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Re: F1 2013 thread

All this time I thought Webber would be better off without Red Bull, and that Vettel hogs the spotlight.. everyone at work was telling me I have no clue.

I was right about Vettel, massive cunt of a bloke.

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Re: F1 2013 thread

I've never liked Vettel. Now I have confirmation that he is a complete cunt.

He is the cornerstone of WWE and he is the reason that this business runs.
- JBL commentating on the Undertaker.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

It's actually infuriating hearing people who know nothing about the sport saying Vettel was right to pass him because he was the faster car or better driver, completely clueless to the fact that Webber wouldn't have been caught if he hadn't turned the engine down.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

Webber seems to be contemplating his future at the team. Now as unlikely as it seems, what do you all reckon would happen in the event Webber decides he's had enough and quits? You reckon Red Bull would give Buemi the seat? Maybe Ricciardo or Vergne? Or even Kovalainen? Heikki has been in the paddock this weekend with Caterham (likely as a push to Pic and Van der Garde to get on with it).
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Re: F1 2013 thread

I think there's a good chance he'll leave at the end of the season but there's a long way to go and a lot of time for things to change. There's the Vettel to Ferrari for 2014 rumour and we don't know what seats may open up at other teams. If Massa's got a 1 year deal with Ferrari, there may be some truth to the possibility of Vettel going there, and if he does leave Red Bull, Webber might decide to stay and Massa could go join him. Personally I don't buy Vettel leaving Red Bull and I think they would go for one of the TR's to replace Webber if he goes.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

Vettel won't leave Red Bull while Marko is there.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

Vettel might move to Ferrari, Marko or no Marko. Folks said Hamilton was career McLaren and that didn't last. Where Massa is back again, and Perez (a former Ferrari backed driver) went to a different team, I could see there being a pre-contract of some sort existing that would have him alongside Alonso in 2014.

As to Mark, every time there's a falling out, or the illusion of one, between Webber and Red Bull folks start speculating as to where he could go. It's obvious that he isn't exactly fond of Vet, but he's stayed on where he is, when other options existed, so I have to think he can't be that unhappy. He is driving a top car for a winning team, which appears to be worth something to him.

If the final breakup is imminent, I can't imagine where he'd hop off to that would be worth it, from his perspective, at this late stage in his career. Lotus (if Grosjean falters again)? Swapping with Massa (for a drive and team pecking order position pretty well the same as the one he has now, only with the possibility of better working relationship with his teammate)? To one of the mid to lower ranked teams for 2014, where he'd have to fight his way around in a slower car? I'm not sure he will even choose to stay in F1 post Red Bull.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

To be honest after today's shenanigans I don't think Ferrari would even want Vettel!. Ferrari has always said that no man is bigger than the team, so if Seb was at Ferrari and did THAT, he'd probably have a prancing horse's head on his pillow that night.

As for Mark, he may see it out but I do think that it's possible he'll go on 'gardening leave' if Vettel isn't punished in any way. Mark's a guy who speaks his mind so if nowt happens he may decide to stand by his principles. I do think it's unlikely but I couldn't rule it out.
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Vettel won't join Ferrari whilst Alonso is there. He has a clause in his contract that Ferrari can't sign Vettel while Alonso is there. Also with the signings of De la Rosa/Fishichello and being allowed to take test 1 off looks to have his feet firmly under the table. Rumours are Ferrari have bow'd to his demands and will sign an extension to keep Alonso on further than his 2016 contract and the possible signing of Flavio Briatore to Ferrari.

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Re: F1 2013 thread

Schumacher wasn't bigger than Ferrari ?

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