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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

St. Louis Cardinals...first saw Ozzie Smith play for them, been hooked ever since.

Chicago Bears...first NFL team to watch on TV, was a big Walter Payton fan.

Boston and grandmother were huge Celtics fans as they grew up in New Hampshire.

Iowa Hawkeyes...little more in-depth. Growing up in southeastern Kansas at a time when both Kansas and Kansas State football sucked, I would listen at night to the Hawkeye football and basketball games on 1040 WHO. Yes, it was the stereotypical being snuggled into bed at night with my radio next to me listening. I found out when I moved to Iowa when I was 13 that those football games were actually replays as Kinnick Stadium for years didn't have lighting to play night games regularly.

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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Dad and his side of the family come from Chicago, so I grew up rooting for the Chicago teams and Notre Dame as well.

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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Green Bay Packers - I've lived in Wisconsin my whole life and grew up watching the Packers. When I was a kid the first jersey I got was a Brett Favre. I eventually got a Reggie White one after he joined the team.

Milwaukee Bucks - I started out supporting them because they're the local team, but really became a fan after the emergence of the big three: Sam Cassell, Ray Allen, and Glenn Robinson. I still like the Bucks even though they've been mediocre for awhile now.

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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Detroit Red Wings - Was just a kid, and I think they just won the Stanley Cup ( 96-97 ). And they had a swedish player with the same first name as me. Like I said, I was a kid and thats all it took.
But that player just happened to be Nicklas Lidstrom.
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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

My dad was a huge fan of the old Browns team. When they returned in '99, he was a supporter, come rain or shine (and there was a lot of rain). He and I actually went to a preseason game when I was a kid. I suppose I inherited my fandom from him.

Moral of the story: no one CHOOSES to be a Browns fan. They get chosen.

Actually, my family was more into the Indians when I was growing up. Dad and I went to numerous games in the '90s when Hershiser, Thome, Lofton and Vizquel (<-- who was my favorite baseball player as a kid) we kicking ass and the team consistently made post-season appearances. I only occasionally root for the Tribe now.

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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Green Bay Packers: Grew up in the 70's where everyone I knew was either a Cowboys, Dolphins, or Steelers fan. I chose the Cowboys till one day my sister started cheering for the Cowboys. I instantly decided to cheer for the team they were playing against that day. It was the Packers stuck with them to this day.

Milwaukee Brewers: In 1982 everyone my class voted on who everyone was cheering for in the World Series. Everyone voted for the Cardinals, so I chose the Brewers, then realized Milwaukee was near Green Bay, it stuck. Named my third child Brewer.

Tennessee Titans: When the Oilers moved to Tennessee I decided to cheer for my hometown team. I still like the Packers but the Titans are my team now.

Cardiff City FC: I started enjoying soccer after the last Olympics. I took a year and sorted through the various leagues. Settled on Cardiff because I have Welsh ancestry. They won promotion the year after I started following them.

Vanderbilt: Inherited from my dad, why could'nt my dad have cheered for a better team?

Nashville Predators: Home team

Milwaukee Bucks: Just made sense since I liked the Brewers and Packers.

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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Newcastle Jets (Australian Football / Soccer Club)

Live here, so of course im going to support them from day one!

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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Carlton Football Club (AFL) - My dad pretty much brought me up to support the Blues
Chicago Bulls (NBA) - Only because it's the team of the GOAT :jordan4 (which got me interested in the sport of basketball) jumped on that bandwagon and haven't left.
New Orleans Saints (NFL) - Jumped on that bandwagon during the 2009 season and haven't left that one either.
Manchester City (EPL) - Can't really remember why anymore, probably In spite of all my mates going for Man Utd
Melbourne Storm (NRL) - Don't really follow rugby at all but whenever it is on I support the Storm, just because it's the only team we have in our state that plays NRL.

Carlton Blues - Chicago Bulls - Manchester City FC
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Re: How did you become a fan of the teams you are a fan of?

Packers - I really never liked the Packers because I really didn't like Bret Favre tbh. Once he left and put Rodgers as starting QB was when I started to like the Packers.

Eagles - Was a big fan of McNabb, Owens, and Westbrook. And I really hate the Patriots so I was rooting for them in the Super Bowl.

Heat - I always used to watch college basketball as a kid and my favorite team is Marquette and favorite player was Dwyane Wade. I went to a few games and enjoyed watching Wade play. When he got drafted to the NBA I started to watch him on the Heat and they became my favorite team. Always fans of James, Bosh, and Allen.

Brewers - Home team. Don't care what people say but Braun is still awesome. He's an idiot but still awesome.

Bucks - they suck but was a fan of them as a kid and still go to their games once in awhile.

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