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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Dolce & Gabbana View Post
Why the hell wouldn't he finish inside the top 4 even? He just showed he can still hang there with the best in the world.
I said he will finish top 4. The only reason he wouldn't in my view, is if Nadal returns strong and Del Potro has a really storming year.

My rankings would change depending on how Nadal comes back. If he returns strong, then 2nd, if not then 4th, which moves Federer up to 3rd.

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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

He'll end up being top 4 regardless, Del Potro might make an impact but not enough to get into the top 3.
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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Even if Del Potro has a great year he will not make it into the top 4. First he needs to overtake Berdych and Ferrer(which will definitely be tough) and then he can think of getting into the top 4. Federer will stay in the top 4 for sure(unless he gets injured which I doubt it will happen).

Also we are not completely sure if Murray will overtake Fed next year, he probably will but we can't guarantee that he will.

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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Del Potro is capable of taking out the Australian and US Opens. Nadal hasn't had any tennis post-injury. Federer is slowly losing his edge. It's more than likely that Del Potro can enter the fray of the top 4 throughout next season. The only clear thing is that Djokovic will stay at #1, with Fed at #2 and Murray pushing him hard at #3.
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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

It all depends on Nadal's comeback really.

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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

What a great tournament to end the year with an incredible final. Just gonna take a minute to quicklyy review a couple of players years and predict what happens next year.

Djokovic absolutely deserved the win with the year he's had. It obviously hasn't been as spectacular as last year but it couldn't have been. He's one one slam, got to the finals of two more and the semis of the other won as well as winning the year end title. Definately thhe true number one. I think he'll obviously be at the top of the game next year, he's certainly win at least one more slam and I think the Murray/Djokovic rivalry will continue at the top of the game.

Federer has had an absolutely incredible year. I honestly didn't think he'd make it back to number one, and I wasn't entirely sure he would win another slam, but he did both this year. He proved he's not going anywhere and is still every bit as good as the guys at the top. I don't think his year next year will be AS good, I think he's still going to remain at the very top of the game but will probably drop downn to number three or four (depending on how Nadal plays) I could still see him winning a slam (likely one being Wimbledon again) and he's going to have another great year.

Andy Murray has obviously had the best year of his career, and it's been an impressive one. He played an incredible semi final with Djokovic to start the year which gave a preview of what he would do. He made his very first Wimbledon final which was fantastic, had a heartbreaking loss then came back to dominate the Olympic final and win the gold, he then went on to win his very first grand slam at the US Open. I think from here, Murray goes from strength to strength, I think under Lendel he's still improving and learning hhow to thoroughlyy play his new game. I think next year he'll win another slam (possibly the Australian Open or Wimbledon) and he'll move into number two as his rivalry with Djokovic progresses through the year.

Nadals year is hard to judge. He had a great year up until Wimbledon obviously with his shock loss. He made the final of the Australian Open and lost an incredible match to Djokovic, had a great clay court season and went on to win the French Open (again) who knows how the rest of his year would have been but it is what it is. There are question marks over how he'll play once he gets back. I don't see how he can be as good as he was, or as good as the top three as soon as he gets back. So I think the first part of his year will be a little underwhelming, however possibly by the French Open or Wimbledon he may be returning to his best and will have a great second half of the year. However I will predict that he won't win a slam this year...

Del Potro. He's not one of the top three or four but I do think next year he'll make that step and join the top four making it the top five. He's had a fantastic year and is finally getting back to his best. He had a great Olympics winning the bronze and beating Federer in Basel, making the world tour semi finals too. He's shown he can go with the best of them at a top level, he just needs to be a little more consistant and he'll be there. I don't think he'll win a slam, but I do think he'll make a slam final next year and win one or two masters titles too.

Next year could be very, very interesting though with the consistant brilliance of Novak Djokovic, Rodger Federer continuing to play well, Andy Murray improving and making the step to prove he belongs at the top, Nadal making his return and Del Potro hopefully continuing to get better and gradually becoming as good as the top four. I can't wait, roll on the Australian Open!

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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

^ Good post. Well thought out.

I'm just going to do a post on my favourites.

Tsonga hasn't had a good year really. He won a few smaller titles, but his ranking has dropped and he almost didn't qualify for the WTF. The best result fo the eyar for Jo was the Wimbledon semi final, but he didn't have to play great tennis to get there. A Roland Garros semi final looked good when he had those match points, but Nole saved them and went on to win the match. That match seemed to destroy his confidence, and he was on and off for the rest of the year with a terrible end. I hope Jo and Roger can get to work, and start improving the weak areas of the game, and hopefully Jo will come back strong next year

Del Po has had a really good year. Olympic Bronze, and beat Federer 2x indoor. The strong end to the season gives me hope that Del Potro is back and ready to have a great 2013. His serve has improved, and he seems to be playing with more consistency than last year which is good. He could still do with being mroe consistent, especially against the top players, but he showed this year that he can hang with the best in the world. Next year should be a good year for Del Po, and i'm looking forward to it.

Shvedova has had a great year. She started the year ranked outside the top 200, and now is ranked in the seeding positions. Injury last eyar seemed to set her career back, but she's back and betetr than ever and ready to have a shot at the top 20 again. The Quarter Final at Roland Garros was great, and it signaled that she's back. Then came Wimbledon where she made history with the Golden set, and pushed Serena all the way in the 4th round. The Olympics loss to Lisicki destroyed her confidence, and then came the epic chokes to end the year. Despite that a great year for Slava.

