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Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

I think its a bad idea. So Now instead of just two or three days of Ratings wars every week, you have one whole thread dedicated to it for the endless bitching which goes no where.

let me just quote starbuck -

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
For the record, I don't think the ratings threads should be stickied. It's like having one big thread for Raw every week and is just going to mess everything up. Also, why people think this is the first time bitch fights have erupted over ratings is beyond me. They happen all the time and have happened in the past to this extreme, usually when somebody the IWC likes or dislikes draws or loses viewers yet somehow those threads didn't get stickied. Don't see why this should be any different tbh and it does whiff of the fact that it involves Punk and some of the mods are Punk marks. Pretty sure if these shitstorms were erupting about somebody else, see Orton in 2010 for example, that there would be no sticky thread.

On the actual ratings front from last week, which we now have to go hunting back for which is why I don't like the idea of having one big ratings thread, there isn't much to say other than the same thing we've been saying for ages now. Cena draws on all fronts and that's about it really. The low start to the show is pretty shitty but there was no build for anything going into that show iirc so it shouldn't be surprising that nobody tuned in. The big news will come when we get this weeks rating breakdown because that's the interesting one.

Its a bad idea, someone should remove it.
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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

It was to avoid the 50 different thread bitching about it, some staff thought it was the best solution.

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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

Well there is still going to be "50 different threads" about the same topic, i dont see how sticky is the solution.
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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

The main RAW rating thread that is created every week acts as the offical ratings thread for that week; that is where 90% of the discussion about that weeks rating goes. However, people still make extra rating threads anyway, so my question is, how is having a stickied rating thread going to make any difference whatsoever? People will still create the extra threads that everyone hates so much.

All this move has done is ruined one of the most popular threads every week that actually creates discussion and debate. Sure some people don't like talking about ratings, well its up them to stay the fuck out of the rating threads then. No one forces them to enter and start reading our comments.

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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

There's only one ratings thread anyway, every week different number and breakdown, so why they made one thread? that's like doing one RAW thread, this is clearly a way for Punk mods to protect him because nobody read it. if you don't want to read it, get out, what's the problem here?
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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

It won't change so why bitch about it? Why would rather not have any thread about the ratings then? That would probably be the only other option.

Fucking bitches. Getting money.

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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

its to kill discussion on it. similar to the taker streak thread (which would have probably over 1000 accumulative pages by now instead of 50) and pretty much all official threads that won't get any attention. if you don't like ratings discussion, you should be an advocate of this
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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

Its this Brye guy who is abusing his Mod authority.

Look at this -

WTF? Now he is telling everyone what to post and what not to post?

How the hell did this fucking MARK even become a moderator? Most of the mods are punk fans here but i dont see them getting involved in ratings arguments yet this guy is all over the thread defending punk & telling others what to do.

Why hasnt the admin done something about this? Either take him off the mod spot and let him be the mark that he is or make sure he knows wtf he is doing as a moderator.
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Re: Why is the Ratings Thread Stickied?

The bitching ends and the decision stands. If you have an issue with a mod, PM an admin. Considering Mr.Premium's track record, Brye is fine.

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