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John Cena (and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

Look, the make-a-wish thing on RAW was a bit sad to watch. It's a special moment for the kids and all, and I DO feel bad for them, but why did they have to come out on the show WITH John Cena being there? Am I supposed to like Cena for this? What the fuck are you aiming for? You do this shit backstage and not in front of your audience, you're supposed to be a wrestler, you're supposed to be playing a character, BUT OH WAIT, you're not a wrestling character anymore. He's the undeniable poster boy for WWE and their make a wish exploitation with over 300 wishes done. Airing videos during a live broadcast sooooo much time and time again. YOU'RE A WRESTLING COMPANY, CENA IS A WRESTLER, DON'T SHOVE THIS IN OUR FACES. What we're seeing is John Cena being a fuckhead each and every week and it's SO damn sad they show off their make a wish shit. He's forgotten he's a wrestler by failing to evolve, change, anything different. Only different thing is his shirt color each 5 months. Now that he's forgotten he's a wrestler, we're subject to witnessing Cena/WWE exploit the fact that he does these things for ill kids so Cena can be his cheeseball self.

He needs to stop bringing his personal shit into wrestling and fucking realize John Cena the person should not be apart of John Cena the character, who currently does not fucking exist. Why is it so hard for him to be just a wrestling character again? God, is anyone out there still expecting some kind of character change? Won't ever happen. Ever.

The main grief is that Cena brings this into his pro wrestling character so it's only burying him deeper into being unable to be a real wrestling character. He's bringing personal into business and it should never fucking be like that in such a way like this, because it's as if this is the excuse for being unable to evolve as a character the last 5+ years. I'm sorry, they could've done this before the real show got started. I don't wanna watch wrestling to feel bad for some kids (I do) and worst of all have John Cena next to them on live TV almost as to say "you can't boo me now". They air this stuff whenever they can and it sucks. Don't bring what he personally does for the kids into his wrestling self is all I want.

This isn't a rant for only what happened on the last RAW, they rub this John Cena make a wish thing all over the place as often as they can. Oh, Johns a good person you have to like him now. It's sick.
I hope I wrote this out well enough because I've been meaning to write this for some time now, and this segment was what made me say fuck it.


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The Make-A-Wish stuff wouldn't be so damn bad if they acknowledged a lot of other wrestlers meeting sick children. It comes off as just a forceful way for people to like Cena by guilting them, through how good of a fellow he is.

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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

I'd be more willing to accept it if WWE didn't try and make it seem like it was all Cena
And these are just A FEW of the examples. If you're going to do recognition yes I know Cena does a lot but don't just praise ONLY HIM for it

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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

I agree that WWE shouldn't air there charity efforts on their show, I believe it would be more honorable for them to just do it and not talk about it. Bring those kids down to the ring before the dark match or before raw., and give them seats, let them do a meet and greet etc. I think that's great! But honestly I want to watch a TV show not a charity event. It's awesome wwe does this but at the same time what is their motive behind doing this on their tv show, same goes with that whole cancer thing. I remember even in the AE they were doing make-a-wish events and a lot of other charitable things that you would hear about here and there but they certainly didn't air it on their show. I also think that if they were going to do that then they should of completely broke Kayfabe and brought down a couple other wrestlers as well, including heels and divas, not just the poster boy of the company. I applaud cena for doing this because he seems like a stand up guy and does care but WWE was selfish and fool hearted for having only cena come out to get a cheap pop because I know there are a lot of other superstars who care just as much if not more the. Cena. Why can't big show or Cesaro or mark Henry get that recognition as well?
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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

i hate that shit and hit the fast forward button as soon as it started. wwe bragging about how great they are and bringing out dying kids is nice for them, but i'm watching for entertainment. i don't want to be bummed out by dying children when i watch monday night raw. nor does it make me like cena.

it just comes off badly when celebs do charity stuff which is nice, but have to record the whole thing for tv to show everyone how great a person they are. they'll spin it as "bringing awareness" to the charity, but it comes off as a blatant public relations move. does cena ever visit a sick kid without a camera crew in tow? highly doubtful.

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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

That's what you call "philanthropy".
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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

Vince exploits it to make Cena into a great role model. He's not, but they try.

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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

It no longer becomes selfless when you are constantly looking to get praised for it. It was suppose to be about the sick kids but it came off looking like it was all about Cena and that I would not consider noble. Cena should not have even been involved in that segment. They could have given the kids ring side seats with their mom's and have striker do an interview with them instead.
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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

It took 5 minutes out of a 3 hour show and made 3 sick kids' dream come true. You know you can change the channel for the segment, leave the room, go take a piss, get a snack...they fill the show with dance offs and tug of wars and THIS is what you choose to complain about?
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Re: John Cena(and/or WWE) has confused business with personal

This whole thing with the kids on RAW has really set some people off hasn't it? Give it up, the kids got to meet Cena, go to RAW, and have the time of their lives. I really think that people are taking this way too far, does anyone realize that these kids probably won't live much longer? Make-A-Wish doesn't grant wishes for every kid.

Why shouldn't Cena be celebrated for the wishes he's granted? Personally, I'm not sure if I could emotionally handle meeting a kid who idolizes me and knowing that they probably aren't going to be around much longer. Additionally, it's not possible to separate personal and professional in this situation since, you know, the kids want the John Cena they see on TV...

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