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Forum: General WWE   06-29-2015, 12:12 PM
Replies: 43
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Posted By FlemmingLemming
No matter how you feel about them, they're all...

No matter how you feel about them, they're all victims of the WWE caste system. Guys that rise from the midcard to the main event like Punk and Bryan are outliers. WWE either debuts guys as a big...
Forum: General WWE   06-27-2015, 06:30 PM
Replies: 3,724
Views: 1,161,735
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Funny Wrestling Pictures V

Somebody, tweet this to Kalisto. No reason he shouldn't add this to his arsenal.
Forum: General WWE   06-23-2015, 08:08 AM
Replies: 11
Views: 541
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Are our current pop cultures to blame for lack of next wrestling boom?

Today's pop culture, at least television-wise, is about gritty characters, nudity and over the top violence. WWE couldn't do the kind of things that are common on cable dramas.
Forum: General WWE   06-23-2015, 07:41 AM
Replies: 86
Views: 5,234
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: These romance angles are absolutely disgusting.

Yeah, it's hard to believe this is the same company that pulled off the best love story in wrestling history with Macho Man and Ms. Elizabeth.

Their romance angles now are just pointless garbage.
Forum: General WWE   06-18-2015, 05:35 AM
Replies: 101
Views: 4,534
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Why are Nikki Bella's matches better than AJ Lee's reign?

Nikki Bella's in-ring storytelling: Look. I'm so much better than my opponent that I can do push ups and jumping jacks during a match. Wait, I'm getting my ass kicked. Luckily my twin sister who just...
Forum: WWE Raw & Smackdown   06-08-2015, 08:57 PM
Replies: 1,506
Views: 63,144
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: WWE Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread - 06/08

The Authority wants Roman Reigns out of Money In The Bank so bad that they put him in the match in the first place?
Forum: General WWE   06-07-2015, 10:06 AM
Replies: 95
Views: 3,961
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Who Should Be The Next Person To Defeat Brock Lesnar?

The New Day.

Kofi should win Money in the Bank and cash in on Brock after he gets it back. The WWE Championship being defended under Freebird rules would be gold. ...
Forum: General WWE   06-07-2015, 09:55 AM
Replies: 21
Views: 665
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Which wrestler is more over with the CASUAL fans?

Marks: The people that complain on WWE's Facebook page about the Authority being bullies and not being good role models for their children.

Smarks: The people that complain on WWE's Facebook page...
Forum: WWE Raw & Smackdown   06-02-2015, 08:56 AM
Replies: 100
Views: 4,877
Posted By FlemmingLemming
The Feud That Could Bring Bray Wyatt Back

We've seen the NXT guys come to the roster and make some noise, and I think the next guy that could make an impact would be Finn Balor, and his first opponent should be Bray Wyatt.

I'd have Finn...
Forum: WWE Network & Weekly TV   05-23-2015, 11:25 AM
Replies: 372
Views: 22,731
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Why I think Kevin Owens should defeat John Cena clean at Elimination Chamber

As much as I would mark for a clean Owens victory, it wouldn't make sense for him to win.

- First, Cena is the greatest Kayfabe champion of all-time, it would be bad for continuity if he's...
Forum: General WWE   05-23-2015, 07:27 AM
Replies: 3,724
Views: 1,161,735
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Funny Wrestling Pictures V

Thanks for posting my video, man. Last year, I had a plan to grow a YouTube channel of comedy wrestling videos but WWE copyright notices destroyed my dream :(

Oh well, here are some others that...
Forum: NXT   05-20-2015, 10:21 PM
Replies: 794
Views: 48,354
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Official NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Discussion Thread

Everything about that show was awesome except Samoa Joe's theme song. That shit was like hippie drum circle music mixed with bass from a smooth jazz song.
Forum: General WWE   05-17-2015, 09:03 AM
Replies: 389
Views: 14,795
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Roman Reigns:Criminally underrated

Here's the thing. I think most of the backlash Reigns received was due to him being an unproven commodity placed ahead of more proven guys because Vince McMahon likes the way that he looks. That was...
Forum: General WWE   05-10-2015, 12:19 PM
Replies: 181
Views: 13,395
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Lesnar snaps on actor's brother at UFC 184

After reading some of the responses in this thread, and seeing the way some of you guys are glorifying Brock being a jerk, I'm starting to think that the only reason some of you like him is because...
Forum: General WWE   05-07-2015, 06:14 AM
Replies: 40
Views: 1,725
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Markout spots you'd love to see this year

Gravity forgetting Neville :mark:

Forum: General WWE   05-04-2015, 05:28 AM
Replies: 3,724
Views: 1,161,735
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: Funny Wrestling Pictures V

The guy that was "hugging" and "running" threw more punches and landed a hell of a lot more. GTFO with this hating BS

Forum: General WWE   04-30-2015, 05:59 AM
Replies: 50
Views: 3,132
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Cena's Last Man Standing/I Quit Burial Streak Ends At Payback

For the last 10 years, Last Man Standing/I Quit matches have been John Cena's burial zenith. We've seen him take all sorts of punishment from the likes of Randy Orton, Batista, Big Show, Umaga, Bray...
Forum: General WWE   04-30-2015, 05:36 AM
Replies: 43
Views: 1,923
Posted By FlemmingLemming
Re: When Lesnar does sell, he's the best in the business at it.

Brock is cool and all, but he's got nothing on the GOAT
Forum: General WWE   04-29-2015, 07:37 PM
Replies: 12
Views: 1,388
Posted By FlemmingLemming
The "Tomspiracy"

So there's an ongoing joke on /r/SquaredCircle of WWE having Tom Phillips make himself appear shorter in backstage interviews to make the wrestlers seem bigger. I never noticed it before, but the...
Forum: General WWE   04-29-2015, 06:07 AM
Replies: 16
Views: 847
Posted By FlemmingLemming
"When I get knocked down, I get right back up!"

Am I the only one that thinks this is the most overused line in WWE. No matter what the situation, whenever something happens to a babyface, you can guarantee they'll be saying this in their next...
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