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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread


Originally Posted by haribo View Post

You know you're one bad day away from being me.
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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by BkB Hulk View Post
To add to the Bahrain/Indo game, I'm quite sure I read that the Indo goalie was sent off, and there were multiple penalties for Bahrain. They didn't go through anyway, because the result in the other game didn't go their way. Good use of bribe money.
Most of Indonesia's best players have been banned from the NT due to playing in the rebel league too.

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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

tickets and flights booked to the euros!

returning to the motherland in may, stopping in dublin for a weekend, meet up with family/mates, big booze up one of the nights, gain a stone in weight because of all the chips and battered sausages ill be eating, then catch a flight onto poland!


RIP James Nolan
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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

We were discussing this vaguely in the CATBOX so I figured I'd put it here too. Given the choice who would YOU take to the Euros? Not what you think the squad will be - what you would want it to be. 23 man squad as far as I know.


(Robinson and Foster are 'retired' and probably wouldn't come out of retirement to be 2nd/3rd choice otherwise they'd be there instead. Green is dogshit and Stockdale isn't first choice at his club but he's still better than Green or Carson. Unless I'm forgetting someone else.)


(Not sure which one I'd prefer, probably Richards given the choice but these two are by far the best right backs and should be there before Johnson.)


(I can't even think of another English left back who can make it through 90 minutes without getting AIDs or breaking his leg 'GIBBS'.)


(No Terry as I feel it has to be one or the other with him and Rio and I much prefer Rio. Lescott had a decent first half of the season and is probably the next best experienced defender. Jones and Smalling are both quality who will be the centre back pairing for years if they continue improving.)


(Gerrard and Lampard are the two big performers, usually anyway, and if you're looking for a goal there's always potential for one of them to step up. Scholes has been fantastic this season whilst Parker is the best person in the role that he plays in, who is English. Milner was doing good until Mancini took him out of the team for whatever reason.)


(The only wingers that I even care for, Walcott is there because he's capable of playing up front too and there's the chance that he can change a game, however small that is.)


(Walcott can also play here but these are the 3 I'd take, probably could take Crouch or Bent too? But I'd prefer the younger options, even if Sturridge has been terrible as of late.)


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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

Am I supposed to do a German squad?

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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

Austria aren't at the Euro's HoL



Wilshere (Lampard if he isn't fit)
A Johnson


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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

GK: Hart, Ruddy, Stockdale.

DF: Richards, Walker, Smalling, Jones, Ferdinand, Lescott, Baines, Cole.

MF: Wilshere, Britton, Lampard, Parker, Gerrard, A Johnson, Young, Sinclair.

FD: Rooney, Defoe, Bent, Sturridge.

Without Rooney:
Richards - Smalling - Jones - Cole
Lampard - Wilshere - Gerrard

With Rooney:
Richards - Smalling - Jones - Cole
Lampard/Gerrard - Wilshere
Rooney - Defoe - Young
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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

Richards Ferdinand Lescott Cole
Scholes Gerrard
Sturridge A.Johnson
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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

GK: Anders Lindegaard, Thomas Soerensen, Stephen Andersen

RB: Lars Jacobsen, Daniel Wass

CB: Daniel Agger, Simon Kjaer, Anders Bjelland, Jannik Vestergaard

LB: Nicolai Boilesen, Michael Silberbauer

LW: Michael Krohn Dehli, Lasse Schöne

CM: Christian Eriksen, Nikki Zimling, William Kvist, Jakob Poulsen

RW: Dennis Rommedahl, Tobias Mikkelsen

CF: Nicklas Bendtner, Mads Junker, Simon Makienok, Nordstrand
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Re: International Matches Discussion Thread

For England squad

GK: Hart, Ruddy & who the fuck cares... Stockdale.
DEF: Richards, Smalling, Lescott, Ferdinand, Jones, Cole, Baines.
MID: Wilshere, Carrick, Gerrard, Walcott, Britton, AOC, Young, Parker.
FWD: Rooney, Bent, Defoe, Sturridge.

First XI:


Richards - Lescott - Ferdinand - Cole

Wilshere - Britton

Walcott - Rooney - Sturridge.

GK and defence picks itself IMO. Smalling over Walker because he can play RB/CB. Obviously in reality Parker will start, but I'd much rather play someone who is a much better passer, like Carrick or Britton alongside Wilshere. Carrick and Lescott have had a lot of flak over the years, but they've both been outstanding this year, and it is slightly embarassing that Carrick won't travel. That is a bit of a pipe dream though as the rest of the team give the ball away so much we'd have to have a tough tackler, but that pretty much sums up England and how far we are away from the top teams. It is looking increasingly unlikely that Wilshere will travel though, he has to play this month. The front three is fairly depressing apart from Rooney. I've never been a big fan of Johnson (who will barely be match fit) or Young so it has to be Walcott, who is usually devastating against continental opposition, him linking up with Richards would be immense, he is as close as it comes to Sagna in terms of English players. Sturridge is selfish and lazy, but he has more dynamism than others would provide. If Chamberlain had a bit more match time, he'd start, he already looks like a far more complete player than the other options. Young going because he can play CAM or wing, and has been good for England of late.

Nearly made the cut:
Milner - would be a good pick because of central midfield and on flank options. Would have been an easy pick if Mancini hadn't have fucked him about.
Scholes - extremely good for United, and another one who could partner Wilshere.
Walker - good for spurs this year, but when Smalling is pretty good there, it's barely worth taking him when we can have Baines as a back up to Cole for LB to use the spot.
Crouch - great option to have, but I'm sceptical as to how he'd fit in the team.
Jags - great CB, but not as good as Lescott this year.

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