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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

Originally Posted by MDizzle View Post
It went to shambles in the Attitude Era. In the year 1999 there were 11 WWE Title Changes with the longest reign being 55 days. There was plenty of hot shotting the belt around. It lost its value then. Yeah, the wrestlers earned their #1 contenderships but they threw that belt around like it was a baseball.
99 didn't they not count Vince's reign?Mankind had a 1 day reign , Vince had 6 days then vacated it. HHH had 22 days to break those 2 up so it was an odd time.However don't pick and choose years and say it was ruined or something.

98 - there were 5 title changes with Austin getting 2, 90 day reigns, technically should have been 180 because Kane's reign was 1 day.

97 - 7 title changes but Shawn vacated the belt Bret Had a 1 day reign for some reason then dropped it to Sid the next night. Taker and Michaels both got over 110 days each

00 - 5 title changes with HHH and the Rock getting 118 days each.

09 - 9 title changes
10 - 6 title changes
11 - 9 title changes.

Its been pretty consistent of 4-5 champs per year and it wasn't really hot shotted or anything. Hell, Diesel went a year , so it goes to show having 1 champ in a year isn't always the best thing for a titles prestige . Its become a more recent trend apart from 2012 where the title changed often.
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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

Originally Posted by Scottish-Suplex View Post
Daniel Bryan just went through an amazing 30-40 minutes gauntlet match to prove himself worthy of the WWE Title and you say their is no passion. Shame on you good sir.
And who did he beat to prove himself? Two guys nobody gives a crap about.

Bottom line is you current champ handpicking his opponent for the 2nd biggest ppv of the year is just as bad as Vince winning the belt.

Originally Posted by blazegod99 View Post
You fucking politically correct morons are quick to defend WWE for every pussy ass decision they make, but complain about the show lacking attitude and intensity... SMH.
Right on!
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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

By what criteria does Bryan not fit into that list? Each of those guys was great but limited in their own regard. Have you not been watching the show? Look at the energy and 'passion' Bryan puts into his matches. Look at how he has managed to endear himself to the crowds. WTF are you on about?

There's a reason why he's as over as he is; blood, sweat, tears and countless brutal intense passionate matches.

I love professional-wrestling.
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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

His over dramatic grandiose comments make me conclude that the OP is kind of trolling you guys....
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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

Not really. It's only as important as WWE makes it. Which isn't as important as it was, but guarantees a main event spot for a little while,which makes it a big deal for someone like DB.
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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

No it's not. It's still the Number One achievement in the business for elevating talent to stardom. Look at what winning the title did for Cena, Edge, Orton, CM Punk. It's had it's flops (Miz Del Rio) but almost all of the time, winning the title puts a wrestler in a permanent position of some relevance, be it in the main event or competing for the WHC. Compare this to TNA's title. Which doesn't elevate anyone. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were in a barely relevant tag team within two years of winning the title, Mr. Anderson barely got TV time (last I watched) and is basically an extra with the Biker Ninjas, Samoa Joe was relegated to an undercard joke with the Nation of Violence gimmick and James Storm is in a tag team with Gunner that no one cares about.

The WWE Title is still seen as the holy grail in kayfabe terms and can still make stars where the WHC or TNA title cannot.

Just because you're stuck in the Attitudez Eraz doesn't mean there's any actual problem.


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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

Originally Posted by DonkMunk316 View Post
The AE roster was so strong, so passionate they all deserved to hold the belt and fought with ther lives to get it!!!

Fantastic storylines and immense rivalry
Haha rubbish. Vince and the booking team decided who they wanted to be Champ and that was that. Fight all you like, if Vince didn't want you to be Champion, then you didn't win it- see Ken Shamrock.
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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

Well it was last year (it essentially became a mid-card title and at one point, AJ was more important during the Punk/Bryan feud) but ever since CM Punk's heel turn, things have changed. It's been main eventing shows, CM Punk's long title reign made it seem more prestigious and Rock winning added more star power to it. Then you had Cena/Rock fighting for the title at Wrestlemania so that's helped things. To be honest, even if Bryan's reign lasts for a minute (with Orton potentially cashing in), it still doesn't hurt the title. Not all title 'hot shotting' are bad. Maybe in the Edge/Cena feud in 2006 and during the Attitude Era were bad but in some cases, they weren't bad. I've always felt that it made sense for Orton and Cena to pass the title around in 2009 because it set up the Iron match perfectly with both wrestlers winning two matches each so the Ironman match settled the feud once and for all.


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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

it's fucking now you wanna make this thread with this fucking clown as wwe champion above me. With all the blood sweat and tears bryan had went through in the wwe with the constant burials they tried to give him only to finally prove them wrong and become the wwe champion. I swear if Bryan doesn't become wwe champion even for a brief moment I'm fucking done because it's a fucking travesty that people like miz del rio and and sheamus all held the wwe and they became major flops in the end While bryan's overness is organic is fuck. It would the a fucking travesty if bryan wouldn't win the wwe title


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Re: WWE Title is a Shambles

Originally Posted by DonkMunk316 View Post
Is this realy wots its been reduced too???

The passion that has been shown down the years for that belt

The blood sweat and tears and everythin elese given by many a past legend

The countless brutal intense passionate matches, the fericest of rivalries

Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Shawn Micheals, The Rock, HHH, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle etc etc ...


To Super Cena pickin Daniel Bryan .

It is not the same championship as held by all the previous greats

It means absolutely nothin now

Wheres the rivalry, the passion, the agression, the brutality?

The WWE Title is DEAD
Passion is mostly why Bryan is getting this shot, so your rant makes no sense.

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