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Sports players you blatantly hate...

Who are the players that you downright hate? There must not necessarily be a rationale or anything.

My list:

Cesc Fabregas - Started since at Arsenal. Always hated him and always will. He had an incident at Wembley in 2007 I guess with Frank Lampard, who was my favourite player at that point, which added fuel to the flames. Just downright hate the guy and never ever see myself liking him.

Sergio Busquests - Diving cunt.

Javier Hernandez Cicharito - Might seem a little harsh but I just dislike the kid. Talented, yes. Not that much of a hate though

Aaron Ramsey

John Arne Risse - During his stint at Pool. Almost always finds a way to score against us.

Mario Balotelli - Attention seeker. Can't keep his head down and face the task ahead of him. Great talent, there's no denying that, but arrogant at the same time.

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Re: Footballer you blatantly hate...

BIG MAN obviously
Ca$hley Cole
Stevie G
Racist Suarez

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Re: Footballer you blatantly hate...


pretty much anyone who's ever worn a United shirt
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Re: Footballer you blatantly hate...

I'm gonna change the thread title to "Sports players you blatantly hate", otherwise we may get more threads of this for different sports, which isn't necessary.

If I hate a footballer it probably is Fabregas. A little pony who thinks he is a tough man. Typical Arsenal guy.
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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...


I would say Balotelli, but he's so entertaining. Hate is a strong word, I don't hate anyone based on footballing ability.

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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...

Well I dislike players such as Suarez, not just as an Everton fan but because he really winds me up with things he has done.

I used to dislike Craig Bellamy too, but I have gained a lot of respect for him after his move to how home side down the leagues and his performance at the Olympics,

I think I hate Mark Hughes. Firstly it was for one comment he made about Lescott leaving Everton for a 'big club' like City when he was their manager. City are huge now but back then they were a side who were a few seasons from division 2 with major investment and, as an ex everton player, Mark Hughes should have thought before he spoke. Him apparently being interested in other jobs with better teams days after becoming the manager for a team wound me up too.

Players like Ballotelli are just entertaining and are just good to watch.

My bro played a 5 a side tournament with Joey Barton a few months ago and said he was actually a proper nice lad, which surprised me, but I don't dislike him either.
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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...

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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...


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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...

Alex Rodriguez
Drew Brees

thanks to kingfunkel
:favre er
Green Bay Packers Boston Red Sox
All Time Favorites
John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Cornette knows best
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Re: Sports players you blatantly hate...

I think Barton would actually be quite a good laugh. I get the feeling he just has very bad anger management issues.

Hate list.

Rio Ferdinand: Hypocritical keyboard warrior who really took it over the edge for me when he moaned all summer about not being picked for England. Who fucking cares Rio? Stop complaining like the spoiled twat you are and start pulling out less Jamie Carragher-esque performances. As for Anton, fair enough not shaking Terry's hand, but avoiding Cole solely because he testified under oath against you just made him come across as a petulant tosser in my book.

Busquets- The worst offender at diving in the game. Rat faced goober who would be even higher than Rio on the "Sports Players you blatently want to punch in the face" list. Made Drogba at his worst look like a saint in comparison.

Robbie Fowler would be there if he hadn't have redeemed himself by briefly playing for Cardiff.

Garth Crookes- To be fair mainly his punditry. So astonishingly biased in the JT/Ferdinand case that even my mum who has no interest in it felt like complaining to the BBC. His team of the week segment on the BBC seems to be composed 50% of the biggest names who played, regardless of performance, and the rest by drawining names out of a hat.

Not many I hate to be fair.

Steve the memories alone
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