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Re: F1 2013 thread

Originally Posted by Cliffy Byro View Post
Jesus, everybodies raging on webber and applauding vettel on the bbc website comments.

Total lack of understanding of the sport.
You have read their comments there, right? I just went in, and I see the worst string of comments I've seen in almost any site. And most of them are trying their best to make Vettel look he is the leader of the fifth Reich. Their F1 section is ripe with some of the worst selection of posters on the entire internet.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

I was on there earlier and they were praising vettel for being a racer. Dunno if they've changed their minds since.

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Re: F1 2013 thread

It's turned extremely volatile. Depressing to read. After every race, I am more and more turned away from reading the site fully. Crawling with people who believe their opinions are truth.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

their football section is just as bad.

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Re: F1 2013 thread

Not yet as bad as goal.com. Can read some of the posts. But it's getting there.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

Double team orders race. Really, that overshadows everything else for me. I know team orders are legal, and I'm ok with that, but the way the drivers handled Brundle's questions didn't exactly do their teams any pr favours.

Good old Webber; he's sure not one to keep the team business quiet. That was the most awkward podium interview yet, but everyone must have seen it coming. I don't blame him for being pissed. I have to think that Vettel acting out like a spoiled child, passing whenever he wants and fair warning be damned, has done as much, if not more, to sour team harmony as Webber's public dirty laundry airing. I supose it all spices up watching RedBull run off to another superseason...

As far as Hamilton's post race; I guess it was nice of him to acknowledge his teammate but he came across too apologetic. I wasn't his decision to hold station, but considering the amount of criticism he gets it makes sense that he'd want to show he wasn't demanding #1 status.

The race itself wasn't all that eventful. Aside from Alonso's wing failure (which could have caused a much bigger incident other than just putting him out early, so there's that to be thankful for), Button's unexpectedly strong position prior to his disaster pit stop and the Lotus sluggishness relative to last week there wasn't that much to note. Or, if there was, it faded in comparison to the obligatory post-race controversy.

Oh well. I have Indycars in St. Petersberg to watch now. I haven't followed anything pre-season and have no clue what to expect.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

Disgusted by Vettel's actions today. The amount of times Webber's protected his position in the same situation and the cunt has the nerve to do that, going against team orders & taking advantage of Webber when he'd slowed it down. Disgusted but not surprised.

Props to Rosberg too for showing Vettel up. Gutted for Di Resta, Sutil & Button too. Why Alonso didn't pit at the end of the first lap I don't know. Crazy & costly.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

vettel acting like an ignoramous and as webber said it will go unpunished, i wonder what would happen to webber if he done the same thing
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Re: F1 2013 thread

Vettel is a piece of shit. End of story. If there was no team orders to basically cruise to the finish and Vettel overtook him then fair enough. You deserve that win. But when your team orders something, your teammate obeys and you decide to do the cheap ploy then lets face it, you're a dickhead.
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Re: F1 2013 thread

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