Nishikori has had a good year. It started well with the Quarter final run at the Australian open, but his season seemed to dry up after that. He had a good Olympics run though, which seemed to re launch Kei a little. The Asian swing was great with Kei beating top players, and winning Tokyo. Shame injury ruined a potentially good end to the season, but i'm expecting big things from Samurai next year.

And ebcause i'm bored, i'm going to rank my favourites on how mcuh i like certain aspects and how good they are at certain aspects...

1. Tsonga- Got a great game, especially when on. Brings some good offensive tennis, and is a joy to watch
2. Shvedova- Brings a primarily attacking game, but has got the defense as well. One fo the better players to watch in the womens game
3. Del Potro- Not as offensive as the other two, but i like his game.
4. Nishikori- The more i watch him, the more i like his game. Generally offensive, but doesn't have the physical tool to back it up

1. Shvedova- I feel like i know Shvedova mroe thna the other players. She seems to interact a lot on social network and coems across as a really positive person
2. Del Potro- Seems like a really nice and genuine guy
3. Nishikori- kei also seems like a good guy. Posts on FB quite often
4. Tsonga- He's quite private, so don't know much about him. But seems like a cool guy

[B]On Court attitude[/B
1. Del Potro- So cool on court. But he does show positive emotion at time
2. Shvedova- Nearly always smiling. I've neevr seen her vent out in frustration, ever.
3. Tsonga- Generally positive, but does show some negative at times. But not extreme
4. Nishikori- Seems quite cool on court, but takes a lot of MTO's

1. Del Potro- The classiest guy in tennis. Alwaus humble and respectful at the net
2. Shvedova- Same as Del Potro, but not as much
3. Tsonga- Generally shows respect.
3. Nishikori- Seems respectful, but don't see enougb to judge really

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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

Not even going to bother with predictions for next season. So many factors that make it impossible to call anything. Only thing I'd be confident in calling is Djokovic staying at #1 for the majority of 2013 and Serena winning nearly everything as long as she stays mentally and physically fit.

Mens Game should be really interesting next season. Isn't the usual predictability factor going into it. Federer's showing more glimpses of being mortal, Nadal's return after a long injury lay off will be interesting. Any normal player in Nadal's situation would have to come back and change their game up so they play shorter points which kinda takes Nadal's edge away. Nadal aint normal though. Don't think he'll have quite the same edge as he did in yester years though but he should still be a top contender for the Slams. French is basically his along as he's fit. I'd love Ferrer to sneak it though. Murray's another who's at an interesting crossroads point. Olympics/US Open Murray will definitely win one of the Slams and probably finish top 2 with Novak. Consistency is the issue though and how resilient he can be against the top players when he's behind. If it's more of Murray from last week then it'll be back to the same old. Del Potro I think has a great chance of breaking into that top 4. Definitely the best shot of the rest. Ferrer doesn't have the weapons to be a top 4 guys. Tsonga has so much work to do and Berdych doesn't strike me as a guy who can get up there at that level for any more than the odd upset like at the US Open. Del Potro's definitely good enough though and he's got the weapons to beat the best and not just hang with them. Great chance for him to knock Nadal or Federer out of that top 4. Or even Murray if he slacks off. Ok, I've been suckered it.

Aus - Murray
French - Nadal
Wimbledon - Djokovic
US - Djokovic

and Del Potro making the Final of one of the Hard Court Slams.

Excited to see where Robson goes in 2013 too. Need more GIORGI too. Hopefully Serena and Azarenka boss the Womens game. The Womens game needs a top rivalry between two great players.
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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

^ Sig pic of Noles GF

Australian Open: Djokovic- He'll come in on a high, and i think he'll take the title
French Open: Nadal- Nadal on Clay. Enough said. The only threats imo are Djokovic, Del Potro and Ferrer
Wimbledon: Murray or Federer- Either of them 2 i reckon
US Open: Del Potro- I said he'll win a slam, and i'm sticking with it


Australian open: Serena- Will pick up where she left 2012
French Open: Sharapova- Improved on clay. I think she'll defend
Wimbledon: Serena or Azarenka- Can see it being either of these 2
US Open: Azarenka- Can't see her going slamless

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re: Tennis Discussion Thread

This is the first year where I'm looking forward to seeing some real progression from our female players. Robson played so well at the US Open and had some other decent runs to show she's not just a flash in the pan. She beat some cracking players back-to-back too in Clijsters & Li Na. Watson went on to win a WTA event too and this is the year for Watson in particular to progress.

The men's game will be exciting for sure. I think we've seen Tsonga, Berdych & Ferrer peak. I really don't see them getting any better. The questions really concern how Federer copes in his advancing years, if Del Potro can break the top four and if Nadal can come back to anything close to the level he was at. Personally I don't think he can and Del Potro could take his place in the top four by the end of the year.

Slam Predictions
Australian - Djokovic/Murray
French - Djokovic/Federer
Wimbledon - Murray/Djokovic
US - Djokovic/Murray

I've based those on the seedings with Djokovic meeting the 4th seed, likely Nadal in the semi finals and Federer clashing with Murray.
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