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Sheamus should turn heel

If anything for Sheamus The Great White he should definitely turn heel and why? Because Sheamus as a heel he was more dominant as a heel and not only that but he was much more ruthless and barbaric in the ring as a heel, was remorseless just the true definition of a bad-ass heel when he first came on to the scene but looking at Sheamus now, he is honestly a joke as a face, when he first turned face I actually liked his character but Sheamus now as a face he is starting to get stale, perhaps a heel turn from The Great White would catapult him back to where he should be in the main event
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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

It's not being face or heel, a face can be ruthless. Undertaker, Randy Orton or Triple H are the proof.

The problem is PG-writers thinking a smiling, funny and lovable big Irish guy is much better than the Celtic Warrior. But face Sheamus could be great.
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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

no Sheamus should stay face
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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

He needs a true nemesis. It seems like today's wrestling the face stars don't have that one guy that they can't beat, or at least have trouble competing against. Taker had Mankind, Hogan had Savage, Bret had HBK, Flair had Sting and so on. Wrestling is missing this essential part of it's show. We don't have rivalries in wrestling anymore. I have been saying months that a wrestler should debut under the idea that they came all the way to the WWE to not only find success, but to defeat, and destroy The Great White Sheamus.

It's rare these days that a person debuting is coming in specifically for a particular superstar. It comes down to three people in my opinion. Erik Rowan was my first pick for the longest time, but he is now in the Wyatt Family. I thought that the WWE had the perfect Sheamus nemesis than Rowan. They could have given Rowan this Nordic type character similar to what Sheamus had as a Celtic Warrior when he first debuted in ECW. Rowan could have had a series of vignettes that portrayed him as a brutal warrior with Norsemen traditions. Rowan explain that Sheamus is a mortal enemy, and most fans could never understand the hatred that builds in Rowan's body for that false warrior.

Next, I would have to go with the obvious. Wade Barrett. They have had some good matches, but with no real theme to the matches themselves. I think these two would be perfect to feud with. The WWE seems to not know what to do with Barrett, and it's a damn shame because Barrett is ready to feud with the likes of Sheamus. There has been very little character development for Wade Barrett, and I think the WWE needs something to get these two going. This is where Paige comes in. Paige is pale, and English. I know it sounds lame, but it makes sense. Paige, and Sheamus have a few laughs backstage about their skin tone, and Sheamus tells Paige that if she needs anything he is here.

Paige is the fuel behind the feud between Wade, and Sheamus. Obviously both Paige, and Sheamus have something going. Barrett steps in eventually, and Paige is not dating Sheamus so she talks with Wade from time to time. The idea is that she is new, and knows nothing about Sheamus, and Barrett at the moment. However, the twist is that she is well aware, Sheamus is being set up, and at some point Paige turns on Sheamus whom she would lead on, and then finally join with Barrett. A woman is a great way to get a feud going. Barrett telling Sheamus that he has no right tainting Paige with his swine like, Irish DNA. Barrett, and Paige become the WWE's Royal Couple, and Sheamus is fueled with revenge.

Finally, Sami Callihan. I think with some seasoning down in NXT. Callihan could come in, and play the sick, or demented type similar to Mankind. Callihan may be smaller than Sheamus, but so was Mankind to Taker. Callihan has the ability to seem bigger than he is. His mic work is solid. He could claim to be an old enemy from the old country. I believe he is Irish, and so that makes sense kayfabe wise. Sami has the talent to make something like this work, and Sheamus is the perfect face to set something like this up. A random attack when the WWE is in Europe could be a solid way to kick this off.
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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

Sheamus should get some acting lessons.

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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

he'd have no one to fight, face midcard/upper midcard is so weak who would be a threat?

he should just stop being cena volume 2 and stop saying arse and fella in every sentence


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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

He should just fuck off if you ask me, to be honest.

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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

Turning heel is not always the answer. Sheamus should go back to being the aggressive, ass kicking face character that got him over with the fans in the first place. A feud with Ryback or Lesnar could do that.
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Re: Sheamus should turn heel

Sheamus should fuck off away from all Television shows of any nature. He is awful in every aspect of being entertaining. I don't want to cheer for him, I don't want to boo him, I just want him gone.

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