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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

Amazing performance and truly illustrates the progress with these new tactics. Possession all the way and total dominance. The only cloud was the woeful defending. Need to improve that area quickly as we are quite simply poor.

But it's not a time for too many negatives, we dominated the match from start to finish, could have scored many many more and Suarez got a hat-trick. I'd be very surprised if it isn't a very similar team next week.

And = goat

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

AND back to custom thread titles?

today was a good day

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

Terrible game from United, that was brutal to watch. Kinda happy Dempsey scored a goal since he represents team USA.

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

To think by this time Tomorow West Brom and Everton could be 2'nd and 3'rd

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

Gentlemen, if you lose today you will continue to be the best in the world but if you win today you will be eternal.
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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

Shocking 1st half from us, Spurs bossed it. 2nd half all us but just not enough.
2 defeats by end of September

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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

I was thinking where I'd seen Suarez before

then I remembered

Rubbish thread title btw. I'm gonna blame that on Joel.
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Re: 2012-13 English Premier League/Cups Thread (Lets face it ...... United are just s

Originally Posted by Foreshadowed View Post
Pathetic and atrocious. Some words that spring to mind. A gutless first half performance where United looked like they didn't know how to play. Ferguson is to blame for yet another poor team selection and poor tactics. Starting Giggs? Mind-boggling. Nani was wasteful at the end with some poor crosses, Rafael was dreadful, Carrick was crap, RVP was shocking. A lot of players simply never turned up and defensively, we were all over the place. You'd think with the partnership Evans and Ferdinand had last season we'd be comfortable but nope, poor yet again and Ferguson and the team have a lot to answer for.

Sure, we improved second half and our attacking play was great but then we sort of stopped our high tempo at around the 70 minute mark and we started playing slow, which didn't cause Spurs any problems. We also continue to hoof the ball when we're losing (which is the trend now) and our players are not that physical and never get anything from it. Horrible strategy.

Why United turned up like this at home I'll never know. I'm absolutely livid with this team, we've been poor all season yet still pulling out results but the inevitable was going to happen and it did. Credit to Spurs, they were fantastic and defended really well after we got the 2nd goal.

Why Kagawa came off, who looked creative second half and much better (also scored a cracking goal) and RVP was left on I'll never know. Ferguson bringing on Hernandez in the last 2 minutes was a complete joke also.

Overall, crap performance yet again (except for a much better second half) from United and I'm not looking forward to our trip to Newcastle. The slow, zombie football has to fucking stop. Just cease it already!
That sentence I think sums up lot of my feelings as well. So unlike us but becoming more trend last few years that we just expect to roll teams over at OT so when a good team comes along they find it even easier to steam roll us, Spurs dominated that 1st half they totally deserved to be 2-0 up.

At half time Giggs went off & Kagawa went on the LW while Rooney come on to play with RvP up top, Nani stayed on RW & we played more of a gung ho 4-2-4 but SAF must been raging at HT & clearly more in our players as had been fired up but players not only problem SAF team selection, lack of clear cut tactics & shape should be called in to question here. Playerís imo were trying to play lots of different ways & then none at all at same time during that 1st half was baffling.

2nd half SAF went for it & went with 4-2-4 but thing that made me laugh was we played quick passes, lot more movement & tried playing through middle lot more then have all season long after 2nd half & what you know we created good chances from it & Kagawa had great 2nd half (why did we take him off though?) cutting in from LW.

Rooney changed game as RvP now had partner who stay with/close to him & Kagawa cutting in from LW playing around both of RvP/Rooney to link up play in final 3rd & had an out ball in Nani on the right wing.

Just made more sense to play quicker & start linking play up with forward thing passes with bit clever movement, Giggs who was so bad didnít trouble Walker however Kagawa managed to pull Walker out & drag him out position with clever movement cos Kagawa was mixing up his game so much he got his goal from losing Walker & being our most advanced forward when he scored really well taken goal from great through ball by RvP. It was shades of Kagawa I saw at Dortmund for last 2 years.

As RvP up top on his own he needs support to bring others into play but cos no one offers his much support close by he ends up playing safe balls out wide unlike at Arsenal had runners off him & around him to play clever one twos in final 3rd with Kagawa, Rooney & RvP all moving about near each other & trying play clever quick passes to each other in final 3rd we managed to get chances.

