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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

Just keep them going the way they are. They're still new and growing. Leave them alone and let them mature.

God, this third hour of Raw really drags...
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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

They need to do something with them because I have been fast forwarding them since their second appearance on RAW. Very repetetive and they just come across as a bunch of pot smokers who have mental issues.
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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

Start manipulating the Corporation.

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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

Originally Posted by Dopesick View Post
Like there's a fucking difference. Your logic is warped, you should join the creative team.

Do you not understand the difference between the inferno match & the PG bullshit they had.

Inferno matches are won by burning your opponent, with the PG shit its just a regular match with fire around the outside.

There is clearly a difference. And it fucking sucked.

I would also put alot more entertaining shit on TV if I was apart of the creative team, believe me.

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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

Release them
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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

Raw and Smackdown writers have no idea about what to do with actual gimmicks and characters. They only know how to book pointless cocky and arrogant chickenshit heels VS smiling and exciting goody two-shoes faces feuding because the heel attacked the face from behind after a match.

Seriously, fire 60% of the creative team. They ruin every promising story or complex gimmick.
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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

Have them call out the ENTIRE tag division and dismantle them over the weeks. The Wolves vs the Sheep. Have them do DIFFERENT freaky shit each week. (Like hanging Three Man Band upside down from the rafters. Taking the PTP back to their house to torture them. Maul brodus and Tensai with chairs two-man power trip style.) Then when Kane returns and joins them have them go after Taker or the Corporation/Shield. Can you imagine the fucking force they would come across as. Because of their mystique and lack of fuck giving they're the only people that can really stand up to the corporation... cause to them it means nothing. Bray doesn't want to own WWE. He wants to rule over it malevolently on his rocking chair throne.

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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

They probably introduced them too soon, with the new corporation storyline taking up so much time the Wyatts have been lost a bit. Which is a shame, gimmick is brilliant and the in-ring is (generally) strong. Brays first match on PPV should NOT have been an inferno-but-not-an-inferno match, that was stupid.

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Re: What must WWE do with the Wyatts?

They should have carried on being eary and strange while takign out jobbers... They are not even doing that which if they were literally waiting for Kane to come back they could easily do... They need something because every small piece we see from them is awesome >.<.
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