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Re: Malware on the site?

I got the same warning too. I got it everytime I tried to reply to a thread yesterday What I did was download the adblocker that Bully put on the first page. Worked like a charm.

A virus did try to get my computer when I was lurking this forum, though.

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Re: Malware on the site?

I can't believe that this issue hasn't been taken care of already. It's been almost TWO MONTHS since the admins were made aware of the fact that there is adware/viruses embedded on the site, and nothing has been done to solve it. I had to download the Adblock Plus extension for Google Chrome, then figure out a way isolate the code that was causing the problem, and then add filters to block it (which was a bit of a pain in the ass mind you). This was necessary to prevent my antivirus from going off every single time that I loaded a new page. Can you imagine how annoying it is to have your antivirus play annoying sounds & pop up a warning 20 times while reading a 20 page thread? I can only imagine how many potential new users this has scared off, or simply annoyed them to the point where they decided it simply wasn't worth it. I know a ton of older people, and even people my age and younger for that matter, who wouldn't have been able to figure out how to solve the problem the way I did. These people would have just decided to leave the site and never come back due to the stigma associated with viruses and adware, which is perfectly understandable in my opinion. Many of these people could have undoubtedly contributed a great deal to this forum, and that just isn't going to happen now. It makes the site and it's admins look very irresponsible.

Having adware on the site makes the site look second rate. Imagine if a wrestler decided to visit this forum after the site turned up in a Google search, and he decided to clear up an issue that someone made a post about, only to be turned off by the adware. Such a scenario isn't hard to believe. I run a music site, and have retired musicans and their family members post in my comments section at least 2-3 times a year.

If an admin is reading this.. Please fix this problem NOW. It isn't a hard problem to fix, and several people in this thread have offered their services. There really isn't a good excuse to not fix the problem. It makes the site look very, very bad. I can understand if you aren't experiencing the problem that it is out of site, out of mind, which is why it is important to fix it right now, while you are thinking about it. If you don't, it's going to appear as if you just don't give a fuck about the current members, guests & potential new members, whether that is the case or not.

I want to make it clear that I love this forum, even though I only discovered it fairly recently. This problem is my only criticism of the site as of right now.

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Re: Malware on the site?

I'm getting the Chrome red-screen malware warning anytime I try and click on this thread:

Chrome won't even give me an option to view it.

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Re: Malware on the site?


Originally Posted by CREDMI View Post
You're fucken damn right, you've rustled my jimmies & I assume everyone else's!!! I tell you what, I'll pay your airfare over to Melbourne, it will only be a one way ticket though, because I will KILL you, you child molesting fuckwit!!!
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Re: Malware on the site?

I'm not having anymore problems on the site. But I do agree the administrators should be more diligent about keeping this board malware & pop up free. This problem continued for me for the longest time and didnt seem like anything was being done about it until recently. Also so far I havent seen any type of response recently from an admin about whether the problems is cleared up or not.

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Re: Malware on the site?

Originally Posted by Asenath View Post
I'm getting the Chrome red-screen malware warning anytime I try and click on this thread:

Chrome won't even give me an option to view it.
Yep same here. Wonder whats so special with that thread. Is it a gif or picture that screws things up for Chrome users?
If its something to do with flash.

EDIT: Yeah found the problem. You can bypass the warning by clicking "advance" and "continue at your own risk".
There is a picture in the second post that comes from ( the site Chrome warnes me for ).

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Re: Malware on the site?

when you watch women of wrestling section than sometimes caming popups but i was installing Pop up stopper so i dont have anything right know...

No more of them all better with the right software.

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Re: Malware on the site?

I got a warning going into the thread about Cena recruiting today.

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Re: Malware on the site?

It could be from some people using porn gifs in their sigs. That often sets off malware warnings because people like to hide malware in porn sites.
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Re: Malware on the site?

I am getting a warning about that same thing from Avast darn near every time I open up a forum. I am using Adblock plus on Firefox and still every time I open anything bingbingbing!

Though I did open the blockable items list in Adblock just now and found it and blocked it and the avast warnings have quieted

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