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Originally Posted by Priceless Blaze View Post
I'd like too see if it gets answered and opinions on it and what not, when people talk about who the good teams are, people try to use the whole who has rings and who doesn't theory, how many years do you feel a team can live off my team has a ring, yours doesn't theory for it to be a logical and good reason too say said team is better? Like okay the Jets have 1 Superbowl Ring, where the Falcons do not, but the Jet's Superbowl was in 1968 back when it was still an NFL/AFL championship game, would that make them better then the Falcons? or any other team that doesn't have a Superbowl ring because people who don't play anymore won a Superbowl for the team?

For me, it depends on how many you got before you can set a year, 1 ring I say after about 7 or 8 years, that ring vs no ring shouldn't apply, then I guess after awhile you just keep adding a year from there if you like for each ring said team has. I ask this because I see some 1-2 ring teams fans use the ring theory after not having a Superbowl win in a few years and it's like, the ones who won that ring have nothing to do at all with the game anymore, and if they do it's like maybe 1 or 2 at the most still on the team and that doesn't really make them better.
In order for a team to use the rings argument, they still have to be a consistently good team even in the years when they don't win a Super Bowl. That's why a team like the Patriots can still have bragging rights but the Cowboys can't.

Thank you Edge.

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Originally Posted by JM View Post
Rings ultimately give franchises credibility and fans will ride that as long as possible. Saints fans can easily say, sure the Falcons are good this year but they've been good before and have choked. And this of course is true and the Falcons definitely have something to prove come playoff time. Same thing can be said about the Texans although it's not really fair as Schwab got hurt last year and who knows what they would have/could have done if he hadn't.

Better? Look right now.
Credibility? Look over a longer period of time.
Overall success? Look over a long period of time.

Look at the Eagles in the early to mid 2000s too. A lot of good seasons but they really didn't get any credibility from it as they consistently choked in the NFC championship or before.
Oh I agree, I'm a Falcon fan and they do always mess it up in the playoffs, but I think this year is there year, they've played well this year and always seem to be able to pull it out, the Giants coming up will be a pretty big test for them and I think if they can pull that off they will do great thought the playoffs.

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The best franchise in Football is the Pittsburgh Steelers despite whether you are counting rings, or not. If you just go by the last two coaches it's not hard to see why. Every single head coach that the Steelers have had since the AFL/NFL merger has won at least one Superbowl. No other franchise can say this, or at least none that come to mind. Between Chuck, Bill, and Mike there are 8 Super Bowl appearances. This team has something that most franchises just don't have, and that's structure. Look at some of the teams in the NFL with all their head coach changes.

Look at how many Steelers are in the NFL HOF. The 70's Steelers was voted as the best team of all time, not just decade, but all time. The "Immaculate Reception" is considered one of the most amazing plays in sports of all time. The Steelers were the first NFL franchise to win 4 Super Bowls. If you go back to the 90's with Cowher this team should have won 3, or 4 more. However, they still managed to be as successful as they were in a time where they didn't have a credible QB ever. We saw names like Brister, Graham, O'Donnell, Miller, Stewart, and countless other average QB's.

In any case Cowher was still one of the most successful coaches of the 90's. He managed to launch a solid ground game, and stellar defense. This is while teams like Miami, The Bills, The 49ers, The Cowboys, The Packers, Patriots and Broncos were armed with future hall of fame QB's. Shula had Marino, Jimmy Johnson had Emmit Smith/Aikman, The 49ers had Young/Montana, Patriots had Bledsoe, Shanahan had Elway, Favre was in Green Bay with Holmgren, and so on. Cowher built a championship team without the most important part, a QB. No other team can really say that at all, and especially for how long he did for as well. You don't have to like the Steelers, but once again they proved why they are the best franchise in football Sunday when they beat Baltimore with their 3rd string QB at home in Baltimore. Who else does that?

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R.I.P. Jovan Belcher & his girlfriend.

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If you are a Jets fan does Sanchez suck, or is he part of an offensive scheme that doesn't fit his style of play? Trade Sanchez in the offseason? I can't imagine this kid staying around much longer in New York. I don't know that he sucks, but I feel like he could probably get his career back on the up again. He has thrown 29 touchdowns in a single season, so we know he can make the plays. I think he needs to be surrounded by talent, and there is only team in mind that I can think have that is talented enough on offense, but is missing a QB, and that's Arizona. It's an easy division with the best QB being Russell Wilson right now. The Cardinals have a strong defense, and Larry Fitzgerald with a young supporting cast of receivers to boot.

