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Forum: General WWE   07-07-2013, 10:04 PM
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Top 20 ECW matches of all time


1994: Douglas vs. Funk vs. Sabu - The Night The Line Was Crossed
1995: Malenko vs. Guerrero - 2/3 Falls Farewell
1996: Douglas vs. Scorpio - A Matter of Respect
1997: Funk vs. Sabu -...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   02-27-2013, 06:17 PM
Replies: 82
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Bret Hart's Best Match

Top Ten in bold w/ honorable mentions (listed chronologically):

vs. Steamboat - Boston Garden, 1986
vs. Savage - Saturday Night's Main Event 1987
vs. Perfect - SummerSlam 1991
vs. Piper -...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   02-19-2013, 06:20 PM
Replies: 13
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: 1995 ECW roster

A few minor corrections:

RVD and Jericho did not work ECW in 1995. Neither did D-Von Dudley and obviously the original Dudleys were very different characters.

Austin only worked a few shows,...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   09-14-2012, 04:33 PM
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: If WWE and WCW swapped writers during the Monday night wars......


from wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vince_Russo#World_Championship_Wrestling_.281999-2000.29)

WCW really didn't have any writers to swap, but Russo definitely jumped...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   09-07-2012, 12:50 PM
Replies: 2
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Invasion of the Body Smashers

The write-up is a bit misleading at first. King of the Ring 1995 took place in Philadelphia so naturally there were some ECW fans in attendance, in particular Hat Guy in the front row with some...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-23-2012, 03:16 PM
Replies: 40
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: One night only 1997 uk ppv great show

This and Canadian Stampede are great examples of what WWF could do with their international audience at the time as far as heel/face dynamics changing outside of the States. Really cool to see Owen...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-16-2012, 03:28 PM
Replies: 7
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: The New Generation Era: Part 1: The Godwinns

Not a fan. They took what was already bad gimmick to begin with, cloned it, made a team and then added an obsolete former star as their manager. They could work the crowd, but neither guy ever...
Forum: General WWE   08-14-2012, 12:17 PM
Replies: 67
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: The greatest moment in attitude era

There was so much great stuff in 97-98 that I was completely worn out as a fan by 1999. Pretty much everything Austin touched turned to gold, but then there's stuff like Waltman's return the night...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-11-2012, 12:59 PM
Replies: 2
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: What if Sting, Savage, Hart and Hennig loosely aligned…

The whole thing really fell apart once they split the group in two and everyone that had been fighting the nWo for like 2 years actually joined the group in one form or another. I always thought...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-10-2012, 01:52 PM
Replies: 19
Views: 2,644
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Stone Cold 1996-1997

Hard to argue that there was ever a better wrestling character than Stone Cold Steve Austin during 1996-98, but I think its impressive just how incredible his in-ring work was in 2001, despite such...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-07-2012, 01:15 PM
Replies: 14
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Why did they always break kayfabe when it came to Foley?

Character development. It was never about breaking kayfabe, it was about incorporating elements of realism into the Mankind character. It seemed more like a shoot at the time because it was 1997 and...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-06-2012, 04:08 PM
Replies: 25
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Make a Case for Over-Rated Wrestling Legends

Totally agree about Jarrett and Sting.

While I can sympathize with the detractors on a few of their points, guys like Bret, Hogan, Hall, Nash, and Austin produced enough great material in their...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-05-2012, 09:59 PM
Replies: 6
Views: 1,462
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Forgotten Legends18: Big Van Vader

Yes, Big Van Vader is an amazing character and the gimmick of a monster/bully is a perfect fit. For his size, Leon White is a tremendous worker and someone who I'd watch wrestle every night if I...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-03-2012, 05:54 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 2,637
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Forgotten Legends16: Bob Backlund

Awesome. Thanks for that.
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-03-2012, 02:26 PM
Replies: 24
Views: 2,637
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Forgotten Legends16: Bob Backlund

I'd say he's a forgotten legend for sure, for the simple fact that he's remembered more nowadays as a comedic personality rather than one of the best workers of the 1970's. I've pretty much never...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   08-01-2012, 02:31 PM
Replies: 22
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Favorite Pre Attitude Era Wrestlemania?

So cool that we both started watching at RR92. What a great event. I'll never forget how every kid at the birthday party wanted Hogan to win, but the kid who had never seen professional wrestling...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   07-30-2012, 12:00 PM
Replies: 7
Views: 996
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Forgotten Legends12: Dean Malenko

Oh man, I love Dean Malenko so f'n much. The Malenko Brothers teaming in Japan. The greatness with Eddy~! in ECW. Stretching out the luchadors in the WCW Cruiserweight division. Losing the title...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   07-29-2012, 12:55 PM
Replies: 5
Views: 698
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Forgotten Legends11: Brian Pillman

Long before he flipped out and became the Loose Cannon, he revolutionized American wrestling as Flyin' Brian. His famous matches with Liger in WCW paved the way for the Cruiserweight division. ...
Forum: Classic Wrestling   07-28-2012, 08:10 PM
Replies: 26
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Posted By peachchaos
Re: Matches/Feuds that were supposed tobe but never were?

Here's their match at MSG in Dec. 1991. (http://youtu.be/rRleTAhfrkk)
Forum: Classic Wrestling   07-28-2012, 04:37 PM
Replies: 26
Views: 5,128
Posted By peachchaos
Re: Matches/Feuds that were supposed tobe but never were?

The most random stuff just came to mind...

Sid vs. Warrior after WM8 in '92

Bret Hart vs. Lex Luger '93-'94

Mr. Perfect vs. Triple H in '96

Yokozuna joining/feuding with the Hart...
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