's in your UserCP. :D:

Meki 03-16-2013 04:10 PM

Re: A few suggestions..
Go to options, and then Signature off :o

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