Is Blaine Gabbert really selling his stock down in Jacksonville? I can't come out to hard on him yet because it takes 3-4 years for a QB to really adjust to the NFL. However, I can't say that he has looked very impressive. Newton, RG3, and Luck have all shown spectacular performances in their rookie performances, and I bet RG3, and Luck could both end up in the Playoffs. Gabbert is on a bad team, but so is Luck currently, they were the worst team last season, and look at where they are now. Gabbert hasn't done much, but I wouldn't suggest spending some more money on receivers via free agency. Shorts, and Blackmon look good. Come this draft Jacksonville has to be thinking defense. They need a shut down CB especially with the amount of talent they drafted up front already. Dee Milliner from Alabama is a certain Pro Bowl talent.

Everyone is picking the Chiefs to take Geno Smith from West Virginia, but I feel like he is no where near NFL ready, and have that feeling he has bust potential. I just don't see the sense in taking this kid so early. Honestly, I would stick it out with Matt Cassel, and don't forget this team was plagued with the injury bug all season long. If they can get a healthy team going they are a wild card contender. Bowe may be gone after this season, and I think they can draft late, and use free agency to address that issue. Keeping your current QB upright is important. Luke Joeckel from Texas A&M is the perfect long term left tackle that they need, and with him out there I think their offensive line certainly becomes better than what it is now.

The Raiders are going to milk as much as they can out of Palmer, and so I think this team should be considering addressing some other issues via free agency, and the draft. In regards to the draft I can't see why they wouldn't take Jarvis Jones the outside linebacker from Georgia. That gives them a very stout linebacker core. In the offseason they should address the CB situation, and they should be looking at current Falcons CB Brent Grimes. This team has various issues, but if they can solidify that defense then they can compete. The offense has talent, the defense is still directionless.

The Rams are going to have two picks this year, and I think they should certainly spend those picks on offensive line. The Steelers, and 49ers have done the same thing. The Steelers the last 3 season went with 4 offensive linemen in the first two rounds. The 49ers took offensive linemen the year they had two first round picks. Bradford needs to stay healthy, and their offensive line has been awful. Taking some receivers via the draft later, or in free agency makes the most sense. Top notch Pro Bowl offensive linemen are rare in pairs. I like tackle Taylor Lewan of Michigan, or Eric Fisher of Central Michigan, and then also I believe they will take a guard like Johnathan Cooper out of North Carolina.

The Browns have a really solid chance to pick up a team leader type player in Bjoern Werner. He is no Von Miller, but I see him more of a Brooks Reed type, or even a Peter Boulaware type linebacker. He is one of those players that could drop out of the top ten, and become a Pro Bowl player for a good team like The Giants, or Ravens. That's why I think he should go early to a team that really needs more of a presence at outside linebacker. This defense is coming along quite well, and I think this defense could use a bit more help especially in the pass rush department. There is no way you let this type of talent slip through.

The Chargers have to be scratching their heads, and I feel like this team really needs to build around Rivers a bit more. At the rate they are going they are looking to finish at best in the top 15, and likely in the top 10 of this year's draft. With that said I would be very shocked if they didn't look to address a receiver in free agency like a D.Bowe, or Mike Wallace. This draft they should be looking at Manti Te'o an inside linebacker from Notre Dame. He can go along with last year's pick at linebacker as well, plus Butler is also coming along nicely. This would give the Chargers a serious linebacker core to build on.
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The next 2 Weeks of Patriots football will be awesome. im more excited bout the San Fran game just to see how the Pats offense will look against one of the best D's. I think they can torch Houston.

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Out of Seattle 4 remaining games in the regular season 3 are at home

Dec 9 Cardinals @ Seahawks
Dec 16 Seahawks @ Bills
Dec 23 49ers @ Seahawks
Dec 30 Rams @ Seahawks

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2 tough losses in a row now, cant be too mad since they played well against 2 top teams, but its still a loss none the less.
As long as the Seahawks lose and the bucs win then they got a shot at that last wild card spot

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Green Bay coming out the NFC( Im counting on everyone getting healthy) so I'm good..
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Game 2 of rival week for the NFC EAST, aka greatest division ever.

Since last night's was a wild one, tonight's will be low scoring right?

Nah, I expect around 60 points to be scored tonight give or take 10 or so.

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