The thing made me laugh is how dreadful CM was 1st half but same CM duo of Carrick/Scholes in 2nd half ran the show, the happens cos Spurs naturally dropped off more to protect there lead but cos Spurs now had our front 4 playing in-between the lines & those 4 all moving about with added support of both fullbacks & our 2 CM playing more advanced with quicker forward passes into feet rather then normal slow sideways safe passes have been playing, Spurs 3 man CM & back 4 found it harder to pick up our players which why CM opened up for Scholes & Carrick to start playing those passes in to our players. Think at one stage had 85% possession of ball & at time of that graphic come up in 70-75min mark i saw we had 8 players around Spurs box only 3 players who werenít were Rio/Evans on Half way line & Anders in goal.

Simple question is why cant we play like we did in 2nd half as we did in the 1st half? I still feel that playing higher back 4 to squeeze games is a good idea but it cant be done with Rio or Vida at CB as today showed by Rio being unable to live with Bale pace for 2nd Spurs goal in all fairness Bale a bullet when his on run with bale when theres space for him to drive into the more I watch Bale this season the more I feel that his starting to understand more about having freer role & not hugging Left flank all game & switching game up to better effect.

In 2nd half of todayís games v Spurs he went for 4-2-4 but we played quicker, more higher up, CM more advanced, we played quicker balls into feet from the CM & in final 3rd played more through middle in build up play then any other time this season with clever passes not fancy flicks but general passes around corner with one twos something not done all season.

I also do understand that some players have to play cos injury problems so no other option on RW to replace Nani cos both Toni & Young out so Nani plays RW, but Evra remaining at LB (Know Evra better 2nd half but still woeful 1st half) & Giggs starting games on the LW atm are just so strange.

If SAF had to tell you his best starting 11 I reckon he wouldnít know right now which is an big issue. I also believe if you asked SAF if he could answer what style, way we play or shape we play he 100% would not be sure himself.

As the LC win showed on Wednesday the game against Newcastle we changed to 4-3-1-2 shape to get better ball possession & more attacking players closer together in middle in final 3rd cos we were couldnít do that v Liverpool 6 days back we had no idea how use what little ball possession we had v Liverpool & how easy Liverpool played through us & little we created even with an extra man. SAF stubborn so he fell into old habits again today picked wrong starting 11 & wrong tactics.

But he did change some of the problem at HT which is refreshing but we still lost so doesnít change fact that cant hide away from mistakes & he shouldnít of had to make the changes he did at HT if had got them right before the game had ticked off.

I'm hoping that SAF will say fuck it after today & release made huge mistake, screw this slow safe passing possession based game & go 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-1-2 play attacking, fast clever free flowing passing football that has made us so success under SAF. I'm hoping SAF plays front 3 of at least Kagawa, Rooney & RvP v Newcastle next weekend. If plays 3 man CM then thatís ok as wants keep more of the ball but SAF wants to play a 2 Man CM then fair enough.

Scholes/Carrick arenít awful CM parings they very good imo & reason I think very good cos can bit of everything they can keep ball regardless of how we play but can lot more positive things like they did in 2nd half & start effecting game more simply by playing quicker passes into our front players feet, never did play safe slow passes unless route was blocked but we just recycled the move & started off again.

There is always more to take out of lose then a win as lose hits you harder & see where went wrong. Do i think SAF messed up today yes, do i think he will fix these problems yes, everybody loses PL games not the end of the world even though been made out it is. How you react after a set back that counts which is why Cluj game midweek but more importantly Newcastle away next weekend is all about.

If we played like we did in 2nd half like do from here on out this season we will be better for it. Fair play to Spurs they were brilliant in 1st half & defend very well in 2nd half, the killer 3rd Spurs goal came from there only attack in 2nd half I think which was in-between our 2 goals.

Be interesting see how SAF lines up v Cluj i reckon he will rotate again & use more squad players but more importantly is how we play after todayís lose I want to see more of that 2nd half display v spurs today from here on out if that happens I be thrilled & think play better & make winning games in this season more simpler for us.
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