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Gandhi 11-08-2012 08:47 AM

What sport do you play best?
Soccer for me,What about you?

Anark 11-08-2012 08:56 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
I'm brilliant at football (aren't we all), and would have been a pro but then the pub and cigarettes and girls and weed. Played right wing when I was young because I was quick and a good crosser. More of a centre-mid now, though I haven't played a proper elevens match for probably three years or so.

Pretty handy at table tennis too.

WutChagoNAdoBrothA 11-08-2012 08:59 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?

was going to play in college but lost my scholarships because I missed an entire season with knee and back injuries

It was only D2 and D3 schools talking to me ... i wasn't going to UNC or Duke , but still. I was (am) prettyyyy good

BULLY 11-08-2012 09:10 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
Is pool a sport? I kick ass at that.

Also alright at Football,tennis and table tennis.

Rush 11-08-2012 09:15 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
Cricket followed by football. Could've and probably should've gone to play in the u'23s rep cricket side this year but i couldn't be fucked playing with my normal team on saturdays and the rep side on sundays.

Football i started as a right back for a couple of year, then played mostly as a centre back. Then when we moved from the u18's to 21s i became a DM/CM. Best thing about my junior footballing days was when i got poached by a team going up to first division. The coach was the dad of one of the blokes in my cricket team and he was fairly rich so each person who trialled and got picked in the first team got a bag, ball, tracksuit, drink bottle, 2 training shirts, a club polo shirt and a club hat which is pretty awesome to get when you're 11 :lol

Whap Me Jungles 11-08-2012 09:43 AM

Rugby. Best of a shit bunch though

#dealwithit 11-08-2012 09:46 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
Snooker. I'm pretty good at soccer for a guy that can't run much.

Samoon 11-08-2012 11:10 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
Football. I am play mostly at center mid but I can play as a center back. My defensive skills aren't bad.

nazzac 11-08-2012 11:19 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
1. Football (soccer)- I've played all over the place. I got started out at left abck when i was younger, but then i was moved to the left wing. Then i became a striker for a while, before being moved to attacking midfield because i had good vision for my age. I was then moved to centre midfield to help the team basically, because we got a new guy who was good in AM, but not anything much in other positions. I then quit for a while, but during a PE lesson at achool, we played football. I played at Centre back and played a stormer. I got told i should sign up for the football team and play at Centre back, and so i did. I played at Centre back for the rest of my school years. Not i've stayed on at school (6th form college), we got a new guy who is a good Centre back, so i've moved to defensive midfield, where i play now.

2. Tennis- I play at a club in my local area now. I'm decent, but not really good. My backhand is terrible especially. But i've got a decent serve for quite a small guy, and a decent touch at the net. Therefore i play serve and Volley.

3. Boxing- I used to box, and i was naturally good according to the coach. But, i didn't work hard enough really, and i ended up quitting after winning a few fights. I just wanted to fight really, and i couldn't be bothered with training.

Nige™ 11-08-2012 11:42 AM

Re: What sport do you play best?
1. Football - best positions are in goal first probably, then full back on either side due to my gift of being good with both feet (I don't know how that happened but my left was garbage younger, now it's better than my right). I can play as a striker too. I'm not quick or skillful but I can finish for fun and I read the game well.

2. Tennis
3. Bowling
4. Table Tennis
5. Pool
6. Cricket - better bowler than batsman but quite handy.

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