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Re: Why are we rushing Damien Sandow's progression?

I find Sandow to be "meh" so far in almost every respect (sorry). He's demonstrated absolutely nothing special in-ring, the only thing move I know he does is the "Elbow of Disdain" or whatever it's called and some cartwheels. If he has a finisher, I couldn't tell you what it was. I also cannot think of a single match of his where I went "wow, what a great performance by Sandow." He is absolutely bland as balls when it comes to wrestling ability (now maybe he's amazing and atrocious booking is holding him back, but I have seen nothing since he debuted on the main roster).

Even his character has gotten to the point where he's just as stale as The Shield and it bores me to tears. When he debuted, he was a breath of fresh air, but I swear that he's gotten worse over time. When he's reciting pre-scripted promos during his entrance, sure he comes off well-spoken, but you put him on commentary or have him interact with someone else and it just gets awkward--his delivery gets thrown-off completely and he tries to make up for it with basically "well, I'm right and you're wrong, neener-neener." I just no longer see Sandow as a character, but a guy trying to play a role. The gimmick of him being an intellectual, intelligent "savior" has gone nowhere and it now he just seems like an asshole in a robe. Aside of a couple of select clever lines (mostly mocking other wrestlers theme songs), his promos are just a lot of insult-the-crowd nothingness shrouded in big words, just like the Shield's promos are nothingness shrouded in "justice." When is Sandow going to do something particularly intelligent or scholarly? What has he done that is meant to "save" the masses? I applaud an actual gimmick in WWE today, I really do, but I just don't see anything in Sandow beyond a gimmick that refuses to be fleshed-out.

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Re: Why are we rushing Damien Sandow's progression?

It's not been rushed at all. He's been kicking around for 16 months and hasn't been near any titles. His gimmick doesn't allow him to contest for a mediocre title so the WHC was always going to be his first title. Anyway, it's a long time off. Stop bitching.

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Re: Why are we rushing Damien Sandow's progression?

Originally Posted by LateTrain27 View Post
Sandow has being booked horribly since winning the briefcase. At the rate it's going he'll end with a Dolph Ziggler reign (short pointless reign and then immediately become borderline irrelevant) which is sad because the guy is World Title material and has the potential to be one of the main heels of Smackdown and he is more world title worthy than Cody Rhodes.
The Miz was jobbing left and right and tapping out to Daniel Bryan before winning the WWEC and holding the title for a considerable amount of time while also beating Cena at WM.

Heck, even Daniel Bryan looked fairly weak before cashing it in -- jobbing to Wade Barrett at Summerslam and numberous other jobs, including Sin Cara and Mark Henry.

IMO, the MITB briefcase, if not cashed in quickly, is a good creative prop that enables its holders to both look weak (jobbing to advance storyline or to enhance other talents) while still appearing as a threat to the audience.

No matter how many times a MITB briefcase holder loses, he's still going to get chants whenever a world champion is severely incapacitated in the ring.
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Re: Why are we rushing Damien Sandow's progression?

Sandow isnt cashing it in anytime soon nor should he. The briefcase fits his gimmick perfectly plus most people still dont even know who the fuck Sandow is, a lot of work needs to be done to get him ready for it. Post Wrestlemania cash in for sure.

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