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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion


backstage fallout: R-Truth/Brodus and Cesaro

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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

I thought it was strange that HHH didn't appear at all riled about the damage done to his office.

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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

Picture of Brock starring at the Royal Rumble poster PLZ.

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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

Did anyone else just want Ryback to not say a word to Cena, and just destroy him after the first 20, or so lines? Honestly, I thought Cena did really well taunting Ryback, and it wasn't that corny. However, I tend to wonder now what type of character are they turning this guy into? Cena mocking Ryback made me realize how much of a wimp they made Ryback appear. Honestly, no words should have ever come out of his mouth. He should have attacked Cena violently, maliciously, and without warning. Thus, guys like Cole can say it was a cheap shot. Completely own Cena, rip his shirt, stomp his hat into the ring, and hold his title high above his head. That would have given Ryback a real edge coming into Extreme Rules. Instead he backs down after getting mocked like a bitch on national television. Wow.
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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

So Raw...

- The pussification of Ryback continues. Won't even touch Cena. It's sad how his character's gone from having no problem with exchanging blows with the World's Strongest Man to backing down from John Cena. Fuck this company and the way they use their heels as cowards, even someone like Ryback.

- Sandow burying Orton was good shit, though I'm not a fan of him doing the whole singing thing, it was entertaining when I heard it with the music in the background on that youtube video. I still maintain the singing thing should remain a youtube-only thing/something he every once in a while does, but it's only been one week so far, so let's see if they continue it. Of course Orton absolutely buried Sandow in the match in return, but Sandow's burial of Orton was better.


- Yay, the IC Champion, Wade Barrett, continues to be treated irrelevantly. Is jobbed out to Sheamus for no reason and treated as an afterthought on another Raw.

- On the plus side of that match, Henry absolutely burying Cole and putting over Bradshaw for "carrying this like he always does" was the moment of the night.

- Lesnar destroying the office was gold. Lesnar intimidating everyone in his sight was gold. Heyman commentating on everything was gold. Brock holding the gold was... gold (and put the title over more than anyone has in the last few years). HHH's promo was... uninspiring and mediocre, as usual from this terrible feud. Heyman sort of saved the back and fourth there from being completely abysmal, but even he's not a miracle worker. Hoping this program really does end at ER.

- Ryback/Kane wasn't good. Ryback then uses the Shield distraction as a chance to attack Cena, as any standard heel would do.

Overall another poor Raw to add to the books. Henry's commentary, Sandow's burial of Orton, and the office destruction video were the only bright points of the show.

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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

RYBACK RULES grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

Oh yeah he rules, except on ppv. LOL

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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

probably 30 minutes worth watching. overall horrible. i started fast forwarding once cena starting mocking ryback. god that shit was corny. ryback made to look weak again just cuz he isn't a face anymore. wwe writers at their worst yet again.
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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

Read the results and it sounds like any boring Raw we've seen in the past year and there's been far too many of them to count.

Checked out Sandow "singing" Orton's theme and I admit it was a bit funny. Sucks that Orton has cut his hair again, though.

I just need to find the video for Lesnar destroying HHH's office and I'm done with this show.
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Re: 5/6 Monday Night Raw Discussion

have to admit "Guided Tour" in WWE HQ , was very entertaining

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